The Best Modular Home Manufacturers

Whether you’re building a house from scratch, or you’re renovating an existing one, it pays to know which manufacturers of modular homes are the best. Not only are they known for their quality and durability, but they also offer a variety of designs and features that will meet your needs and preferences.

Clayton Homes

Founded in 1956, Clayton Homes has become one of the largest modular home manufacturers in the US. Clayton Homes has received several certifications and awards and is part of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies.

Clayton Homes has a reputation for being inexpensive. They offer hundreds of standard plans as well as customization options. The company is also an ENERGY STAR partner, which means that they build green homes. They also offer a one year warranty on the home and any appliances that they install. They also offer financing.

A Clayton Homes rep explained to me that one of the best things about a new home is that you don’t have to drive around town searching for the right house. They also have experts that can help you find the right land for your home. They also provide articles and other resources for home buyers.

Modular Home Manufacturers
Modular Home Manufacturers

In addition to their impressive list of accomplishments, Clayton Homes has also received the MHI Retailer of the Year award for eleven consecutive years. They are also a LEED certified company. This means that they incorporate current design trends into their model homes.

Clayton Homes also offers an excellent warranty that covers any defects that occur during the manufacturing process. They also have a mortgage company that was started in 1974. They have a one year guarantee and also a five year plan that you can upgrade to.

Oak Creek Homes

Whether you are looking for a manufactured or modular home, Oak Creek Homes can help. The company is known for its affordable, durable and comfortable homes. It offers a wide range of floor plans and designs. They can help you get the financing you need.

The Magnificent Seven model 2321 is a popular doublewide that features 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. It also includes a built-in entertainment center. The home is perfect for a large family. The model is also budget-friendly.

The High Plains model 3387 is another popular doublewide. This home features a large utility room. It is also very spacious. It also includes a built-in coffee bar. The exterior is characterized by gable roofs and detached front steps. The interiors feature textured walls and cabinetry. The kitchen includes an island.

The company’s website provides photos and reviews of their homes. They also offer a blog with great information. The company also has an extended 7-year home protection plan.

Oak Creek Homes has over 70 floor plans and designs. They have been building modular homes for over 50 years. Their homes are designed and built in a controlled factory environment. They also use higher grade lumber and name-brand appliances. They also use textured walls and vertical siding.

The company also has a great video section. You can learn more about the company’s history and how it was founded. They are also recognized as one of the Best Construction Companies to Work For in Texas. The average employee stays with the company for 3.1 years.

Commodore Homes

Commodore Homes is one of the leading modular home manufacturers in the industry. They are committed to providing quality, service, and customer satisfaction. They produce manufactured homes that are durable and look great.

The Commodore Corporation is a family-owned business. They are the largest home builder in the Midwest, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Northeast. They have over 40 home-building factories across the United States. Their houses are known for their innovative designs. They build single-family houses, multi-family homes, and modular code homes.

They also build vacation homes, and RVs. They offer modular homes in a variety of styles, including contemporary, sleek, and modern. They also have traditional designs.

They also sell modular homes under $1,000. The Connect One is a compact modular home, measuring 320 square feet. The Connect 10 is a two-story modular home with two family rooms and inset decks. They also have a 79 square foot covered porch.

They offer a budget calculator tool on their website. This allows you to estimate the cost of a modular home based on your needs. It includes the cost of installation and site work. It also includes taxes.

They have 59 floor plans available on their website. You can also design your own house plan. You can customize the flooring, cabinets, and windows. You can also choose the colors for the roofing, siding, and flooring.

They also offer a ten-year structural warranty on their homes. They are family-managed, and they are committed to providing excellent customer service. They can also help you find a lot, get financing, and install the home.

Deltec Homes

Whether you’re looking for a modern modular home, a cozy cottage, or a large family house, Deltec Homes is one of the best modular home manufacturers. It is a family-owned certified B corporation and is known for its energy-efficient, eco-friendly homes. It is also known for its low-maintenance construction.

Deltec Homes specializes in high performance prefabricated net-zero energy homes. They create modern homes with circular designs. Their factory is powered by renewable energy. They are known for their green building practices and focus on passive cooling and solar heating. They also consider air quality, where materials are made, and energy use. Their building scientists are on staff and can guide you through the certification process.

There are two collections of Deltec homes: Renew and Classic. The Renew Collection offers conventionally shaped homes. The Classic round home model comes in ten different shapes and can be designed to accommodate any floorplan. It is available in sizes from 1,100 to 2,000 square feet. The Classic round home model is energy efficient and hurricane resistant.

In addition to the Renew and Classic collections, Deltec offers an Express line of prefab homes. These homes are a good choice for those living in areas that are prone to hurricanes or high winds. They also have homes with garages and covered porch kits.

Deltec homes are built to last and come with a generous warranty. The company also offers a 25-year warranty on prepainted exterior paint. It also offers a 7% military discount in the U.S.

Stillwater Dwellings

Founded by architect Matthew Stannard, Stillwater Dwellings is a Seattle-based company that makes modern prefab homes. The company uses sustainable building practices and efficient prefab systems to create sustainable, beautiful homes. Stillwater Dwellings offers more than two dozen prefab home plans that range in size from 750 to 4,000 square feet. They also offer panelized prefab homes, which typically cost less than their traditional modular counterparts.

Stillwater Dwellings’s prefab building systems use advanced tools to streamline the design process. Using these advanced techniques, the company can produce homes that are a good fit for any site.

Stillwater Dwellings homes feature high ceilings, butterfly roofs, and generous roof overhangs. They are highly insulated and feature vinyl windows and painted siding. They are also fire-resistant. Compared to stick-built homes, Stillwater Dwellings costs 25% to 50% less.

The company also offers Fast-Track plans that reduce the design time by six months. Stillwater Dwellings ships the fixtures to the site for final assembly. The company provides a helpful customer service team. They also offer free site visits.

Stillwater Dwellings has a team of architects that work closely with home buyers throughout the process. They also offer advanced site planning. This process creates a buffer zone around the home and takes into account landscaping. It can also help to determine zoning requirements.

The company has a team of project managers who help with the design process. They are also helpful with permitting and engineering drawings.

Method Homes

Founded in 2007, Method Homes is a prefab home manufacturer based in Washington state. They manufacture residential and commercial prefab structures. They offer a wide range of floor plans, from small cabins to large custom houses. The company is also a LEED certified prefab home manufacturer, which means their homes are highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They use a green process to minimize waste.

The company produces more than 20 floor plans. The company also has a great deal of experience designing customizable modular homes. The company’s patented modular building system delivers a 90 percent finished home in a day, which is impressive in itself. They also provide buyers with helpful articles on home buying and owning processes.

The company also offers several collections of high-end modular homes. These include the Option series, which includes six different floor plans. The company also has a Cabin series, which features five styles in four different sizes.

The company is also known for its innovative prefab design. It’s also a company that works in a number of locations across the U.S. and Canada.

In addition to its prefab housing, the company also offers luxury manufactured homes. These include a variety of floor plans, including double-story, bungalow style, and row houses.

The company also has a few high-tech innovations. They have a 3D modeling program that allows customers to view their custom home design in AR. They also use a HoloLens to show their home designs to customers. They also use a solar pre-wiring system, which makes their homes highly energy efficient. The company also offers net-zero energy packages.

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