The 7 Best Hot Tub Covers of 2022

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A hot tub cover protects your hot tub and prevents debris from accumulating in the water. We researched dozens of hot tub covers, evaluating them on quality, durability, and ease of use.

Our best overall pick is The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover, which is customizable, impressively waterproof, and complete with lockable child safety straps.

Here are the best hot tub covers.

Final Verdict

You can’t go wrong with The Cover Guy’s Deluxe Hot Tub Cover (view at Cover Guy), which is made with high-density, heat-retaining foam and can be ordered to fit the size specifications of your hot tub. For a budget hot tub cover, consider the Economy Tapered Spa Cover (view at Affordable Spa Covers). While the warranty period is more limited, it provides an affordable option for covering your hot tub and preventing heat loss. 


You should look for a hot tub cover that is compatible with the climate you live in. Hot tubs in very cold climates will require a thicker, better-insulated cover to retain heat. In addition, if you live in an area that receives heavy snow and ice loads, pay attention to how much weight the hot tub cover can hold to avoid damage to your hot tub. 

Heat and moisture retention

Aside from keeping debris out of your hot tub, a primary purpose of a hot tub cover is to hold in heat and moisture. The materials that a hot tub cover is made from, along with a good fit, will assist in preventing heat loss and evaporation. To evaluate the heat and moisture retention abilities of a replacement hot tub cover, consider how thick the cover is—keeping in mind that most covers are tapered. Also pay attention to the density of the foam inside the cover, which is expressed in pounds. The foam used for hot tub covers usually ranges from a 1-pound to 2-pound density; the denser the foam, the better the insulation of the hot tub cover. 

Extra features

Additional options can enhance the usefulness, longevity, or safety of your hot tub cover. Most covers include tie-down straps to secure the cover, but some hot tub covers can also be ordered with safety locks to prevent the removal of the cover without a key. 

Since a hot tub cover is exposed to the elements, look for UV-resistant vinyl as well as an inside vapor barrier that protects the hot tub cover from becoming waterlogged. Some hot tub cover manufacturers offer the option for a double vapor barrier to provide additional protection against moisture.


  • A hot tub cover serves two purposes: To prevent debris from falling into your hot tub and to slow evaporation and heat loss. A hot tub that is left open can quickly become dirty from falling leaves, insects, pollen, and more and will not maintain the warm water temperatures you expect. This results in the need to clean the hot tub more often and run the heater more frequently. 

  • Installing a hot tub cover is quick and easy for most set-ups; keep in mind it’s often easier to do with two people. Set the folded cover on one half of the hot tub, being sure that it’s evenly positioned and covering the tub from edge to edge. Then, lift the top half and set it down on the other side of the hot tub. Secure the cover using the tie-down straps and clips.

  • It’s important to clean your hot tub cover to prevent deterioration of the UV-resistant vinyl and the growth of mold. To clean a hot tub cover, do the following:

    1. Remove the cover from your hot tub and place it on a flat, level area of the ground—underside up.
    2. Use a hose with light to medium water pressure to rinse any residual hot tub chemicals from the cover. Check for any tears or rips in the cover. Wipe dry or allow to air dry.
    3. Flip the cover over and rinse the top with the hose. Check for tears or cracks in the vinyl.
    4. Use a mild cleaning solution—like vinegar and water, or a formula recommended by the manufacturer—to clean the hot tub cover of dirt and grime. A soft cloth or gentle brush can provide agitation but be sure not to scrub too hard. Rinse the cover and wipe dry or allow to air dry.
    5. Replace the cover on your hot tub.

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To find the best options for hot tub replacement covers, Erica considered the thickness of each cover, foam density, customization options, and the length of any warranty periods. Most options on this list can be ordered to fit your hot tub specifically, providing the best protection against heat loss and evaporation.

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