The 25 Best College Graduation Gifts of 2022

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After years of all-night studying and hard work, your college grad deserves a pat on the back—and a quality present to welcome them to adulthood.

We researched the best graduation gift options and rounded up our favorites, considering practicality, portability, and personalization. Our favorite picks include the Instant Pot Duo Plus, a ZZ plant from The Sill, and the Rocketbook Panda Planner, a reusable planner your grad can use year after year to stay organized, no matter what the next phase of their life holds.

Here are the best college graduation gifts to show your recent graduate how proud you are.


Sure, sure, we all like to be the fun gift giver. But right now your new grad needs life essentials to help them transition into true adulthood. Combine what they want with what they need. What’s something that’s essential to everyday life but they wouldn’t buy for themselves, or don’t have the budget to? To narrow that down, think about what could make their job, commute, or cooking both easier and better.


It’s very likely your new college grad is either about to move, in the midst of the move, or settling into a new place. (Remember your post-college years? Remember how many times you moved?) So don’t gift your graduate something that’s heavy or extremely fragile; those qualities don’t mix well with someone who needs to move often, and move often on a budget. You wouldn’t want a friend of your grad—who’s likely being paid in beers—in charge of moving around your special gift. 


While no college grad would turn down cash or gift cards (in fact, no one would turn those down), they’re likely going to get their fair share of cards padded with those. Make your gift a bit more personal, proving how much you know and love them. Whether that’s a handmade reminder of home, a monogrammed laptop tote, a luggage set so they can fly around the world in style, or anything above, that’s up to you.


  • Etiquette tutor Jo Bryant reminds gifters that there is no one perfect gift for this celebrations. “It is usual to give gifts for milestone events that are memorable and meaningful.,” she says.

    “For some, this may be a set of books relating to their studies, or something engraved to mark the occasion. In other cases, it may be best to give money—this allows the graduate to put it towards a larger item they may want and, remember, if they can buy something for themselves then they will definitely love the gift,” she says.

  • Again, there is no one right answer to this question, but it can depend on the relationship to the individual. “What you spend is usually in direct proportion to how well you know the individual. An uncle, aunt or godparent is likely to be more generous than a distant friend of the parents,” Bryant shares.

  • Everyone’s budget and circumstances are different and will affect how much of a monetary gift they can offer. Bryant’s rule of thumb is “Be generous—but not embarrassingly so!”

This roundup was written by Julia Fields a lifestyle writer for The Spruce covering all things surrounding toys, gifts, and the holidays since October 2021. Before that, she covered similar topics including toy reviews, product round-ups, expert-focused articles, and more. Additional research was done by Megan McCarty, a writer for The Spruce and MyDomaine with over 13 years of experience in both print and digital media. She regularly contributes to design-focused outlets such as Architectural Digest, Domino, House & Home, and Hunker.

Expert advice was provided by etiquette tutor Jo Bryant.

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