The 9 Best Headboards of 2022

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Upgrading your bedroom doesn’t have to be a challenge. With the help of a stylish headboard, you can transform your space without renovating anything—and without having to splurge on a brand new bed, either.

Of course, some headboards are easier to install than others: some attach directly to your bed frame, while others need to be mounted on the wall. So, when eyeing a new headboard, make sure you can actually install it in your space. Once you’ve handled the logistics, you can move on to more aesthetic considerations, like what the headboard looks like, and what material it’s made of.

To help you reimagine your bedroom, we’ve rounded up some of the most striking headboards on the market.

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Cassandrea Upholstered Panel Headboard (view at Joss & Main), which comes in a wide array of colors and works with every standard bed size. If you’re working with a budget, we recommend the Zinus Jessica Upholstered Headboard (view at Amazon), which costs under $100 and has three upholstery style options.


A headboard is just about useless if it doesn’t fit your bed, so double-check the dimensions of a headboard before checking out your shopping cart. Also take special note of the height—most headboards are too tall for low-profile platform beds, even on the lowest adjustable height, so be careful if that’s the type of bed frame you have. You may need to get a box spring to ensure the headboard fits comfortably.

Installation Method

Some headboards attach to your bed frame, while others need to be nailed into the wall—and some can go either way. Each of these methods comes with its own pros and cons: A wall-mounted headboard works with any type of bed, so is best if you have a low-profile or platform frame, while a bed frame-mounted headboard is a bit harder to assemble, but looks more like a real bed when it’s installed.


Headboards are available in a variety of different materials, including wood, metal, fabric, and more. Upholstered headboards typically come filled with foam for extra comfort, while solid wood or metal headboards do not. This shouldn’t be a problem if you have pillows, but consider your personal preferences when shopping. And if you go the fabric upholstery route, consider choosing a performance material that’ll hold up to wear and tear.


  • Attaching a headboard to a bed frame is fairly easy, though you might want to enlist a friend to help. Start by sliding your bed away from the wall. Then, slide your headboard’s legs into your bed frame (if the headboard can be attached to a bed frame, it should boast a set of legs). Finally, while holding the headboard in place, fasten it to your bed frame using a couple of bolts—this is the step you might want a friend for. One of you can hold the headboard in place, while the other one fastens it to the bed frame.

  • Many headboards can be mounted directly on your wall, but some can’t. Before buying a new headboard, you’ll want to check out that headboard’s install method. Is it designed to be wall-mounted, bed-frame-mounted, or freestanding? You should only try to wall-mount it if it’s designed to be wall-mounted.

  • You can definitely make your own headboard. In fact, there are many DIY headboard ideas you can put together in a week or less using materials like wood, fabric, and more.

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