The Best Places to Buy Pillows in 2021


Pillows are a must-have in every household, especially bed pillows. However, decorative throw pillows are also popular among consumers. If you’re shopping for a pillow of any sort, it’s critical to know where to go. Quality pillows—especially lower-priced alternatives—are difficult to come by unless you know where to search. We can assist you in finding either an inexpensive bed cushion or a luxurious down pillow, depending on your priorities. Here are the top 10 places to buy pillows.

1. Buy Buy Baby (*Approximate Cost: $10-$30)

Buy Buy Baby is a national retailer of home and family essentials, including many types of pillows. Their standard bed pillow costs around $15, but they also sell down-alternative and gel pillows for slightly more. All their products come with guarantees, making Buy Buy Baby great for last minute purchases as well as long term investments. They also sell small throw pillows and decorative cushions at affordable prices, typically under $20. Buy Buy Baby offers excellent service and has locations across the United States. This makes it an attractive option if you’re shopping on a budget or short on time.


2. Amazon (*Approximate Cost: $10-$30)

Many consumers already shop at Amazon, so you might as well take advantage of their Pillow Collection. Amazon has a wide variety of pillows to choose from and they all (ostensibly) fall into the affordable range. The online retailer’s prices tend to be lower than Buy Buy Baby’s, though Buy Buy Baby often offers coupons that make it competitive with Amazon.

However, Amazon Prime members will generally find better deals on Amazon. With free two-day shipping and returns, shopping at Amazon (for many people) is an easy decision. Additionally, Amazon stocks customer favorites like down pillows and memory foam pillows for those interested in quality alternatives. If none of those are precisely what you’re looking for, Amazon still stands out as a solid option to buy pillows. Buy Buy Baby may have better prices, but it’s worth noting that Buy Buy Baby doesn’t ship to residences.

3. Overstock (*Approximate Cost: $10-$30)

The third best place to buy pillows is Overstock. Like Buy Buy Baby, the retailer offers both low-end and high-end bed cushions at affordable prices. Shipping is also free with an order of more than $50, so many people easily qualify for no shipping charges when shopping at this website. Additionally, if you find that your pillow isn’t perfect (or perhaps if your dog chews on it), most items are returnable.

Overstock also has a lenient return policy, though they don’t allow returns on regular bed pillows. Thus, most customers end up keeping the pillow anyway and Buy Buy Baby is forced to eat the cost of a defective product. Overstock doesn’t have that problem since the retailer stands behind all products, no matter what happens to them. Overstock prices are often lower, but their shipping and return policies can be more forgiving than those of Overstock and Amazon (as long as you pay attention to the shipping restrictions). Bed pillows made from memory foam or down can typically be found for $30 or less at any of these three retailers.

4. Walmart (*Approximate Cost: $10-$20)

Walmart offers bed pillows for around $15 , making them an attractive alternative to Buy Buy Baby, Overstock, and Amazon. The drawback is that these items are almost always standard bed pillows rather than down-alternative or memory foam options. Still, Walmart generally has the lowest prices on most types of bed pillows. Additionally, Walmart also stocks throw pillows in a variety of styles at competitive prices. If you’re looking for cheap but good quality cushions, Walmart will have what you need. And just like Buy Buy Baby has coupons on occasion, so does Walmart. So if you happen to find one while shopping on Walmart’s website or app (both are available), it can effectively score some merchandise for free.

5. Houzz (*Approximate Cost: $10-$30)

Houzz is another excellent place to buy pillows. This site has an impressive collection of affordable bed cushions in all shapes and sizes. Most are fairly standard, but some can be quite ornate or unusual looking. Buy Buy Baby offers a range of classic styles for prices that tend to be slightly higher than those at Walmart or Overstock. Buy Buy Baby also isn’t well known for its decorative pillows, so finding something unique requires more research online than it does at the other retailers listed here. It’s worth noting that Buy Buy Baby often discounts its products around holidays like Christmas (which falls on December 25th in 2017), Friday (November 24th), and Black Friday (November 24th). Buy Buy Baby’s discounts are usually small, but the site also frequently offers coupons that can be combined with a sale to score even lower prices. If you’re willing to plan your purchase in advance, Buy Buy Baby is a decent option for those trying to save money on pillows.


6. Bed Bath and Beyond (*Approximate Cost: $20-$30)

Bed Bath and Beyond offers an impressive collection of down-alternative bed cushions at reasonable prices, often matching competitors’ online pricing if not beating it outright. The retailer stocks higher quality brands like AllerEase as well as upscale options from names like Parachute Home. In other words, there’s something here for everyone. Buy Buy Baby carries a more limited range of brands, though it does stock Parachute Home. Buy Buy Baby also offers coupons on occasion for free shipping or slightly lower prices, but the savings are usually fairly small. Bed Bath and Beyond’s free shipping policy is one of its best features since most purchases qualify even when they don’t meet the $50 threshold for free shipping.

7. Amazon (*Approximate Cost: $20-$30)

If you’re looking at standard bed pillows that are stuffed with down-alternative cushioning, then Amazon has many options to choose from in this price range. The downside is that some items cost more than competitors’ versions despite having unverified reviews or no reviews at all (as is the case for many of Amazon’s bed cushions). Buy Buy Baby tends to have a few models that retail for a dollar or two more than their counterparts on Amazon. Still, Buy Buy Baby has a much larger inventory of pillows overall. If you’re looking for memory foam bed cushions, then Buy Buy Baby may be your best bet because it often offers deals on this specific product category as well as coupons and discounts throughout the year.

8. Bed Bath Beyond *Approximate Cost: $20-$30

This is another great place to look if you need an inexpensive pillow or two for your home or office space. The site is known more as a retailer of cleaning supplies but also stocks bed pillows and throws in some cases. Buy Buy Baby has some overlap with Bed Bath and Beyond’s selection, but the two retailers stock many of the same styles and brands so you can shop at either site knowing that you won’t be forced to settle for a single retailer or brand when making your purchase.

9. Overstock (*Approximate Cost: $10-$30)

If you’re looking for inexpensive bed pillows, Overstock is a good place to start. The site doesn’t have as big of a collection as Walmart does, but it does offer an assortment of standard options from quality brands like AllerEase and Parachute Home in most cases. Buy Buy Baby often offers coupons too, though its discounts are small compared to what Overstock offers. Buy Buy Baby is a great option if you want to stay away from Walmart and Overstock, and its coupon policy and range of products make it enticing even when you don’t use the coupons.

10. Hayneedle (*Approximate Cost: $20-$30)

Hayneedle is another company that offers memory foam pillows in addition to standard styles. The site has a handful of unique or exotic items depending on what you’re looking for, but the most popular styles are also available anywhere else that stocks bed pillows similar to Buy Buy Baby’s selection. This doesn’t mean that Hayneedle is redundant with Buy Buy Baby, though, since it often offers discounts throughout the year that can reduce prices by 15% or more. These discounts often come in the form of Buyer’s Cards that you can use like cash at Hayneedle and they’re something worth considering every time Buy Buy Baby runs a coupon (or doesn’t).



is a newer brand that sells high end bedding at mid range prices. Buyers can opt for top of the line sheets and pillows or lower priced options depending on their budget. They also sell comforters, duvet covers and towels.

Brooklinen provides free shipping both ways. This allows buyers to test out their products in the comfort of their own homes and send back any items they do not like without having to pay return charges or restocking fees.

They offer a refund in full if customers are unsatisfied with their purchase in any way (except when shipping costs were incurred). Buyers also receive 110% price match guarantee which means if they find an item from another store for a better price, Brooklinen will refund.


Parachute is making pillows in three different categories: softer, medium, and firm.

Parachute pillows are made of a patented parachute fabric that is lightweight and breathable. Buyers can choose from down-, synthetic- or feather-filled pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes. Parachute also offers luxury sheets, blankets, and comforters to match their pillow selection. Buyers get free shipping on all orders over $49. Offering 20 percent off during its annual Anniversary Sale event held each July has helped Parachute become one of the top rated pillow brands by industry experts like GQ Magazine, Food & Wine, Health Magazine, , The New York Times , and Vogue .

Parachute’s seven-year growth rate is a whopping 8,918 percent. Buyers can purchase Parachute products online at or from one of the company’s showrooms located in New York City, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington D.C., Chicago and Boston.

West Elm

West Elm is a company based out of Brooklyn, New York, that sells everything from pillows to lamps to kitchen appliances. The items within West Elm are very high quality and the company itself is well-known for its beautiful designs.

Pillow selection at West Elm ranges from simple down pillows to decorative cushions. All are guaranteed 100% sourced responsibly, meaning the materials used all come from companies that use safe labor practices and sustainable business management.

For those who love luxurious bedding but do not want to pay the high prices that often come with such things, West Elm is a great place to look. It also makes quality housewarming and wedding gifts.


Macy’s is an American department store chain known for its wide range of household items and clothing options. The company has been around since 1858, and has grown exponentially in size and scope throughout the years.

Much like other major retailers such as JCPenney and Target, Macy’s offers several different types of pillows at multiple price points. Some are simple; others feature intricate designs on them. There really is something for everyone at this particular retailer.


Target is an extremely popular discount retailer that sells sorts of products including housewares, toys and clothes. Target is known as a go-to for affordable (yet stylish) home décor items such as throw pillows.

Target carries over 100 different pillow options at its brick-and-mortar locations across the country, as well as on its website. The pillows sold on the latter option are made by many different companies and feature a variety of designs and styles – some even come with removable inserts so that customers can purchase new ones once they begin to wear out.


Overstock is an online retailer that sells everything from furniture and bedding to electronics and clothing at lower prices than most other retailers. The company has been around since 1999, which means it has amassed plenty of experience over the years in terms of both quality and quantity.

Much like Macy’s, Overstock has a large selection of pillows for purchase. Buyers have the option to select from different price points, shapes and sizes when they are browsing through its inventory. Many of these pillows are made by reputable companies such as Pottery Barn, Company C and Lyon Village. Customers also receive great deals on popular products during Overstocks’ frequent sales events held throughout the year.

Living Essentials

The Leesa Pillow has been named to Oprah Magazine’s list of “Favorite Things.” In addition to its retail website offering shipping on all purchases over $49, Living Essentials also offers free pillows for select social media influencers that promote the Leesa brand online through their platforms. The company also participates in a Buy One Give One program to help end poverty around the globe. Buyers can choose from down- or memory foam pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes, including travel pillows and toddler pillows. Buyers get free shipping on all orders over $49. Living Essentials offers 20 percent off its entire collection during its annual Anniversary Sale event held each July.

The Leesa Company’s seven-year growth rate is 4,262 percent. Buyers can purchase Leesa products online at or from one of the company’s showrooms in New York City, San Francisco or Minneapolis/St. Paul area in Minnesota.


With an international focus, BoConcept sells luxury home furnishings and accessories produced by designers from around the world. Buyers can design their own bedding by choosing from an array of colors, types of fabric and other customizable options like size, firmness level and pillow varieties. The company’s free shipping policy applies to all orders over $499 which further helps to keep its customers happy. Buyer get 15 percent off during events that take place in the fall and spring every year. Buyers can purchase BoConcept products online at or through one of the retailer’s 43 showrooms located in major metropolitan areas around North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Australia/New Zealand.

Founded in Denmark in 1952, BoConcept has grown into a worldwide brand with 13 retail locations across Europe, 8 showroom locations in North America and 1 showroom location in Asia Pacific. Buyers can purchase products online at or from one of the company’s retail locations located throughout Denmark, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the U.S., Canada and Hong Kong.

Björn Borg

With a focus on fashion and style for men and women, Björn Borg produces premium sports apparel and accessories for life on and off the court including stylish sleepwear to match their extensive line of clothing for adults and children alike. Buyers get free shipping on all orders over $149 which is available both online and in-store. Buyer also get 20 percent off during events that take place twice per year (spring/summer and fall/winter). Buyers can purchase Björn Borg products online at or from one of the company’s 20 retail locations located throughout Europe and Asia.

Swedish clothing designer Björn Borg was founded in Sweden in 1977 and has since grown into a worldwide brand known for its fashionable, stylish sports apparel and accessories targeted towards both men and women alike.

What To Look for in Bed Pillows


Bedding pillows are usually composed of down, but you may choose features such as stiffness vs. softness, or ergonomics to help you support your neck and shoulders. Cotton is another material offered by some shops.


Pillows come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and uses. Of course, there are standard bed pillows, but companies also provide alternative choices that may or may not be useful. For example, Parachute provides ‘side sleeper’ versions of its products as well as Euro pillows that create a layered appearance. If you’re searching for something to add color to your bedroom, West Elm has shams, throw pillows, and body pillows available. Bed Bath & Beyond also has shams and throw pillows available. And Amazon provides a number of alternatives in addition to that.


You don’t want to cut corners on the pillow quality because of a lower-cost option. That being said, some businesses provide high-quality goods at reasonable costs. If you’re not sure what you like, it’s probably better to get something with a return policy so you can see if the pillow is suitable. Otherwise, if you buy something on the cheaper side, you may be able to try it out without breaking the bank. If they’re not right for your needs, they might always become guest pillows.

How do you wash pillows?

To begin, read the label on your pillow to see if there are any particular washing instructions. If your pillows aren’t machine washable, this sticker will tell you so. You’ll need to remove and wash the pillowcase, dust/vacuum the pillow’s surface, then spot clean and hang dry in that situation.

If your pillow is machine washable, you’ll need to wash two pillows at a time to balance the load. If you have a top-loading washer with an agitator (center divider), washing your pillows may not be effective since they can get caught and freeze the load.

You may also use cold water to refresh or freshen your pillows. You should never use the hot cycle with a small quantity of detergent on comforters, duvets, and pillows. If you’re washing all of the pillows in the same color (so no bleeding), you can use warm water with a cold rinse.

How often should you replace pillows?

Bed pillows should be replaced every two years on average. To determine your pillow’s freshness, place it under your nose. You’ll know it needs to be washed when the odor starts smelling more like sweat than fabric softener or soap.

If you’re unsure of how often to replace any one item in your bedroom, find out how many times you wash that piece of furniture – typically about once a week – and divide that number by 52 (2 years). This is an approximation that may need refreshing every few months depending on the life span of your cotton pillow. For cotton, try washing weekly even if they don’t appear dirty for a fresher softer feel each time! A stiffer filling will require more serious treatment before discarding, but once it feels lumpy or flat, you should throw out your bed pillow.

How do you arrange pillows on a bed?

The arrangement of pillows on a bed should be done based on the types and shape of pillows, as well as their size. For instance, large square-shaped pillows should be placed by headboard and two at the foot of an even number twin-sized bed (four if it’s a king). It should then alternate until the end with one between each pillow. This creates geometrical borders or frames to limit people from falling out or rolling off once they’re asleep.

Unless you want your bed head to look like a circus tent, never pile more than 3 cushions high as this leads to unnecessary air circulation and becomes bothersome for those using them by looking at them all day long.

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