The 8 Best Shopping Carts of 2022

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A wheeled shopping cart lightens your load by transporting items in a more ergonomic way than backpacks or heavy totes. Commonly referred to as “granny carts,” these shopping carts reduce strain on your body and save you time and energy. Regardless of their nickname, Karen Jacobs, OT, PhD, and professor of occupational therapy at Boston University recommends them for anyone who regularly totes heavy items—no matter your age. “You’re never too young to think about how you can transport things in a healthier, safer way,” she says. We researched the best shopping carts available and rated them on weight, portability, and capacity.

Our favorite, the Costway Folding Shopping Cart with Swivel Wheels, can hold several bags of groceries, is easy to maneuver, and has a separate spot for storing smaller items such as a purse or mobile phone.

Below, the best shopping carts for any age, budget, or amount of heavy stuff.

Final Verdict

The Costway Folding Shopping Cart with Swivel Wheels is a mid-priced option with a classic metal design, wheels that rotate, and a separate area for holding smaller items. If you just need something small and simple for quick grocery runs, the Livebest Multi-Function Medium Folding Two-Wheeled Shopping Cart is an affordable plastic crate-style cart that folds flat and has a 55-pound weight capacity.


Capacity is often measured in pounds, and it’s smart to do some research in advance to see what size will work best for you. “I would suggest weighing two bags of your typical groceries first, since that’s the minimum you’d want to be able to carry,” says Jacobs.

Consider what tasks you will be doing, whether it’s schlepping groceries, laundry, sports equipment, or something else. Carts that are wide and open at the top tend to be better for oddly shaped items like bats and balls or laundry bags. Metal shopping carts have a sturdy grid design, which may cause things to slide out, so you’ll need to use shopping bags or place something flat (like cardboard) at the bottom.

Wheel Design

Although frames and bags get a lot of attention, Jacobs says that it’s actually the quality and construction of the wheels that’s the most important factor to consider when looking for a shopping cart. “Metal wheels can be noisy—my preference is rubber, which seems to be better in bad weather as well. And if the wheels have a 360-degree turning radius, the cart will be easier to maneuver,” she says.

If the wheels are plastic, make sure it’s a high-quality material; for example, some shopping carts have inline double wheels that resemble those found on strollers. Some carts have larger, more stable wheels specifically designed for ascending or descending stairs. Large rubber wheels will work better on uneven surfaces, like lawns or sand.

Adjustable Handles

Some shopping carts have telescoping handles similar to those found on rolling suitcases. If the person using the cart is taller than average height, this may help prevent back pain. “A good guideline for size is that the top of the handle should land roughly at elbow height,” says Jacobs.

Storage and Organization Options

If your cart comes with a bag, note whether it has a cover that closes tightly, which will help protect your contents during transit. Planning to carry the bag around without the cart? Consider whether the straps or handles are comfortable on your back and shoulders. Some bags are completely waterproof and great for events like camping trips, while others are simply water-resistant.

Insulated bags vary: They may keep food cold for an entire day or just a few hours. (If you’re planning to transport loose ice in your bag, make sure your bag is leakproof.) Multiple outer storage pockets can be useful for things like water bottles or your wallet. Some carts can be turned into dollys by removing the bag, which will allow you to transport larger items like moving boxes.


  • Many people use shopping carts to transport groceries and laundry, but you can use a cart for almost any task that requires you to carry items from one place to another. This includes moving heavy items like water bottle cases from room to room or carting tools out to your garden. You can also use them to transport kids’ sports equipment, bring food to a picnic, or, if the wheels are large enough, haul items to the beach.

  • Since shopping carts are made from a variety of materials ranging from metal to rattan, you should follow the specific cleaning instructions for your cart. Keep in mind that the cloth bags found in carts usually aren’t machine-washable. Melissa Homer, member of The Spruce Cleaning Review Board and Chief Cleaning Officer at MaidPro, uses these types of carts daily and recommends using a damp microfiber towel to wipe down the frame and bag.

    The wheels can be difficult to clean, so if you use your cart outside, it’s best to keep it out of your home and purchase another one for indoor tasks, like moving loads of laundry from your hamper to your washer.

  • Big box stores, online retailers like Amazon, and your local hardware store are all good places to look for shopping carts. “It’s best if you can go to a store and try them out since the best cart for each person is going to be the one they’re comfortable using. But if you do purchase one online, make sure it has a flexible return policy,” says Jacobs.

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