The 8 Best Smart Faucets of 2022

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A smart faucet offers touchless, app, or voice control, making water usage and monitoring more convenient and an integrated part of a smart home. “Smart faucets like the ones we develop at Moen offer convenience, precision, and voice-activation technology to help more easily complete tasks in the kitchen without sacrificing style,” says Prantik Guha Biswas, Product Manager of Smart and Digital Kitchen at Moen.

To help you find the best options for your space, we consulted experts at leading kitchen fixture brands, Moen and Kohler, and researched and judged models on voice and app control, touch operation, ease of installation, and overall design.  After all the considerations, the Kohler Sensate K-72218-WB Kitchen Faucet with Kohler Konnect is our best overall pick, thanks to its full-featured smart functionality and elegant design.

Here are the best smart faucets to add to your home.

Final Verdict

The best smart faucet for most people is Kohler Sensate K-72218-WB Kitchen Faucet with Kohler Konnect—thanks to excellent smart features with great app support and a world-class design that fits most aesthetics. If classic, farmhouse-style design is your top priority, consider the Moen 7185EVC Brantford Single Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet, which offers touchless, smart control in various finishes.

Control Methods

In general, smart faucets fall into two categories: touchless faucets allowing for hands-free controls and truly smart faucets with app integration, voice control, and more. It’s important to consider your needs for control capabilities to determine if you need a fully fledged smart faucet.

“Where users may not want the full capabilities of a smart faucet or do no[t] own a smart home device like an Alexa or Google Home, touchless faucets give homeowners the ability to elevate cleanliness and convenience at the sink by reducing the spread of dirt and germs,” says Biswas.

If you want integration with your smart home, smart faucet options from Moen or Kohler give you app and voice control—including the ability to assign specific commands to certain water temperatures or amounts— in addition to touchless and manual controls.

Power Source

With any smart faucet, determining how it will get power is paramount. All smart faucets—including non-integrated, touchless-only models—require power to perform their functions. Many fixtures, like every smart faucet in Moen’s lineup, operate 100 percent by battery, meaning that no additional wiring infrastructure is needed to power the faucet.

Many options, however, require access to an under-the-sink AC outlet to plug the faucet in just like you would any other kitchen appliance. If you’re looking at a faucet that requires this power source, you may have to hire an electrician when installing your fixture.


Even though your faucet is smart, it doesn’t have to look like a piece of tech. Many manufacturers design their smart faucets to look just as high-end and style-minded as standard faucets. “Whether homeowners are designing a modern masterpiece or prefer to take a more traditional route, we design our faucets to fit a variety of home aesthetics,” says Biswas about Moen smart faucet options. Many of the same manufacturers you might consider for a typical faucet also build smart faucets so the same design considerations—such as finish, material, shape, and size—apply.


  • Like other smart home tech, a smart faucet is a kitchen or bathroom fixture that aims to bring smart control to your day-to-day routine. Typically, smart faucets feature several control options, from touchless, infrared interaction to voice commands and scheduling features. Many smart faucets also feature app integration for water monitoring and custom presets and commands. This combination of functionality opens a whole world of possibilities.

    “Smart faucets like the ones we offer at Moen come equipped with app integration and presets to simplify operation,” says Biswas. “Users can use commands like dispensing common measurements from tablespoons up to 15 gallons at a single command or naming their operation, so filling a dog bowl is a simple voice command away.”

    Thanks to software integration and updates, smart faucets really have a lot of room for customization. Manufacturers may also expand these features in future software updates.

  • Some manufacturers call their faucets “smart faucets” when they mean that the faucet features no-touch operation. These models are also often called touchless faucets. These faucets work with a simple infrared reader like you’d see on a public bathroom sink or a paper towel dispenser. When interrupted by waving your hand, this capacitive field will activate the flow of water for a determined parameter.

    Some touchless faucets have constant modes, while others have intermittent modes. Most smart faucets with app connectivity also feature an infrared meter for basic touchless operation. “Touchless faucets are ideal for anyone that doesn’t need voice activation but still wants a modern, touchless experience,” says Nicholas Rindt from Kohler. “Touchless faucets like the ones we develop at Kohler can activate in just 20 milliseconds and have an auto shutoff feature.”

  • Smart faucets get their power from batteries placed in a unit under the sink or plugged directly into an AC power outlet under the sink. It stands to reason that if you’ve got a battery-operated smart faucet, it will still receive power if there’s an outage, whereas a plug-in unit wouldn’t. It’s important to note that a house-wide power outage will likely also cause your Wi-Fi router to lose power. You may also lose some smart functionality through the connected app if you lose Wi-Fi.

Jason Schneider has been a tech writer and smart home reviewer for a number of years, and he recently purchased his first home. For this roundup, he focused on top smart faucet manufacturers like Moen, Kohler, and Delta. While many of his choices feature full, app-integrated smart functionality, he included a few options that just feature basic touchless functionality. To round out his research, Jason spoke with Prantik Guha Biswas, Smart and Digital Kitchen expert at Moen, and Nicholas Rindt, Director of Product Marketing for Kitchen Faucets & Fixtures at Kohler, for helpful insights on choosing and installing the right kitchen faucet for a variety of homeowners.

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