The 8 Best Closet Lighting Units of 2022

The 8 Best Closet Lighting Units of 2022

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If you’re lucky enough to have a full-on walk-in closet, you may already have enough lighting to pick out an outfit or hang your clean clothes. But many closets don’t have hard wiring in them, which means you may need to invest in and set up a lighting unit of your own.

Luckily, there are plenty of choices for closet lighting, including puck lights, flush-mount lights, rechargeable lights, and battery-operated lights. Want to up your closet’s elegance factor? Then you may consider buying a battery-operated chandelier. Either way, when you’re shopping for closet lighting, look for an option that makes sense for your individual closet and lifestyle.

If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, read on. We scoured the internet to find high-rated closet lighting that’ll suit just about any situation. Here are the best closet lights we could find.


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If your closet doesn’t have hard wiring, stick-on puck lighting is an easy and inexpensive solution. These LED lights offer long-lasting, energy-efficient illumination via AAA batteries (three are included). When it’s finally time to change the battery, you won’t have to break out the screwdriver or consult the manual thanks to the ergonomic, twist-and-lock design. Keep in mind that you need to reach these to tap them on or off, so you’ll want to install them on a wall instead of a ceiling unless you’re using in a tight space. “Great lighting where other lighting cannot reach.” shares one Lowe’s reviewer.

Hampton Bay

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With 1000 Lumens of brightness, this round ceiling-mounted light brightens up even the darkest corners—and because it’s LED it won’t run up your energy bill. Per the manufacturer, it uses 70 percent less energy than conventional lights and lasts up to 10 times longer than a 75-watt incandescent bulb. The light is acrylic and damp rated, which means you can even use it in a bathroom closet, laundry room, or basement. “This was super easy to install and gave our room a nice light. It is great to know we won’t have to replace any bulbs for up to 45 years!” The only downside that some reviewers note is that it’s too bright, so if you don’t have a dimmer switch already, plan on installing one. 

Amagle LED Dual Mode Motion Night Light

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This closet light shines the light exactly where you want it: on your clothes. In fact, you can control exactly where it shines as you stick on the self-adhesive flexible LED strip. If the 39-inch strip is too long for your space, simply trim to fit with regular scissors. That’s not the only thing that’s flexible about this lighting option, though. With a dual-mode, you can opt to set it to manual off/on with the press of a button or motion-activated where it automatically turns on when you open a door or get close to it. It requires 4 AAA batteries (not included).

Lithonia Lighting

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For tall closets, a motion-activated light can be the smartest solution. This one automatically turns on with movement—and because it shuts off after 30 seconds of when it doesn’t detect any, it makes for a money-saving option, particularly in a forgetful teen’s closet. The white acrylic light fixture provides a nice, bright 925 Lumens, can be ceiling or wall-mounted and includes all the necessary hardware. Reviewers give this light high marks, saying that this light is reliable and bright, so it’s a nice addition to both their closet and pantry.

Commercial Electric

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This 810 Lumens LED light can be screwed directly into an existing plastic or porcelain lamp holder and is an easy lighting upgrade that you won’t have to call your electrician for. The light is adjustable: depending on your needs of the time of day you can change between soft white (3000K), bright white (4000K) or daylight (5000K) using the toggle switch. While most customers were happy with this ceiling light, a few reviewers commented that they wish the lowest setting had a warmer tone.

Willa Arlo Interiors

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Now that you finally have the closet of your dreams, you not just any old light fixture will do. This mini chandelier (16.5 inches in diameter) will light up your wardrobe brilliantly. The chrome and acrylic fixture reflects light to amp up and intensifies its subtle glow—the fixture is dimmable. It can be hung at a minimum height of 16.25 inches which makes it perfect for smaller spaces (or a maximum of 88.25 inches). Don’t be surprised if you start inviting guests into your closet just so you can show it off.

imenou LED Closet Light, USB Rechargeable

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For those who don’t have a hardwire mount available, this rechargeable, battery-powered light is a nice, eco-friendly option. When it’s fully-charged via the included USB cable, the light lasts up to two months when used on motion-activated mode (you can also set it to use with an on-off button). For added convenience, the light attaches to a self-adhesive metal strip via magnets. That means it’s easy to take off and put back on when it needs a charge. Customers report that the motion-activated mode is responsive and this style of lighting is more reliable than pluck lighting.

Lithonia Lighting

 Courtesy of Wayfair

At 2-feet long and 3-inches wide, this flush mount light is ideal for illuminating deep closets or back hallways. Turn it on or off with the pull of a chain (note: the chain is a bit small. If you have high ceilings or are short, you may want to add additional chain.) The acrylic white diffuser is shatter resistant, and it comes with a fluorescent bulb. Several reviewers note that the bulb brightness is extremely helpful when getting ready in the morning. How bright is the bulb, exactly? The fixture takes a 17-watt bulb, maximum. While this light isn’t the fanciest or most decorative, it’s an affordable and reliable choice that works well in all closets.

Battery-Operated or Rechargeable

If you don’t have hard wiring in your closet, you have two choices for closet lights. Battery-operated lights are a convenient choice for anyone who doesn’t want to recharge with a wall charger—just swap out the dead batteries with ones you already have on hand. If you’d rather not invest in batteries or you don’t always keep them on hand and don’t want to take a chance on having ample closet lighting, a rechargeable model may be for you.

Ease of Use

How easy a closet lighting unit is ultimately depends on your unique closet, so you’ll want to look for features that make sense. For example, if your closet has really high ceilings, you may consider a motion-sensor light or a stick-on light that can go on a wall. Also, consider how easy a particular light is to install and remove for charging or changing out batteries.

Type of Lighting

Dimmable lights could be convenient if you have a mirror in your closet and you want to see yourself in different levels of lighting. And if energy efficiency and lifespan are more important to you than fancy features, you may want to stick with an LED light in your closet.


  • Don’t have hard wiring in your closet? There are plenty of options for adding light to a dark closet, from rechargeable lights to battery-operated lights, at various price points. Along with economic, basic lights, you can also choose lighting that adds to your closet’s aesthetic. Ultimately, you’ll want to choose lighting that makes the most sense for your space and lifestyle.

  • If you have hard wiring in your closet, then it’s best to hire a professional who can help you install overhead lighting of your choice. If there’s no wiring available, you still have plenty of options to install closet lighting on the ceiling or walls. Which one you choose depends on a number of factors, such as how much light you want, whether you prefer batteries or rechargeable lighting, and if you’d benefit from any special features, such as dimmable lights or motion-sensing lights.

  • If you don’t have any lights in your closet, don’t worry—you don’t have to rely on a flashlight. If you’d rather have traditional lighting, then it’s best to hire an electrician, who’s skilled in effectively (and safely) installing lighting. Other forms of closet lighting, such as stick-on puck lights or LED strips, can also do the trick if you’re looking for a different type of solution.

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