The 10 Best Kid Wagons of 2022

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Wagons are the ideal way to stroll if you’ve got little ones, especially if they get tired while out and about. But it’s important to examine each wagon carefully before purchasing to ensure it’s safe and suitable for the ages and abilities of the children riding.

We researched kid wagons from top brands and retailers, considering size, structure, and durability, as well as any extra features each model offers. We chose the Radio Flyer Big Red Classic ATW as our top pick, thanks to its stainless steel construction, high sides, real rubber tires, and folding capabilities.

Here are our recommendations for the best kid wagons of 2022.

Final Verdict

The Radio Flyer Big Red Classic ATW (view at Amazon) was our best overall selection, based on its rigorous safety testing and all-terrain use.

For something very heavy duty, John Deere Stake Wagon (view at Amazon) also features high quality rubber air tires, a sturdy handle with advanced steering for tip-free riding and easy maneuverability, and high wooden stake sides attached with bolts for enhanced safety.


Tom Schlegel, Radio Flyer’s chief innovation officer, advised that wagons should always pass the ASTM F963 Toy Safety Standard, the comprehensive standard that addresses numerous toy safety hazards, as well as meeting other key safety factors. “As a general rule, shoppers should consider pinch points and other key safety factors like durability, stability and features like seatbelts when shopping for a wagon,” he says.

Terrain and wheels matter, too. “If you are going to be using the wagon on sand or rough terrain, make sure that the wheels are durable to withhold,” says Michelle Sterling, M. Ed, CPST, safety specialist and coordinator of Safe Kids of Greater Tampa says. “You also want to make sure that you are purchasing your wagon from a reputable retailer. There are many knock off items being sold on the internet that are not made with quality so please do some research before you make your purchase.” Additionally seatbelts, stakes, and high sides help keep the child more secure during the ride.

Size & Structure

Before purchasing a wagon, consider its size and structure and what you’ll be using it for. Is it large enough for the number of children you’ll be transporting, as well as their toys, snacks, and supplies? If it’s going to be a hot or sunny day, you’ll want the wagon to have a canopy for shade. Some wagons boast a folding mechanism, which is something else to consider if you have a smaller space or car.


Most often, you’ll be choosing from wagons made of steel, plastic, or wood, so you’ll want to check reviews and other info provided to confirm the durability of each model. Classic brands typically use steel, making them the most durable, while others offer models that break down and have foldable seats, which are more efficiently stored when not in use— features that also encourage longevity. Models with canopies or covers offer protection to both the wagon and the kids riding from the sun and other elements of the weather.

Extra Features

Some wagons offer more features, like storage compartments, attachment seating, or removable canopies. A family picnic and day at the beach will likely need more features than a simple ride down the block to the playground. Consider what your family’s needs are and look for wagons that match.


  • While they are an innovative and space-saving concept, collapsible wagons have the propensity for safety issues. Wagon shoppers should consider collapsible or folding wagons which are clear of “pinch points”, or areas which can be hazardous to little ones, especially their fingers and hands. If your collapsible wagon isn’t free of pinch points, be especially cautious to fold it down when children are not nearby.

  • Generally, any time from toddler age to around 5 years old, children can enjoy wagons. Check the manufacturer’s age recommendations before making your purchase.

  • Neither wagons nor stroller wagons are permitted at Disneyland according to their park rules FAQ. Additionally, regular strollers must be 31 x 52 inches smaller to be permitted in Disneyland parks.

KJ Callihan is a writer for The Spruce who has created product reviews and shopping guides for sites like Knoji, Finfrock Marketing, CNET, AAA Northeast magazine, and Oh My Veggies. For this roundup, she considered dozens of wagons and selected the best of each category based on product descriptions and interviews with experts. 

For this guide, Callihan consulted experts Michelle Sterling, M. Ed, CPST, Senior Wellness and Safety Specialist and Coordinator of Safe Kids of Greater Tampa, Steve Shank of Hummelstown, Pennsylvania’s Toys on the Square, and Radio Flyer’s Chief Innovation Officer Tom Schlegel for their guidance on wagon safety.

Disclaimer: Curated and re-published here. We do not claim anything as we translated and re-published using google translator. All images and Tattoo Design ideas shared only for information purpose.

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