The 19 Best Toys for 2-year-olds of 2022

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Finding engaging and interactive gift ideas that will keep your 2-year-old occupied and mentally stimulated may seem impossible at first.

Luckily, we researched the best toys for your toddler, considering the recommended age, safety precautions, longevity, and educational value of each. Our favorite picks include a hedgehog that fosters fine motor skills from Learning Resources, bristly building blocks from Battat, and an interactive water table from Step2.

Here, the best toys for 2-year-olds.

Recommended Age

Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended age. This guideline will help you determine whether the toy is safe and engaging enough (or too complicated) for your child, notes Kristin Morency Goldman, senior advisor of strategic communications for The Toy Association.


When shopping, keep an eye out for toys with small parts that can be a choking hazard—generally, these toys are labeled 3+, suggests Morency Goldman. Though 2-year-olds seem much more advanced than babies and younger toddlers, they’re still too young to handle toys with small parts. 


As any parent knows, babies and toddlers grow into new stages, and their interests change in a flash. Consider how long they’ll be able to use the toy you buy. And, whenever possible, look for toys with multiple applications since these items will be more likely to hold your little one’s attention for a longer time.

Educational Value

Similarly, your 2-year-old is rapidly developing all kinds of important language, social, cognitive, and motor skills. Look for toys—ones with letters, colors, numbers, and other educational components—that help foster the skills they’re working on when you begin shopping.

“As toddlers get older, they begin to enjoy pretend play sets, trikes and scooters, puzzles, building sets, coloring books, basic craft supplies, early games, trains and racetracks, and musical instruments,” says Dr. Natasha Burgert, a pediatrician in South Overland Park, Kansas. Why? These toys can help your toddler develop motor skills and social play before they start school.


  • Two-year-olds are new at life and love novelty. You can never predict what any kid will end up becoming obsessed with, but 2-year-olds are generally fans of illustrated children’s books, animal figurine sets, finger puppets, brightly colored bath toys, alphabet blocks, crayon sets, and simple musical instruments like mini drums or xylophones.

  • Two-year-old boys are bustling with energy and curious about life. Give them something fun and interactive that will allow them to explore and learn new skills. Like an age-appropriate ride-on toy, building blocks, simple puzzles, coloring books, a musical instrument, or a whimsical pop-up book. 

  • The act of gift-giving is self-explanatory and does not require language to be understood. But you can help ritualize the act of giving and receiving by wrapping presents to create suspense, using simple language to let them know you are giving them a special gift, and encouraging them to say thank you.

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