The 7 Best Retractable Screen Doors of 2020

Screen doors which can be retracted are a fantastic choice for a home. These doors give the opportunity to breathe fresh air without allowing insects and pests to enter the home. Handy homeowners can easily install this kind of doors at their adobe. Generally, the width of an exterior door is between 32 to 38 inches and the length is around 80 inches. Some screen doors which are retractable suit three kinds of doors- French doors, extra tall, and patio sliding doors. These come in special sizes too. Here is the list of 7 best-retracted screen doors that are available on market.

Best Retractable Screen Doors of 2020
Best Retractable Screen Doors of 2020

We can easily install this screen door which can be fit in the doors that are 32 to 36 inches wide, and the height of the door is 80 inches. Its smooth functioning quality helps add a screen to the exterior door wherever we want in order to inhale the fresh air. This design of the screens is suitable for the doors which swing inside only, not the outswing doors. This screen door costs $189 at Home Depot

  • Andersen 3000 Series Full View Retractable Screen Storm Door

If one dreams of purchasing a door which can protect from bad weather, this is a smart choice one should go for. This screen door from Andersen 3000 Series allows the fresh air to come in. Additionally, one does not spend his time installing, since it is completely ready-made. One can just pull down the glass with one hand. The top single sheet of glass is replaceable. It comes with plenty of finishing and hardware options as well in order to give it a perfect look for the home where it will be installed.  When we want to buy a storm door, it is a good idea to purchase this all-rounder unit. This storm screen door is available at Home Depot.

  • Retractable Screen Door for Sliding Doors from Larson Brisa

This kind of screen door is suitable for sliding doors. These screen doors are easy to install. It comes with a height of 78 inches. We can fit this screen door in 32 to 36 inches sliding doors.

The screen which can be retracted allows one to enjoy the view of the nature and atmosphere of the outer world. The mesh screen has a visible strip to help you see the screen clearly while using it. The price of this screen door is $220 on Home Depot.

  • Retractable Screen Door from Larson Inspire

This door is suitable for the areas known for high traffic. When we are constantly going in and going out, it is a great choice one can have. It has a pleated screen which gives one a clear vision of the outside. The pleats provide the door a stunning look that should not be missed. The form and the functions of this screen door are perfect for the front door and patio door too. It is an advantage when we can enjoy the sunlight filtered by the screen’s mesh. It costs $216 at Lowe’s.

  • Retractable Double Screen Door from MMI

One can have this door which is from MMI, as it goes perfect with the French doors. This beautiful door lets the fresh air come in and does not allow the insects to enter the home. The door is different from others since it comes with a double screen. As both screen doors come together in the middle, they entirely cover the French doors as far as the width is concerned. As both of the doors can move independently, we can open any one or even two doors at the same time. Installing the double screen doors is quite easy according to the users, though installing a double screen door for French doors does not look good. One of the advantages of this screen door is that the two screens function as an obstacle to the pests or insects since these prevent the creatures to come in. This is obviously a major advantage to the user. The double screen door swings inside only, not outside. We can purchase this MMI product on both Home Depot and on Wayfair, but the prices are different. It costs $357 on Home Depot while its price is $360 on Wayfair.

  • Retractable Screen Door from Larson Brisa 

This Larson Brisa retractable screen door is appropriate for the tall doors which are 80 inches tall. This screen door from Larson Brisa comes with the extra height and E-Z Glide track system, as the other Larson Brisa screen doors do. 

The screen is kept in such a cassette that is slim, preserving appeal to restraint when we do not feel the necessity of using the screen door. It has a high as well as low striping that provides clear vision to everyone including kids and pets too. This screen door is available on Wayfair but you can also purchase this on Home Depot on which shopping website it costs $249.

  • Snavely Forest Instant Screen Door 

If budget is an issue, this screen door is a great choice one can go for. It is considered a ready-made screen door and can easily be installed by its users. It is made of fiberglass and its bottom is a bit heavy. Installing the frame of the door with either Velcro strips or a tension rod is not a big deal at all. As we get this screen door ready-made, the user needs not to spend much time on installation. One can easily afford it since it is not expensive at all. It costs $24 only on Home Depot.

So, we see that using a screen door adds beauty to the ambiance of one’s home. A screen door plays an important role as far as the decoration of a home is concerned. We have researched most of the screen doors available in the market and find these 7 models perfect for you. Go Shopping!

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