The 9 Best Dryer Sheets of 2022

Bounce Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets, Outdoor Fresh

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If you want your clothes to emerge from the dryer soft and static-free, it might be time to invest in dryer sheets. Typically made out of non-woven synthetic fabrics or natural fibers with a coating on top, dryer sheets balance out the negatively-charged atoms bouncing around your appliance. Plus, in some cases, they can give your clothes a lovely smell thanks to an added fragrance. (Although, it is important to note, this fragrance isn’t well-loved by all.)

Laundry doers will likely adore how dryer sheets upgrade their routine and make every load feel extra fresh. Before tossing one into your dryer, you will want to keep a few things in mind—starting with the fact that dryer sheets leave a light, fabric softener-like coating on your clothes. This coating makes your items more flammable. Kids’ pajamas, which must be flame retardant by law, shouldn’t be mixed with dryer sheets for that reason. In addition, it’s not recommended to mix dryer sheets with cotton, moisture-wicking, or microfiber clothes, as they can disrupt the fabric’s effectiveness.

After sorting through your laundry, you can add a dryer sheet to a load of sheets, T-shirts, or jeans and look forward to the softness and freshness to come. Depending on your preferences, this sheet can be made of plant-based materials or come in the form of a wool dryer ball.

Here, the best dryer sheets on the market for every household.

Bounce Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets, Outdoor Fresh

Courtesy of Amazon

Bounce products are known for their delightful, unmistakable scents, which you can detect even before you open the box. Loyal fans love the smell of Outdoor Fresh, which lingers on clothes even after they’ve been taken out of the dryer. This classic brand also gets high marks for its ability to reduce static cling, remove pet hair, and add softness. For large- or regular-size loads, it’s best to use two sheets. They’re sold in several sizes, the largest being 250 to a box.

Great Value Dryer Sheets

Courtesy of Walmart

Although prices can vary, you can often find this popular budget pick, which is made by one of Walmart’s house brands, for around two or three cents per sheet. That means you won’t have to feel guilty about grabbing extra sheets for tasks like removing pet hair or freshening up smelly shoes. These sheets, which are sold 240 to a box, have a fresh, citrus scent and some feel they work as well as more recognizable brands. You’ll only need to use one sheet for each load unless you need to dry something twice, or are using a high-capacity dryer.

Love Home and Planet Dryer Sheets

Courtesy of Target

If you’re looking to avoid many of the chemicals added to household products, these dryer sheets, which are sold 80 to a box, are made with 91 percent plant-based ingredients. They’re scented with Moroccan Argan oil and sustainably sourced lavender essential oil and come in packaging that’s made from recycled materials. Love Home & Planet also participates in their own voluntary carbon tax fund, contributing $40 per carbon ton towards programs that encourage recycling in communities. You’ll need one dryer sheet for each load of laundry.

Seventh Generation Dryer Sheets

Courtesy of Amazon

A whopping 97 percent of the ingredients in these dryer sheets are plant-based, and they’re also made of compostable rayon paper, so you can feel good knowing they won’t end up taking space in a landfill. They’re sold 80 to a box and you’ll need one sheet for each load. The ingredient list is short, with just four listed, but the description of what’s not included—such as gluten, phosphates, dyes, and fragrance—is much lengthier. The packaging consists of 100 percent recycled material, with 35 percent coming from post-consumer products. If you love the Seventh Generation vibe but prefer a little aroma, a lavender-scented version is also available.

Celsious Wool Dryer Sheets

Courtesy of Celsious

Celsious is a boutique laundromat and retail business founded by two sisters in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. These wool dryer balls, which are sold in sets of three and come in either white or gray, can help decrease drying time (and therefore, energy use) by approximately 25 percent. They’re made from New Zealand wool and should last for 1,000 loads. Because they won’t shed on clothing, they’re also safe for those who are sensitive to wool fabrics.

Purecosheet Dryer Sheets

Courtesy of Amazon

Compostable or biodegradable products are great, but the most eco-friendly strategy is to simply not create the waste in the first place. These polyester dryer sheets, which are sold two to a pack and must be used together, can be used for as many as 500 loads. (When their laundry life is over, you can add them to your rag back and use them for household cleaning jobs.) Because they contain no chemicals, they can be used to dry fabrics that you wouldn’t pair with traditional dryer sheets, such as athletic wicking clothing, kids’ pajamas, and delicate items such as cloth diapers.

Grab Green Dryer Sheets

Courtesy of Walmart

Many parents might prefer chemical-free options such as dryer balls or reusable dryer sheets for their little ones, but if you’re seeking a more traditional dryer sheet, this fragrance-free and hypoallergenic option from Grab Green wins points for having a short ingredient list. They’re sold 32 to a package, and they come wet so that you can use each one twice. They’re also compostable, or you can try repurposing them as cleaning cloths as the company suggests.

Downy April Fresh

Courtesy of Amazon

Although Downy now sells dryer sheets infused with scents like lavender and vanilla, loyal fans will be happy to know they can still get their hands on the April Fresh scent, sold in the familiar blue packaging. (For many, this smell is the ultimate “clean laundry” aroma.) These are sold 240 to a box, and you can use one for each load, or two if it’s especially large. Shoppers concerned about sustainability will be happy to know that Downy products are made at a factory that uses 100 percent renewable energy and produces zero landfill waste.

Gain Dryer Sheets

Courtesy of Amazon

Gain dryer sheets, which are sold 240 to a box, are known for having a fresh, powerful scent (the company calls it “green, citrus, and amber”) that lingers on clothing and can help refresh stinky items such as sports and workout gear. For small and medium loads one sheet is sufficient, but for larger batches and high-efficiency machines you’ll want two. Besides the ever-popular original option, they also come in intriguing scents such as Apple Mango Tango and Tropical Sunrise.


Most people choose a dryer sheet that infuses a fragrance into the fabrics. Select a scent that is appealing to your entire family and complements your laundry detergent. Unscented dryer sheets provide the same fabric softening and static-cling reduction benefits as scented products.


There are three categories of base material used to create dryer sheets:

  • Disposable: single-use sheets made of non-woven synthetic fibers
  • Biodegradable: single-use sheets made from compostable plant-based fibers
  • Reusable: multiple-use sheets made of harsh chemical–free synthetic fibers (NOTE: wool dryer balls are made of natural fibers and can be used multiple times)


Compare the cost-per-use when selecting a dryer sheet. Consider cutting the sheets in half when drying smaller loads of laundry to reduce your laundry supply spending.


  • Most dryer sheets are small pieces of non-woven synthetic fabric coated with a solution of a quaternary ammonium salt or a silicone oil-based fabric softener and fragrance. The heat of the dryer softens the coating, allowing it to transfer to fabrics. The sheets reduce static electricity that forms in the dryer due to too many loose electrons giving clothing atoms a negative charge. The fabric softener coating is cationic, or positively charged ions, and equalizes the loose electrons and ions to prevent static.

  • Disposable dryer sheets are made of a synthetic, non-woven fabric that is coated with fabric softeners (scented or unscented). Biodegradable dryer sheets are made of plant-based (bamboo or wood pulp) non-woven fabric or paper and coated with fabric softeners. Reusable dryer sheets are made of poly-nylon fibers and coated with fabric softeners. Wool dryer balls are made from the fleece of sheep and are often infused with essential oils.

  • If a dryer sheet gets stuck on a garment for too long in the dryer, it can leave a greasy-looking stain. If you see what appears to be a grease stain on freshly dried clothes and suspect dryer sheet residue, rub the spot with a wet bar of soap like Fels-Naptha or Zote, or a bit of dishwashing liquid, and then rewash.

Lexi Dwyer has previously written about laundry whiteners and green clothing detergents for The Spruce and thinks the best way to avoid static cling in workout clothing and delicates is to line-dry. She’s a fan of Seventh Generation Free & Clear products because they are environmentally friendly but also get the job done. Additional research for this article comes from Mary Marlowe Leverette, a nationally recognized cleaning expert.

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