Texas Heritage Woodworks Saddle Bag

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Tool: The original saddlebag Buy now

Producer: Texas Heritage

MSRP: $ 80

I am a fan of having my tools on hand in the workshop. It’s easy enough to mount saws on the wall, mount a chisel rack, and store planes on a shelf, but small items rarely have a good place to sit, so they end up on every horizontal surface, in the manner and subject of being knocked down. or, even worse, on the floor.

When Jason Thigpen at Texas Heritage Woodworks was building his Dutch toolbox, he was looking for a good way to solve the same problem. With his skill with the sewing machine and his expertise in creating tool storage solutions, he invented the saddle bag, a small tool holder that is comfortable in a toolbox, on the wall or even attached to the side of the bench.

With 12 pockets of various sizes (1 ″ -3 ″ in width and 3 ″ -4 ″ in depth, including two pass-through pockets for longer tools such as combined squares) it easily handles various objects such as pencils, rulers, screwdrivers and squares, with plenty of room for the tools I use less often, including nail sets and countersinks. The leather reinforced eyelets along the top of the saddlebag allow it to be mounted with four # 6 screws. Double stitching and hand-hammered copper rivets in the 14.7oz canvas (available in a range of colors) ensure longevity.

At $ 80 it’s not a cheap item, but the build quality and durability make it a lifetime solution for the clutter of small tools. As with any storage solution, you may not find an item for every pocket, or vice versa, but in my case, I’ve found a home for the dozen smaller items that always bounce around the store. PWM

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