The 10 Best Shag Rugs of 2022

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With thick fibers and tall pile heights, shag area rugs are soft and plush with textural flair. “We love working with this type of rug for living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, and even kids’ rooms,” says Lina M. Gómez of the Decorist design duo Nemai Studio.

To help you pick the perfect rug for your space, we compiled recommendations and expert buying tips from Nemai Studio, then researched high-quality options at every price point. Our favorite is the Infinity Collection Shag Rug from, a stain-resistant, non-shedding design flaunting a 2.5-inch pile height.

These are the best shag rugs you can order online.

Final Verdict

Our number one pick is the Infinity Collection Shag Rug, a reasonably priced piece made of ultra-soft, stain-resistant, non-shedding fibers. If you’re on a budget, the designer-approved Home Dynamix Oxford Shag Area Rug is a solid choice. And if you prefer natural fibers, we recommend splurging on the Lulu & Georgia Noa Moroccan Shag Rug.

Pile Height

Long, dense, and sometimes scraggly or fluffy fibers are the primary characteristic of shag rugs. Unlike flat-woven designs, they have a tall pile height, which is the distance from the floor to the surface of the rug. Pile heights for this type of rug range from 1 inch to upwards of 2 inches. The choice is mostly a matter of preference, but taller fibers tend to be tricky to clean and are more prone to crushing.


When browsing options, pay attention to the material. Many shag rugs come from synthetic materials, such as polyester or polypropylene. Both are stain-resistant and often non-shedding, unlike their earth-sourced counterparts. Wool rugs and those blended with cotton and bamboo-derived viscose are inherently insulating and soft with odor-resistant properties. However, natural-fiber rugs are typically more expensive and prone to shedding.


Shag area rugs became popular in the 60s and 70s, so they have an inherently retro aesthetic. However, they come in a wide range of styles. You can get a solid color in a bold or neutral hue or long fibers with a subtle sheen reminiscent of faux fur. Then there are options featuring prints, patterns, tassels, and fringes.

In any case, Gómez says, “Shag rugs are perfect for creating a cozy and warm vibe and adding extra texture to any space.” You can even layer them over larger rugs or on top of carpets for added dimension.


  • Larger shag rugs may simply be too big to fit in your washer drum, and many call for spot-cleaning or professional cleaning only. However, some are machine-washable and even dryer-friendly, as long as they don’t have a rubberized backing. Select a delicate and/or bulky cycle and run it on cold water. And if you’re unsure, check the manufacturer’s care instructions.

  • It depends on the pile height and weave pattern. As noted, shag rugs can range from 1 to about 2.5 inches in pile height. While you can often vacuum a 1-inch pile, taller fibers may get stuck. If the fibers don’t clog your vacuum, the process could leave you with a damaged rug.

    Always check the brand’s care instructions to make sure yours is vacuumable. If so, your best bet is to use a non-rotating, brushless head on a high-pile setting to prevent the fibers from getting caught.

  • Due to the high-pile design, shag rugs are prone to compression, especially when placed in high-traffic areas or underneath heavy furniture. To keep yours fluffy, Castillo says regular vacuuming is key. “Use a rug beater to loosen up dirt, then vacuum it again to get an even fluffier look.”

    According to Gómez, you can also rotate the rug periodically. “This will prevent the pressure from building up in one spot,” she explains.

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