The 27 Best 11-Year Anniversary Gifts of 2022

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Your eleventh anniversary marks the end of the first year of your second decade as a couple and deserves a proper present to celebrate.

We researched the best gifts, considering traditional steel and modern jewelry options that fit any budget. Our favorites include stylish watches from Samsung and Nashelle and the Vysta 29 Piece Grill Accessories Tools Set, which is great for grilling enthusiasts and will last for years to come.

Here are the best 11-year anniversary gifts.

Stainless Steel

The traditional material of the eleventh anniversary gift is stainless steel, a strong, non-corrosive, and durable material with many applications. Offer a quality set of stainless steel cookware to an avid home chef. Or a stainless steel keychain, tie clip, engraved picture frame, or tool set for the grill.


The modern eleventh anniversary gift is jewelry. If you want to offer a modern gift with a nod to tradition, why not choose a pair of stainless steel cufflinks, or a smart stainless steel watch. Or if it suits your taste, take inspiration from the eleventh anniversary gemstone of turquoise on everything from stud earrings to bolo ties.


Offering your spouse or partner a quality anniversary gift is a small way to show that you value them. Look for high grade stainless steel items or jewelry that will feel special but encourage practical everyday use. Select well made, beautifully crafted items that you can keep in rotation for many years and that will remind you of all the anniversaries you have shared.


  • The traditional eleventh anniversary gift is made from strong, durable steel to symbolize your marital bond. The modern eleventh anniversary gift is jewelry. The 11-year anniversary gemstone is turquoise, so you can meld modernity and tradition by offering a piece of turquoise jewelry. Or keep it simple and fill a (stainless steel) vase with a bouquet of tulips, the traditional anniversary flower of the eleventh anniversary. 

  • Gift-giving customs vary from family to family, so this is a personal decision based on your own family’s gift-giving traditions and expectations. But if your parents are happily married and you want to acknowledge the union that brought you into this world, emphasize the nature of the occasion by buying them a joint gift they will both appreciate, whether it’s related to shared interests, experiences, or tastes. Or you can keep it simple and offer them a bouquet of traditional anniversary flowers that varies according to the number of years they have been together.

  • While the traditional 11-year anniversary gift is steel, the modern eleventh anniversary gift is jewelry. This is a broad category that can encompass all manner of modern jewelry for both men and women. If you want to offer a modern gift with a nod to tradition, consider a stainless steel watch or pair of cufflinks.

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