11 Best Artificial Christmas Trees of 2020

The 11 Best Artificial Christmas Trees of 2020

A Christmas tree plays an important role in holiday celebrations. Various kinds of artificial trees are available in the market with a low-maintenance solution that suits to the festive mood.

There are many artificial Christmas trees for all styles of home:-

This 7.5 foot tree has an amazing 59 inches diameter and is available without LED lights. Its special trademarked “feel real” technology has the ability to amaze people who will see it from a distance. The huge space provided by the tree will definitely please your family members and friends a lot. The credit goes to 1867 crush-resistant branch tips which give the tree an attractive look. When the tree is assembled, it gives the real of a real Christmas tree. The tree is easily available on Amazon and Walmart. This costs $449and $459 on Amazon and Walmart respectively.

11 Best Artificial Christmas Trees of 2020
11 Best Artificial Christmas Trees of 2020
  • 6 Foot Premium Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

If one wants to buy a wonderful product within a reasonable price range, this 6 foot artificial Christmas Pine tree is a great choice. It comes up with great quality and attractive look at a reasonable price. The tree is available with a heavy-duty base which does not tip. It has 1000 branch tips. It looks full and fluffs comfortably too. The hinged spruce is available in three sections which permit people to assemble it, take apart and store easily. It is available on Amazon and Walmart at a very low price of  $50.

  • Beachcrest Home Norwood Fir Green Spruce

The natural look of this artificial tree attracts people of all ages. This beautiful tree looks really full and fascinating with bright colors. Another thing that impresses the buyer is that it has a huge place where ornaments can be hung. This is available with more than 100 white lights and 1000 branch tips. Together, they give the tree a classic unbeatable look. When someone needs to trim the tree, he can set up the strand of lights easily. We need to do only 3 things- snapping the three pieces, plugging it, in and putting the ornaments. The tree is available on Wayfair.

  • The National Tree Company 7-1/2 ft. Dunhill Fir Hinged Tree

If someone wants to spend a little bit more, he can purchase this finely decorated tree with 750 lights. It is available with snow, red berries, and cones. So, there is no need to invest your energy in decorating the tree. You can unpack the materials easily to erect it in your home. The tree is a plus point to the festive mood. It’s classic and wintery look gives a wonderful feel to children and the elderly. The tree has 2500 branch tips that are scattered with snow. Additionally, it is beautifully trimmed with red berries and pine cones. You can purchase this at Home Depot ($319).

  • Puleo International 7.5′ Green Pine Christmas Tree

A tall, full, and symmetrical fir appears in front of us when we visualize a “perfect” tree. Its realistic look sparks the festival vibes and works as a great stress-reliever. Its height is appropriate for standard ceilings. Additionally, it is decorated with 600 traditional warm white lights which provide the tree a gorgeous look. You can give the tree any structure you want because the branches can be easily arranged. The setup is a breeze, as the tree is available with three hinged pieces so one can easily assemble, fold up and store. It costs $237on Wayfair.

  • National Tree Company Norway Green Spruce

No doubt that a pre-lit tree is a great option as a Christmas tree. But we cannot also deny the fact that we cannot do anything with the lights provided to us- we can neither decorate the tree with specialty lights nor go without them. This 7.5-foot tall tree has 2702 branch tips. It gives a huge space to hang ornaments. But one must be careful while trimming the tree, as the pick’s needles are sharp. Adult guidance is required if a kid trims the tree. The effect is real and it does not take much time to arrange. It costs $310on Home Depot and $404on Lowe’s.

  • The Holiday Aisle 7’Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Stand

If someone does not have enough space, a half tree should be tried then. You can get a one-sided tree that perfectly fits a wall or corner in order to preserve the space. This tree comes with 350 clear white lights. You can simply push it against the wall and add some festive garlands to it. It costs $142on Wayfair.

  • Home Accents 7.5 ft. Flocked, Mixed Pine

If one desires to have a white tree, he must go for this snow-covered tree. The height of the tree is appropriate for the average ceiling height. It has more than 1500 fluffy branches which give it a diameter of 60 inches. Home accents is decorated with 500 warm white LED lights. It costs $299 at Home Depot.

  • National Tree Company 7.5’Kingswood Fir Pencil

If space is a problem, this tree is one of the best options for you. It has 1075 fluffy branch tips and the diameter of the tree is 30 inches only. Available without lights, it can be considered as a suitable blank canvas for trimming. The price of the tree is $100 on Amazon.

  • Home Accents Holiday 12ft. Westwood White Fur Artificial Christmas Tree

This tree is a fantastic choice to decorate a grand room with high ceilings. It is available with 1200 warm white microdot lights, berries, pine cones, and some light flocking. Having 4034 branch tips, it looks gorgeous. It costs $599 at Home Depot.

  • National Tree Company Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree

This is one of the best options among novelty trees. It comes in ruby red and bright pink. The tree does not need lights and ornaments. It costs $47 on Amazon.

The size, style, and lights play an important role when one decorates his home with artificial trees. Don’t forget to look at the height and width carefully while choosing a tree for your home to add to the festive mood!

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