The 10 Best Cooling Mattress Pads and Covers of 2022

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Even if you’ve already found your perfect mattress, a cooling mattress pad will keep your body temperature from fluctuating during the night, especially during the hot summer months. Over the past four years, we’ve spent many days—and nights—researching and testing cooling mattress pads, evaluating quality, comfort, breathability, and overall value. 

While the right mattress topper will depend on your preferences, the LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper is the best cooling mattress pad for most people. It’s made using gel-infused memory foam that promotes airflow and offers just the right level of firmness. 

Here are the best cooling mattress pads available online.

Final Verdict

One of our top picks is the Leisure Town Mattress Pad, which offers a great combination of value and performance. It will keep you cool but is affordable enough to have on every bed of your home. The Red Nomad Waterproof Mattress Protector is another great choice that is even more budget-friendly.

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Mattress pads come in a variety of materials that can impact the density and cushion. Memory foam pads are popular and one of the denser material choices. Look for one that is breathable or has cooling technology built-in. Mattress protectors are usually less dense with not as much cushion, but they can be a great way to really keep things cool because there’s less material for heat to get trapped in.


Most mattress pads are made of foam, gel, cotton, or a combination of these. Some do have water coils inside, which require tubing and wires as well. One of the top things to consider is how much all of these materials will impact your sleep. Waterproof mattress covers are particularly notorious for being loud and crinkly due to their waterproof barrier materials. Look for something that can provide the features you need without interrupting your shut eye.


The main purpose of mattress pads is to provide extra cushion and protection for your mattress. Many also help keep you cool, either through their choice of materials or by using technology like water cooling. Some have detailed temperature controls that you can adjust using a remote. Others feature a waterproof layer that is great for households with kids and pets. Look for a mattress pad or protector that includes the features you need in your particular situation.

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  • Cooling mattress pads and covers can work in two main ways: material cooling and water or fan cooling. Some mattress pads and covers use special materials to pull heat away from your body as you sleep. These can be proprietary blends or natural materials like bamboo. Other mattress cooling systems have separate units that provide water cooling through a pad with tubes or fan cooling. These tend to be a bit bulkier and more expensive, but many offer a more precise temperature control system.

  • A cooling mattress pad is great for homes and areas that experience different temperatures throughout the year. You can use the mattress pad during the hot months and remove it during the colder ones. Dual zone mattress pads are a great choice for couples who may prefer different sleeping temperatures. Many mattress pads have a waterproof layer or cover that is ideal for homes with kids and pets. Even the best cooling mattress or linens can’t beat that.

  • It depends on the mattress pad. Many mattress protectors can be put in the wash and some mattress pads can as well. Thicker mattress pads, such as those made of memory foam, or mattress cooling systems cannot go into the washing machine. For these setups, look for one that has a removable cover that is machine washable.

This article was researched and written by Katie Begley, a freelance writer specializing in home and family products. To recommend the top cooling mattress pads, Katie compared the materials, features, and price to compile mattress pads that would fit a variety of budgets and needs. She also consulted reviews from our testers, who used the mattress pads in their own homes over the course of a week. All of the options have multiple sizes to make it easy to find the perfect fit.

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