The 20 Best Engagement Gifts of 2022

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Most couples don’t have a wedding registry built by the time they have their engagement party, but it’s definitely nice to celebrate this relationship milestone with a thoughtful engagement gift. Kate Murtaugh, principal and creative director of Kate Murtaugh Events & Design, suggests getting an item that might be useful during the wedding planning process, or something fun and informal.

We researched the best engagement gifts that are personalized, but also assist the couple in their big wedding day. Our list includes a hometown puzzle from L.L. Bean, a custom wine bottle label, and more.

Here are the best engagement gifts for a couple.

Wedding Assistance

When looking for a thoughtful but useful engagement gift, Murtaugh says it helps to think about the couple’s wedding planning journey and what may be helpful as they embark on this exciting process. Some of her favorite items include a ring cleaner and box, a wedding planner, and little accessories for the day of, like champagne flutes or a cake cutter.


Adding a personal touch can turn the most traditional gift into something special. And the customization doesn’t have to be limited to names and initials: “Some of my favorite ideas include a personalized cutting board with the couple’s engagement date or a custom portrait from the day of their engagement,” says Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson.

If you plan on personalizing your gift with names or dates, make sure to do your research first. For example, is the bride changing her name? Make sure to double-check the details of the wedding beforehand too.

Hobbies and Interests

If you’re purchasing an engagement gift for the couple, Johnson says you should consider their interests and hobbies. This way, you gift something that speaks to their relationship and something they can enjoy together. Items like games, sports gear, travel accessories, or cookware can provide years of fun for the couple, but Johnson is a big fan of gifting experiences. “What better way to celebrate their love than with an activity they can enjoy together?” she says.


  • “The amount spent on an engagement gift varies based on your relationship with the couple,” Murtaugh tells The Spruce. “The closer to the couple, the more you would typically spend on the present.” Johnson agrees, adding that how much you choose to spend is totally up to your preference and budget.

  • “An engagement gift is certainly appreciated but not mandatory and, in most situations, not expected or necessary,” Murtaugh says. Of course, as Johnson points out, “if you want to give the couple a special something to commemorate this big moment, definitely feel free to do so.” It can be as simple as sending a card in the mail or a more elaborate gesture.

  • You can give something special without spending a ton of money. For Murtaugh, a bottle of Champagne or Prosecco is a great, affordable gift that emphasizes the celebratory aspect of getting engaged. Another item that’s easy on the wallet: a small, customized gift the couple can use in their home.

Leah Rocketto has years of covering home content for various publications and sites. She also consulted Dayna Isom Johnson and Kate Murtaugh for their expertise on gift etiquette. Johnson is Etsy’s trend expert who has made a career out of knowing what will withstand the test of time and truly tug at the heartstrings. Murtaugh, principal and creative director of Kate Murtaugh Events & Design, has spent the last decade helping couples around New England plan every moment of their love story. In doing so, she has become an expert on all wedding-related etiquette, including the gift-giving process.

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