The 12 Best Places to Buy Appliances of 2022

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Whether you’re shopping for a dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, air conditioner, or washer and dryer, it pays to investigate all of your buying options and find a retailer that offers a wide product selection, reliable installation and delivery services, and a helpful return policy. We researched the best places to buy appliances and evaluated them on these qualities as well as costs, customer experience, and coverage opportunities.

Johnathan Brewer, The Spruce’s Home Improvement Review Board member, recommends trying to shop at a retailer that “deals specifically with appliances,” so you can take advantage of notable perks. “They usually offer a wider selection and package deals,” he says.

Our top picks include Home Depot, a big-box retailer with a great selection of major brands and free delivery on appliance purchases $396 and up. Lowe’s also offers price-matching and has free haul-away services for pro-level customers, and Wayfair typically offers big savings and sales and has a more flexible return window.

Here, the best places to buy appliances and elevate the functionality of your favorite spaces.


Not all retailers have physical locations. Others do, but don’t carry their full selection of offerings on showroom floors, so you may need to call ahead to see if the model you’re considering is already set up and available to view in person. Though not a deal-breaker, this can limit your ability to see some of the appliances you’re interested in before investing in them. It can mean that you’re relying on all the product details and photos online when getting a feel for finish, features, and size.

For this reason, it’s key to consider whether you want to see your appliances before purchasing them and to pick a retailer that offers that option if it’s important to you. If you shop online, be sure to take advantage of user-friendly websites, and narrow down your choices with any available search filters. You can also start your shopping at a showroom, and then head to the website of your ideal retailer—who offers a great delivery and installation package or more budget-friendly price tags—to close the deal and make your final purchase.

There are also often local appliance shops you can walk into in your area. These locations can offer a more personalized and hands-on experience, in comparison to big-box stores and online retailers. In addition, you may find your local appliance shop allows you to bargain, bundle, and see plenty of your top options in person.

Return Policy

Overall, return policies on large appliances are strict. A majority of retailers only have a 48-hour or so return window for large appliances after they’ve been delivered, and also may not accept your return if the appliance was unpacked and installed. So, make sure you’re content with your purchase before opening the box, and definitely before installing it. In addition, be sure to scan the package and your new appliance for any noticeable damage when it’s delivered. In most cases, you have a maximum of 30 days to make returns—say, if your appliance has a defect—though, you might be responsible for a restocking fee in some cases, in addition to return shipping charges.

Bundling Options

Bundling—buying multiple appliances at once—is a great way to grab the appliances you need at a lower price. This method of shopping is particularly useful if you’re remodeling your kitchen or your laundry room, or moving into a new home that lacks appliances or the appliances you’d like.

Not all retailers offer this option and there are often exclusions, so the exact model you select might not be eligible for bundling. However, retailers are typically open about the bundling options they are offering at any given moment, and promote them much like weekend or holiday sales. Most will have bundling options for a certain brand, so you can score a kitchen suite by LG or Samsung all at once.

Installation and Delivery Services

While you’ll be able to find free or low-cost delivery at most retailers, it’s worth reading the fine print. Not all delivery services include installation, or even bringing the appliance into the correct room of your home. Any obstacles, like stairs, may result in additional fees, and retailers won’t typically haul away your old appliance for free either—if at all. It’s also key to note that these services are typically provided by a third-party company that’s partnered with the large retailer.


  • In general, holidays like the Fourth of July, President’s Day, and Memorial Day are great times to buy an appliance, because many retailers offer big sales. Besides that, timing depends on the type of appliance you are purchasing. New refrigerator models typically come out in early summer, so you can score big on older models retailers are trying to get off of the floor in the spring. New washer and dryer models comes out in January, so you’ll want to start your shopping in the late fall and early winter.

  • If you’re looking to add several appliances to your home at once, buying them all together can be cheaper thanks to bundling options. Buying more than one appliance at once is usually referred to as bundling. Not all retailers offer this perk, though, and there are typically exclusions so your selection may not be quite as vast as you think.

  • Buying appliances online versus in-store is a matter of personal preference. When you shop online, you may be able to take advantage of special sales or coupon codes, yielding you a better deal. That said, there are plenty of stores that offer price-matching, so if you prefer to shop in person so you can see the appliance before you click “buy,” you can still get a great price.

Erica Puisis is a freelance writer and expert on home appliances, covering the latest in washers and dryers, vacuums, and much more for The Spruce since 2017. To evaluate retailers for this piece, she researched dozens of packages and plans, and scoured hundreds of customer reviews on appliance listings from big-box, in-store, and online retailers. She took the delivery and installation packages, return policies, warranty plans, and customer service options for each retailer into consideration to evaluate the overall shopping experience.

This roundup was updated by Brigitt Earley, a freelance writer who has spent nearly 15 years writing about consumer products, like home appliances. Brigitt recently renovated her nearly 100-year-old home—and a full suite of modern appliances was a big part of that. This roundup was also updated later by Emma Phelps, an updates writer for The Spruce who works across every commerce beat to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate information is present.

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