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A great lamp provides a source of light and creates ambiance in a room. From orb-style table lights to architecturally-inspired floor models, we scoured the Internet to find the best lamps on the market, evaluating size, style, durability, and value.

Our favorite, the Brightech Carter LED Floor Lamp, is chic, easy to assemble, and compatible with smart home hubs like Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. 

Here are the best lamps for every style and budget.


All lamps have one major job—to light up your space—but there are different types of lamps and they do different things. Floor lamps are typically meant to light up the whole room, while the illumination that comes from table lamps is generally more concentrated into a smaller space. Desk lamps usually provide task lighting, although you can also buy floor task lamps that are designed for reading. Consider what type of lighting you need, how bright you want it to be, and whether you want certain benefits like Smart Home compatibility or dimming functionality.


Another thing to consider is size. Be sure to consider the lamp’s measurements, including the base and the shade, especially if you’re working with a tight space. While a certain floor lamp might look slim enough to fit in a tight corner, its base could be too bulky. Similarly, be sure to identify exactly where a table lamp is going to go first so you can avoid buying an overly bulky or heavy piece.


Of course, design—or aesthetic—is an important part of the equation too. While you want to find a lamp that’s functional and the appropriate size for your space, you also want to make sure that you actually like how it looks. Choose a lamp that’s appropriate for your decor and then consider things like color and finish (metal, matte, wood) to find the perfect fit. Lamps are an excellent way to add some personality and ambiance to your space, so have fun with them, especially if you buy one that has a removable lamp shade you can replace to switch things up.

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  • The best way to keep any lampshade clean is to regularly dust or vacuum the fabric with a brush attachment to remove dust. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the wiring clean or any dirt or grime (and dust off your lightbulbs while you’re at it, which use more energy when they are dusty). Different fabrics will react differently to stains. In general, to remove stains on a silk or cotton fabric lampshade, submerge it in a bath of lightly soapy warm water (mild detergent or natural soap works best here), rinse, and air dry. You can try spot cleaning with a clean toothbrush for any stubborn stains, but don’t rub too hard or you might damage the fabric or make the stain more pronounced. A gum eraser often does the trick on a paper lampshade. 

  • Rewiring a lamp is a fairly simple operation that you can do yourself, and an inexpensive job if you choose to hire someone else to do it for you. DIYers can buy pre-assembled lamp kits which include cord, wire, sockets, and all the materials you will need to do the job. Check out The Spruce’s step-by-step guide to rewiring lamps for all the details.

  • Lamps are small, lightweight decorative objects that are easy to move around to wherever you need them. Cordless LED lamps that don’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet are even more flexible. You should add lamps wherever you need extra light, such as on the nightstands beside your bed; on your desk; and next to your sofa or reading chair. If you are using lamps as the sole source of lighting in a room, it’s important to place table or floor lamps in all four corners of the room. This prevents shadows and creates even light that makes a room comfortable. If you need more light, layer additional lighting throughout the space, such as task lighting for reading or working, and wall or pendant lighting for ambiance.

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