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Every Thanksgiving year, we inevitably strive to create a stunning tablescape worthy of all those delicious recipes you’ll cook. While this holiday season may be a little different, we are all out to make the day as special as possible, whether you are celebrating the occasion on your own or with your family and friends. Read on to see how we put a table in two ways to give you all the inspiration you need to set the table for an unforgettable scene. Scroll on for all of our tips and tricks for styling your best table yet!

Table one: clear and bright


Start by adding texture to your table. Rather than a flat table runner, we used a traditional tablecloth and gathered it in the center of the table for a bit of movement and fluidity. With a textural base, we added some Japanese maple leaf springs for a bit of greenery and used the same leaves as an ornamental topping for the cutlery. Remember, it’s the little details that make all the difference!


For this tablescape, we chose to use a larger floral arrangement in the center of the table using rich hues of amaranth bronze and deep blush tones paired with simple greenery. We then pulled colors from the flowers to add accents to the table with a bowl of persimmons, copper grinders, and olive napkins. The overall color scheme is an important consideration that will ultimately make your table cohesive and inviting.


For a bit more of a formal table setting, we laid out olive napkins first, then built the table with a dinner plate, salad plate, and soup bowl. Stemmed glassware adds a touch of sophistication and pairs well with minimal water glasses in a contrasting color. A source of greenery on the plates finishes the look and adds a subtle detail that your guests will admire.

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Table two: Earthy & Moody


Taking inspiration from nature, we added greenery and texture to the length of the table with a garland of fresh eucalyptus leaves. This layer of eucalyptus earth not only looks beautiful, but also smells like heaven! You can also achieve this look with other green spaces; try olive branches or even fresh herbs like rosemary arranged in the center of the table for a similar effect.


For a darker table setting, we paired two single varietal arrangements in vintage containers. Grouping them in pairs with vases in a similar finish, the seemingly disparate flowers are brought together with a contrasting look. Pro tip: When using vintage or antique containers that may not be fully waterproof, use a smaller glass vase inside to keep your flowers fresh.


On this table, we brought a woven texture by using placemats rather than a runner or a tablecloth. For a slightly less formal look, we created a simple stack with dinner and salad plates and kept the silverware to a minimum. Using a white leather cord, we tied the towels with a knot to complete the set-up. Candles set the mood while a bowl of squash adds a bit of organic color to the whole scene.

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