The 7 Best Retractable Screen Doors Options for 2021

Best Retractable Screen Doors Options for 2021

The retractable screen doors can be a great addition to any home. They allow you to get fresh air without worrying about pests or flying insects entering your home. You can store the screen in the frame on the exterior of your home, where it slides into a small space.

Retractable screen doors have become very popular in the last ten years. These doors have a wide variety of features such as security, style, privacy, and more. They are used in residential homes and commercial buildings to create a stunning first impression and to protect valuable items from view.

Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable Screen Doors are available in single, double, or sliding unit designs. A single Retractable screen door jamb is ideal for sliding glass doors that are adjacent to one another. There is no need to add a second surface mounted door jamb in this configuration due to a lack of space. However, if two adjacent doors share the same track, the option to install a second door jamb is recommended.

There is only one mounting surface to install in a single Retractable screen door installation, which makes for a simple installation. The first Retractable screen door jamb is typically made out of steel, which can be secured to the inside of the doorway. The outside surface is then attached using an external clamp system. A sliding-track system is used to attach the outside flap to the track. External locking devices are also available to prevent unwanted access by children or pets.

Best Retractable Screen Doors Options for 2021
Best Retractable Screen Doors Options for 2021

Retractable screen doors are easy to install by homeowners. However, if drilling is required, you may want to hire someone. Most exterior doors measure between 32 and 38 inches in width and 80 inches in height. Retractable screens can be sized to fit these dimensions. Retractable screen doors can be made for French doors, patio sliding doors or tall doors.

We compared the top options to help you choose the right retractable screen door for your home.

Best Overall: Andersen LuminAire retractable screen door at Home Depot

This model is great for doors up to 36″ in height. It can be stored in a small casing at the side of your doorway when it’s not in use.

Snavely Forest Instant Screen Door on Wayfair: Best Price

This instant screen door can protect a screen and be set up for seasonal events or special occasions.

The best storm doors: Andersen 3000 Series Retractable Storm Door at Home Depot

A retractable screen is built into the top panel so you can switch between a storm door and a screen when the weather changes.

Larson Brisa Retractable Screen Door at Wayfair is the best for sliding doors.

The retractable screen slides easily into its cassette when not in use

Larson Aluminum Frame Retractable Screen Doors at Lowe’s are the best for high-traffic areas

Pleated screens allow for better visibility and filter out bright sunlight, keeping your home cooler throughout the day.

Best for French Doors: Wayfair MMI Door Inswing Double Screen Door

You can have both the independent screen doors open in the middle. This allows you to keep pests out of anyone room.

Larson Brisa Tall Retractable Screen Door at Lowe’s is the best for tall doors.

This Larson door offers additional height with the same EZ Glide track system that Larson doors.

Best Overall: Andersen LuminAire retractable screen door

Andersen LuminAire Retractable Door Screen Door

The retractable screen door fits most doors and is easy to install. The Andersen LuminAire is an excellent choice for adding a screen to an exterior door. This model is more convenient than conventional screen doors, which take up space on your porch or deck and can bang shut.

The LuminAire retractable screening door measures 80 inches in height and can fit doors with widths between 32-36 inches. However, it can easily be modified to fit doors smaller than 32 inches. This housing is not suitable for doors that swing-out.

Snavely Forest Instant-Screen Door: Best Price

An instant screen door is a cheaper option with similar functionality and design to retractable screens but with a fraction of the cost. This easy-to-install model has all the features you need. This option is made of acceptable fibreglass polymers and attached to the door frame with the provided Velcro strips or tension rod. This budget screen is easy to install.

This option is an excellent choice if you are frustrated with the flimsy screens of budget retractable screen door doors. This allows for easy access and deters pests like flies. It can also be taken down for special occasions or seasonally.

Andersen 3000 Series Full-View Retractable Storm Door is the best choice

Storm doors can let in the fresh air and protect everything with a retractable screen. Anderson 3000 Series storm doors offer a full view and a retractable screen. They are easy to install and can be set up in minutes. It’s wise to also shop for a storm door by purchasing an all-in-one unit such as this one.

You can easily remove the top pane glass and slide the screen into the bottom. This type of retractable screen door has many benefits. It is easy to install and can be used with any existing storm door. You can choose from a variety of finishes and hardware options for the Anderson 3000 series storm doors.

Larson Brisa’s Retractable Screen Door for Sliding Door is the best for sliding doors.

This Brisa model is designed to fit doors and make it easy to install a retractable screen door. It is 78 inches tall and can be adjusted to fit 32 to 36 inches openings using Larson’s Quick-Snap track system.

The retractable screen slides easily into its cassette when not in use. This gives you a complete view of what’s outside without any screen. The mesh screen has a visible stripe that allows you to see it when in use.

Larson Inspire White Aluminum Frame, Retractable Screen Door is the best for high-traffic areas.

For high-traffic areas, choose a retractable screen door that can be opened or closed. It can be easy for guests or yourself to forget that the screen door is there and walk in front of it. For greater visibility, the Larson Inspire has a pleated screen. Although retractable screens may use striping as a visual cue to increase visibility, it’s not always easy to see or notice. The pleats make this screen look dimensional and are hard to miss.

The Larson Inspire is a retractable screen door that can use for patios, front doors, and other entry points. This pleated retractable screen mesh can filter out bright sunlight, which is a bonus for anyone who wants fresh air and keeps the heat from entering your home.

MMI Door White Aluminum Inswing Double Screen Door is the best for French Doors

French doors can enhance your connection with the outside world. However, if you want to keep pests and bugs out, it cannot make French doors work. This retractable screen door for French windows, made by MMI, is a great choice. This model lets you enjoy the fresh air and outdoor access without worrying too much about intruders.

To provide full-width coverage for French doors, two retractable screen doors are joined in the middle. This design has the advantage of allowing you to open one or both doors at once. Can also move each door independently. Although it may seem daunting to install a retractable French door screen door, many users have found that the process is easy and fast. Two retractable screens are installed in no time and can be removed quickly to protect against pests.

Larson Brisa Tall Retractable Screen Doors are the best for tall doors

A retractable screen specifically designed for tall doors will be required if your door exceeds 80 inches in height. Brisa’s taller entryways are considered, and this model has the same E-Z Glide track as all Larson retractable screens doors.

The screen door retracts in a small cassette, which preserves curb appeal. Brisa’s retractable screen door features subtle high- and low stripes that serve as visual cues for your children and pets to know that there is a screen in place so that you don’t run into it while you walk in or out.

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