The 17 Best 8-Year Anniversary Gifts of 2022

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When commemorating an anniversary, it’s important that the couple use the occasion to reflect on their time together, no matter how many years it’s been.

We researched the best gifts to commemorate eight years together, from traditional bronze and pottery to modern linen and lace, considering the meaning, quality, and return policy of each one. Our favorite picks include the Clay Pottery Kit for 2 for a traditional gift that lends an immersive experience and the 100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster to spice up your date nights.

Here are the best eighth-anniversary gifts.

Traditional vs. Modern

Gift expert Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy, Founder & CEO of GiftMeChic, says that while the traditional theme of the eighth-anniversary gift is bronze and the modern is lace, neither theme has to encompass the entire gift. Even something colored bronze or that features a touch of the material still counts. “From a lace or linen standpoint, this could translate to a piece of clothing from your partner’s favorite brand,” she adds. “It has the dual effect of touching on the tradition while also showing your partner how well you know the favorite things in their life.”


You’ll want to find items made of quality materials, built to last, and crafted by folks who know what they’re doing. Indications that the product was made in the USA or has sustainability, fair trade, or other certifications are always a plus.

Return Policy

When buying an eighth-wedding anniversary gift, whether it’s for your partner or to celebrate another couple’s day, make sure to check for return policies in writing on every purchase before you get that wallet out. Sometimes these can be tricky to find (which is a red flag in some cases), but they can often be in the FAQ or hidden in the links at the bottom of a website.

You’ll want to avoid places that offer store credit only instead of refunds, especially if the store is far away from the recipients’ locale—or simply may require them to add another time-consuming errand to their to-do list.


  • The traditional eighth-anniversary gifts are bronze and pottery, while the modern versions are lace and linen. The official color of the eighth anniversary is bronze. The flowers are the clematis, representing the linking together of two minds as well as cleverness and intellect, in addition to purple and white lilacs, which represent first love, beauty, humility, and youth. Tourmaline and tanzanite are the gemstones associated with the eighth anniversary.

  • If the couple or partner has indicated that they would rather have cash or a gift card, this would be fine. However, on nearly every other occasion, it’s much better to shop for something special and more meaningful for the recipient. This shows them how much they mean to you and, depending upon what it is, they’ll be able to see it or use it for many years to come and reflect upon how you chose it for them. If you can’t decide what to get them, check one of our gift guides or read the wise words of one of our gift experts to give you a little guidance.

KJ Callihan has enjoyed creating numerous gift guides both for The Spruce and otherwise. She has a background in counseling and education and loves shopping for just the right gifts for all of her friends and family. We also consulted a gift expert, Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy, Founder and CEO of GiftMeChic. Her background as a buyer for distinguished stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman ensures she has the eye for great gift-giving.

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