The 8 Best Under Cabinet Lights in 2022

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Under-cabinet lighting adds ambiance to a room, and practical task lighting above counters and in other workspaces. 

We researched dozens of fixtures and ranked them on efficiency, ease of installation, brightness, and longevity. Our favorite is the Enbrighten Premium LED Linkable Under Cabinet Light Fixture, which has a functional and aesthetic soft white light and can connect to other Enbrighten lights to form a continuous light controlled by one switch.

Here are the best cabinet lights available.

Final Verdict

The Enbrighten Premium LED Linkable Under Cabinet Light (view on Home Depot) offers the type of bright, focused light you need and is available in a popular 24-inch length to fit your cabinet configuration. In addition, this light tops the list because it can be used as a plug-in light fixture or can be hardwired into your electrical system. However, if you’re looking for an under cabinet light that doesn’t require either, check out the affordable, battery-operated version from Brilliant Evolution (view on Wayfair). The 8.5-inch light bar mounts easily and uses a AA battery for illumination.


There are two primary types of under cabinet light: light bars and puck lights. Light bars come in various lengths to match your cabinet configuration, but 24-inches is a standard size. Some light bars are linkable, meaning you use a single switch to power a series of lights. Puck lights are popular for adding focused areas of light under cabinets. They are battery-operated and usually sold in sets.

Power Source

Under cabinet lights must plugged into an outlet, hardwired, or use batteries for operation. Hardwired under cabinet lights offer a neat, tidy appearance with no cords or the need to take up an outlet plug in your kitchen. Plug-in lights, however, are quicker and easier to install. Battery-operated under cabinet lights eliminate the hassle of hardwired installation and don’t need to be plugged in, but the batteries will require regular replacement or recharging.

Light Output

Choose under cabinet lighting with a light output that matches your needs and purpose. You should consider how bright you want the light to be, which is measured in lumens. Aesthetic under cabinet light might measure as little as 40 lumens, while task lighting options might have 800 or more lumens. You might also choose under cabinet lighting with a specific color temperature; perhaps soft, warm light for ambience or bright, daylight bulbs for better visibility when working in the kitchen. Some under cabinet lights give you the option of choosing between multiple light color temperatures.


  • In terms of useful life span, LED under cabinet lights can last more than a decade, depending on the specific light you choose and how many hours per day the light is on. It’s also important to compare the battery life of wireless under cabinet lights. Many models rely on AA batteries and can operate for about 50 to 100 hours before running out of power.

  • The answer depends on your purpose for installing under cabinet lighting. If you are adding task lighting to illuminate kitchen prep, cooking, and cleaning activities, then a cool daylight bulb in the 5000K range is the best choice. However, if you want a more ambient under cabinet lighting option, then pick a warm light with a color temperature in the 3000K range.

  • Most people will want to install under cabinet lights at the front edge of their cabinets, just behind the rail. This will ensure that the majority of the countertop below receives illumination, while also hiding the lighting fixture behind the rail. However, if you would rather illuminate your backsplash as a focal point in the kitchen, then you could opt to install under cabinet lighting towards the back of your cabinets. This results in reduced lighting at the front of the countertops, so it’s not the best option if you are relying on under cabinet light to enhance visibility on your work surface.

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