The 9 Best Toilet Paper Holders of 2022

Toilet paper is a bathroom necessity, but unraveling rolls and haphazard storage can pose problems. Fortunately, there are tons of toilet paper holders to keep your rolls in place while fitting in with any bathroom design. “Toilet paper holders are about more than looking nice: They keep this necessity accessible while protecting it from falling on the floor or, worse, into the toilet,” says Katie Berry, member of The Spruce Cleaning Review Board and internationally recognized home-cleaning expert. We spent hours researching the best toilet paper holders, evaluating their design, material, assembly process, and ease of installation.

Our best overall pick is the Simple Houseware Toilet Paper Holder, which is stylishly designed, easy to load, and large enough to hold jumbo-sized rolls.

Here are the best toilet paper holders for any bathroom.

SimpleHouseware Bathroom Toilet Tissue Holder


What We Like

  • Easy to load and reload

  • Can hold jumbo toilet paper rolls

  • Provides storage for extra rolls

  • Two different sizes available

What We Don’t Like

  • Base is not weighted

  • Some assembly required

This Simple Houseware freestanding toilet paper holder is our best overall pick because it requires no installation and can be placed almost anywhere in a bathroom. Renters and homeowners alike can appreciate this toilet paper holder’s slim and unobtrusive design that doesn’t require frequent reloading.

It consists of an upper, horizontal bar and a bottom storage compartment. The simple design makes it easy to load and reload, and the curved bar prevents rolls from sliding off. Despite its sleek look, this holder accommodates jumbo-sized toilet paper rolls—say goodbye to frequent “help, I’m out of toilet paper” cries, and hello to a hassle-free bathroom experience. This holder is also available in two sizes: a standard version that supports three rolls of toilet paper or a four-roll version.

You can choose from two finishes—chrome or bronze—both of which look elegant and blend in nicely with most bathroom fixtures. Made of metal with a rustproof coating, this unit is durable and sturdily constructed on the whole. “I’m a fan of metal, since it’s easy to clean and doesn’t break,” Berry says.

The only potential downside is that the base isn’t weighted, so it may tip over if you tug too hard on the roll. Some minor assembly is required, but the process is simple and straightforward. Most users should be able to put it together within a few minutes.

Dimensions: 23.5 x 7.25 x 7.25 inches | Weight: 1.85 pounds | Material: Alloy steel | Installation Type: Freestanding | Assembly Required: Yes

KES Toilet Paper Holder


What We Like

  • Accommodates jumbo rolls

  • All installation hardware is included

  • Can be installed on multiple surfaces

  • Hardware locks holder into place

This compact, wall-mounted holder from KES is perfect for a bathroom that’s short on space. Constructed from stainless steel, this unit is resistant to rust and corrosion, and it will hold up well in a humid environment. Keep in mind that this holder is easy to install, and all of the necessary hardware is included, but a drill is recommended to create holes in your desired surface. We recognize that not everyone may be comfortable using power tools, and that this installation method may not be compatible for renters who cannot drill holes into their home’s walls. Despite this downside to the installation method, we still think that this toilet paper holder’s reinforced plate, that locks into place is a great option for consumers looking for a more permanent solution.

This holder can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, and the mounting screws are concealed to create a seamless look. We also love how this holder extends far enough from the wall to accommodate jumbo-sized rolls of toilet paper. The minimalist design also allows for easy reloading, and the capped bar prevents the roll from sliding off. To top it all off, this holder is available in five finishes ranging from matte black to brushed brass—so you can be sure it complements any bathroom decor. Despite its elegant and durable design, this holder is affordably priced, so you could purchase it in multiple finishes to match all of your bathrooms’ aesthetics without worrying about going over budget on home renovations.

Dimensions: 1.97 x 3.15 x 6.42 inches | Weight: 7.4 ounces | Material: Stainless steel | Installation Type: Wall-mounted | Assembly Required: No

Amazon Basics Free Standing Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder Stand


Just like our best overall picks, this minimalist toilet paper holder from Amazon Basics is a great option for renters or anyone looking for extra storage for their backup toilet paper rolls. It can store up to five rolls—four in reserve and one dispensing. This unit has a sleek, vertical design with a brushed nickel finish which should pair well with most bathroom decor. The weighted base gives it plenty of stability, and, unlike some other freestanding units, it’s not going to tip over when you tug on the roll.

This freestanding unit comes pre-assembled and weighs just under 4 pounds, so you can move it around and place it just about anywhere. The toilet paper sits on an L-shaped arm, which makes it easy to dispense and reload. Since the arm is capped at the end, you don’t have to worry about the rolls sliding off. The only hitch to this otherwise excellent holder is that it can’t accommodate jumbo-sized toilet paper rolls due to its narrow base. However, its slim design makes it a great option for anyone cramped for storage space in a small bathroom.

Dimensions: 27.6 x 6.9 inches | Weight: 3.56 pounds | Material: Metal | Installation Type: Freestanding | Assembly Required: No

Moen DN0708CH Iso Collection Double Post Modern Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder


This Moen toilet paper holder is elegantly designed, plus it’s easy to install. One of its most convenient features is the pivoting center bar, which makes changing the rolls a breeze. Since the bar stays attached and there are no springs involved, you don’t have to worry about dropping parts or the re-fastening the bar correctly. This holder is available in two finishes–chrome and brushed nickel–which will resist corrosion and coordinate nicely with almost any decor. This holder would be especially great for anyone looking to coordinate all of their bathroom fixtures because it’s part of Moen’s larger Iso Collection.

The unit is simple to install and includes all mounting hardware, and once mounted, the screws are concealed for a seamless look. The arm extends far enough from the wall to accommodate jumbo toilet paper rolls, which is a plus. Moen also backs this product with a lifetime warranty. Although we recognize the though and design behind this product, we do wish it was less expensive. The Amazon listing also does not link to the correct installation guide, so we recommend checking the Lowe’s product listing to ensure you’re comfortable with the installation process before purchasing.

Dimensions: 2.44 x 3.11 x 6.5 inches | Weight: 1.43 pounds |  Material: Brass | Installation Type: Wall-mounted | Assembly Required: Yes

TreeLen Toilet Paper Holder Stand


What We Like

  • Wide storage sleeve fits oversize rolls

  • Top tray holds smaller items

  • Raised feet offer extra stability

  • Available in three colors

Although this freestanding toilet paper holder from TreeLen may not categorically be a basket, we think its three-in-one functionality makes it stand out against other typical toilet paper basket designs. It has a storage sleeve at its base, a roll holder, and a small shelf at the top. The wide storage basket can accommodate up to three mega rolls and, the top shelf comes in handy for small items like a cell phone, sanitary wipes, or hand sanitizer. Although it doesn’t have a weighted base, four raised feet help this toilet paper holder stay upright, despite its top-heavy design.

Thanks to its vertical design this holder works well in bathrooms of any size, and at just under 3 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to be moved around easily, if a child can’t quite reach it fro the toilet. If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your bathroom, it also comes in pink or blue. Some minor assembly is required, but the process is quite simple. We found a few reports of rust within a month or two of use, so be sure to take advantage of the one-year warranty if you encounter any problems.

Dimensions: 23.5 x 6.5 x 6.5  inches | Weight: 2.97 pounds | Material: Alloy steel | Installation Type: Freestanding | Assembly Required: Yes

HaoTian FRG135-W Free Standing Bathroom Toilet Paper Roll Holder


This freestanding unit combines a toilet paper holder with a cabinet for maximum bathroom storage. The cabinet features a small upper shelf, which is ideal for holding tissues, since a hole along the side allows for the tissues to be easily dispensed. The bottom portion of the cabinet measures 23 x 15 x 7.08 inches, providing adequate space for extra rolls of toilet paper, a toilet brush, or linens. Note that the holder does have a weight capacity of 11 pounds, so you don’t want to store anything too heavy in it. The unit itself weighs just under 10 pounds, so it’s not quite as portable as other freestanding options.

“For toilet paper organization, nothing beats a cabinet to keep them out of the way while [still being] accessible,” Berry says. Made of medium-density fiberboard, this cabinet is definitely sturdy, and the white finish gives it a clean, modern aesthetic that will blend in nicely with almost any decor. Keep in mind that this cabinet shouldn’t be exposed to intense moisture or get wet, as that may affect its durability over time. The toilet paper bar slides out easily for reloading and can fit any size roll. This cabinet comes in multiple pieces and requires some assembly, but the process is fairly easy. It’s also available in a larger version, which features an additional storage shelf at the top.

Dimensions: 30.71 x 7.09 x 7.87 inches︱Weight: 9.70 pounds︱Material: MDF︱Installation Type: Freestanding︱Assembly Required: Yes

Pottery Barn Seagrass Handcrafted Toilet Paper Holder

Pottery Barn

What We Like

  • Decorative, handwoven design

  • Eco-friendly construction

  • Can store up to five rolls

  • Available in four colors

This handwoven basket from Pottery Barn is an attractive and eco-friendly alternative to metal or plastic toilet paper holders. It’s constructed from seagrass, which is a renewable and sustainable fiber. This holder occupies a bit more floor space than other freestanding models, but is a great option if you don’t have much vertical space in your bathroom.

The wooden handle can hold two rolls of toilet paper at once, and three more rolls fit in the basket below. We also appreciate this holder’s lightweight and portable design, which might help for children going through potty training, or growing kids who can’t quite reach a wall-mounted holder. This basket is available in four neutral colors: Savannah, gray wash, Havana, and white. We recommend keeping this holder away from the edge of your shower or bathtub, as it may not fare well if exposed to excessive moisture. If you’re looking to upgrade your whole bathroom, the larger collection also includes matching accessories, such as a hamper and wastebasket.

Dimensions: 15.75 x 13.5 x 10.75 inches | Weight: 2.5 pounds | Material: Seagrass | Installation Type: Freestanding |  Assembly Required: No

AngleSimple GD094 Bathroom Wall Mount Toilet Paper Holder


What We Like

  • Open-arm design for easy loading

  • Elegant, sleek aesthetic

  • Durable, rust-resistant finish

  • Available in three colorways

If you’re looking for a gold toilet paper holder to match other gold bathroom fixtures, this wall-mounted unit is the right stylish and functional holder for you. The open-arm design makes it extremely easy to load, and the lip at the end of the arm stops the roll from sliding off. Constructed of premium 304 stainless steel with a glossy gold finish, this durable holder will resist corrosion, rust, and tarnishing. It’s also available in black matte and polished chrome finishes.

Installation is simple, and all of the necessary hardware is included. Hex key anchors help secure it to the wall and prevent it from wobbling. Thanks to a bottom set screw, no hardware is exposed, creating an elegant aesthetic. There is enough space between the arm and the wall to accommodate larger toilet paper rolls, but those that are exceptionally oversized might not fit.

Dimensions: 2.16 x 2.95 inches | Weight: 0.56 pounds | Material: 304 stainless steel | Installation Type: Wall-mounted | Assembly Required: Not listed

iDesign Plastic Toilet Tissue Holder Stand


This lidded canister holds three rolls, allowing you to keep extra toilet paper rolls neatly concealed yet close by. Its slim profile can easily fit in a small bathroom, a linen closet, or alongside a toilet. At less than a pound, it’s extremely portable, so you can move it around while cleaning. It’s also made of high-quality plastic with a bronze finish, but it’s also available in silver or white, so you can match the toilet paper holder with your other bathroom fixtures.

Thanks to a removable lid, this holder can be easily loaded and unloaded. The only drawback to the design is that it doesn’t have a toilet paper dispenser. While it works great for storage, you will likely need another holder that keeps toilet paper in an accessible, easy-to-reach location.

Dimensions: 6.5 x 15.5 inches | Weight: 0.85 pounds | Material: Plastic | Installation Type: Freestanding | Assembly Required: No

Final Verdict

Our favorite toilet paper holder is the Simple Houseware Toilet Paper Holder, because it can hold standard and jumbo-sized rolls, it’s easy to load, and it provides ample storage for more rolls. If you’ve only got a tiny space available for your roll, opt for the TES Toilet Paper Holder. It’s affordable, compact, and minimalistic.


Toilet paper holders come in all shapes and sizes. If you have very limited space, opt for a wall-mounted unit, since it is the smallest and most compact option. Because it attaches to the wall, it doesn’t take up any floor space, but it also won’t offer extra storage. Freestanding units are significantly larger and sit directly on the floor, therefore occupying more space. Some freestanding holders are sleek and narrow in design, while larger models feature cabinets and shelving for additional storage space.

Installation type

Most toilet paper holders are either wall-mounted or freestanding. Wall-mounted holders need to be attached to a bathroom surface such as a wall, vanity, or cabinet. They are attached by screws or adhesive, and the installation process is usually simple and straightforward. Wall-mounted holders are ideal choices for tight spaces, because they don’t take up any floor space. If you have a little bit more room to spare, you may opt for a freestanding model. Because it sits directly on the floor, a freestanding toilet paper holder doesn’t require any installation, but it may require a bit of assembly. Some units come preassembled, and others need to be put together before use. This process usually includes screwing a few pieces together, so it’s fairly straightforward.


Toilet paper holders come in a variety of materials and finishes. Metals, particularly stainless steel, are the most durable options on the market. Wood is also a solid choice, provided it’s been treated to withstand damp conditions (so it won’t warp). Since the bathroom is a moist environment, look for a rust- or corrosion-resistant finish that will hold up well over time.

Design features

If you’ve put some thought and money into creating a nice bathroom, you want your toilet paper holder to fit right in with your aesthetic. Fortunately, toilet paper holders come in a wide selection of styles, colors, and finishes–you will certainly find an option to suit your style. Sleek, metal, or matte holders are great choices for modern bathrooms, while wood or straw holders work well in rustic spaces.

Some freestanding holders offer additional storage space for extra rolls of toilet paper. If you prefer to keep the rolls hidden, consider a holder with a cabinet or lid. While lightweight holders enhance portability, they could tip over if you tug too hard on the roll. Look for a holder with a weighted base that will help keep it upright and sturdy. When it comes to ease of use, pivoting posts and slide-on posts are preferable to more traditional spring-loaded posts, which have a tendency to drop or come apart.


  • A toilet paper holder should be installed at a comfortable height within easy reach of the toilet. The standard recommendation is 26 inches above the floor and 8 to 12 inches away from the toilet bowl. According to cleaning expert Katie Berry, “Installing a toilet paper holder midway between the toilet seat and countertop is about right. If there’s no cabinet next to the toilet, then it’s just a matter of preference, but you shouldn’t have to bend or reach to get it.”

  • Some toilet paper holders are freestanding and require no installation. A wall-mounted unit is usually attached by screws or adhesive, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Most holders come with all the hardware included for simple installation.

  • A toilet paper holder with a cabinet or lid will keep your rolls organized and neatly concealed. “If that’s not possible, then something closed is best,” Berry says. “Those spare rolls on the back of the tank pick up a lot of yucky germs from toilet plume.”

This article was written by Sage McHugh, a lifestyle writer for The Spruce who specializes in home organization. To find the best toilet paper holders on the market, she considered dozens of products, carefully evaluating their design, material, assembly process, and ease of installation. Sage consulted hundreds of customer reviews, as well as write-ups from third-party websites. Additional insight was provided by The Spruce Cleaning Review Board member Katie Berry, an internationally recognized home-cleaning expert and the author of 30 Days to a Clean and Organized House.

Disclaimer: Curated and re-published here. We do not claim anything as we translated and re-published using google translator. All images and Tattoo Design ideas shared only for information purpose.

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