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Summer and warmer weather is coming, and you want to get your kids out and about to help them burn off some energy, but you have very small yards to play games in. While this may discourage you initially, there are several fun swing sets for small yards available. We’ve spent hours researching and combing through the best swing sets to provide you a comprehensive list. So, sit back, relax, and compare our 10 best swing set choices to find the one that is ideal for both your kids and your small space.

1. Creative Playthings Spring Hill Swing Set – Top Pick


This swing set has something for every kid to enjoy, including dual swings with a slide, trapeze, and a ground-level picnic table where your kid can eat lunch or a snack between games. The top-level on this swing set is covered to help protect your kid’s from the sun’s rays, and they can climb up here using a climbing wall or ladder. You can invest in a few attachments that are easy to put on or swap out to keep your kids entertained as they play between games, including a standing swing, alternative swinging options, a steering wheel, and many  more. 

The durability of this set is a huge safety factor, and it can easily survive heavy use by a gang of kids without anything loosening or showing wear and tear. It features dense southern yellow pine in the construction that gets treated with a stain to protect it from insects or rot that could compromise the durability factor. The swing chairs feature a plastisol coating on them, and the non-slip ladder rungs are safe for your kids to climb on due to the extra gripping capabilities. The entire setup meets ASTM safety standards, and the wooden components come with a 10-year limited warranty. 


  • Able to swap out parts 
  • 10-year limited warranty on wooden components
  • Cover to protect against the sun 
  • Has several features and options 
  • Features a durable stain coat
  • Made to be very durable 
  • Meets ASTM safety standards 


  • Can be challenging to assemble

2. Oakmont All Cedar Wood Playset – Step-Up Pick


If you have a smaller yard that isn’t big enough for a full-scale setup, this swing set could be a great fit. It packs a lot of play items into a relatively compact package, and you’ll get dual swings, a canopy-covered deck, and a trapeze. As a bonus, it also features a slide and ladder dismount, and a ground-level fort that is covered to help spark the imagination and encourage hours of play. There is a swinging door on the fort, a park bench on the outside, and a smaller snack window that is perfect for passing your kids healthy snacks as they play without having to interrupt the fun. 

This swing set comes made with pre-stained cedar wood for the design, and this is a very resilient wood that resists decay and mold that is very common with environmental exposure. It meets ASTM safety standards, and this allows your kids to play for hours at a time without getting bored. There is a decent range of items for kids and adults, and you can have it all set up inside of a few hours with one or two people. The bright colors are very fun and inviting. 


  • Works well for a small yard
  • Canopy-covered deck 
  • Ground-level fort included 
  • Pre-stained cedar 
  • Resists decay and mold 
  • Meets ASTM safety standards 
  • Variety of products available 


  • Should seal it once you get it

3. KidKraft Andorra Cedar Swing Set – Mid-End Budget Pick


This swing set can comfortably accommodate up to seven kids at one time, and this makes it a perfect way to tire out the kids during a sleepover to get them ready for bed. It features a slide, two swings, canopy-covered deck on top, rock wall, lower-level sandbox, and a chalk wall. It wraps all of these items in a compact footprint of just 80-square feet, so it’s nice if you don’t have a huge amount of space in your yard. They can ride on one of the two study swings, go for archaeological digs in the sandbox, and take a look at their kingdom as they play.  

This swing set can hold up to 110-pounds per child, and it features durable pre-stained cedar wood. This wood naturally resists rot, mold, and mildew to ensure it lasts for years without a problem, and it has an assembly process that is relatively quick and easy, even for novice installers. You’ll get a very sturdy base with strong connection points to keep the whole thing stable and secure, even for the roughest games. The chalk wall is easy to clean between uses, and the ripples in the slide make it a fun adventure to use. 


  • Holds children up to 110-pounds
  • Can support seven children at once
  • Has a chalkboard wall
  • Compact footprint of 80-square feet 
  • Quick assembly process 
  • Pre-stained cedar wood construction 
  • Shaded play area included


  • Slide is a thinner material 

4. Ranger Wooden Swing Set – Bargain Budget Pick


If you’re on a budget but still want to get a nice swing set for your kids, this is a great option. This is a wooden swing set that features a trapeze and dual swings, but it allows you to change them out to a glider or a bucket swing if you have a toddler who wants to play too. The simplicity of this product helps to control the costs, and it’s a nice beginner set if you’re not sure how much your kids will use it. The chains on the swings feature a plastisol coating to prevent your kids from pinching their fingers as they play, and this helps the entire set meet the ASTM safety standards to make sure your kids can have a good time without worrying about injuries. 

You’ll get a classic design with this swing set that comes with pre-cut cedar pieces and all of the assembly hardware when you order it. The cedar construction resists mold and mildew damage, and this can help it last years longer than other types of swing sets, even with environmental exposure. Each swing will support up to 115-pounds without a problem, and you can adjust the chains to account for different heights so other people can play. There are fully illustrated instructions included, and you can add a bench swing as the kids get older. 


  • Fully illustrated instructions 
  • Simple A-frame design 
  • Cedar construction 
  • Can support up to 115-pounds per swing 
  • Meets ASTM safety standards 
  • Easy to swap out swings 
  • Budget-friendly 


  • Doesn’t have a lot of play choices

5. Skyfort II All Cedar Swing Set – Best For Large Yards


This is a more elaborate swing set that needs more room to sprawl out so your kids can safely play for hours at a time, but it’ll fit nicely next to some big maple trees to give it shade. You’ll get a very spacious elevated playhouse for your kids, and it includes a rock climbing wall, ladder, and slide. There is also a set of durable but fun monkey bars, picnic table built in, three-position swing beam, sandbox, and a crow’s nest so your kids can keep a lookout as they play. All of these options are also great for entertaining a huge range of play styles. 

This is a very high-end swing set that comes with a steeper price tag attached to it, but it’s well worth it if you have energetic kids. It measures roughly 17-feet wide by 22-feet long, and it has durable cedar that won’t decay, mold, or rot with exposure to moisture and humidity. Several kids can play at the same time and stay out of everyone’s way, and it caters to kids of all ages so you can keep everyone from your toddler to your older kid playing for hours. 


  • Elaborate setup
  • 17-feet by 22-feet 
  • Several kids can play at once 
  • Spacious elevated playhouse
  • Supports different play styles
  • Durable cedar design 
  • Can hold a decent amount of weight


6. Lifetime Adventure Swing Set – Best For Humid Environments 


Metal swing sets are nice setups for people in wet environments or areas that routinely see season changes because they’re very durable while being low-maintenance. This particular model comes with a more complex design to it that offers your kids several different ways to play. You’ll get a galvanized steel body that resists rust and corrosion, and the powder coating on it will help resist normal wear and tear while sealing the metal in. There is also a weather-resistant polyethylene on it, and this makes it more durable overall as the weather changes. 

Your kids will be able to enjoy a trapeze bar, three belt swings, a set of monkey bars, gym rings, nine-foot wavy slide, and a fireman’s pole all in one set. This is a slightly larger swing set at 19-feet long by 14-feet wide, but it can easily hold up to six occupants at a time, or up to 640-pounds without breaking or showing strain. There are several safety features built in to keep everyone safe as they play, including rubber grips on the chains to prevent pinching your fingers and plastic caps on the edges. 


  • Galvanized steel body 
  • Has powder coating and weather-resistant polyethylene 
  • Supports up to 640-pounds
  • Six kids can play at one time 
  • 19-feet long by 14-feet wide 
  • Supports several different playing styles
  • Very simple and stable design 


  • Can’t swap out swings 

7. Trekassy Saucer Swing Set – Best For Smaller Budgets 


This is another heavy-duty swing set made out of steel, and it has a more traditional A-frame design with a fun saucer swing and a belt swing. The hardware and the metal frame are both weather-resistant, and they’ll stand up to changing seasons, extreme cold, and very hot and humid weather without a problem. There is a powder coating on it to increase the durability factor, and this can help it stand up to heavy usage without showing scratches or weak areas. In turn, it won’t rust or corrode or wear down. 

Your kids can spend hours on the saucer swing or the belt swing, and it works well when you place it in your backyard, garden, playground, or in any indoor/outdoor spaces like the pergola. The saucer features 900D Oxford fabric that can hold a decent amount of weight without a problem, and the EVA plastic swing with zinc-plated chains are also very durable. It’s easy to adjust the swing height to accommodate a host of age ranges, and you can swap out the swings to support different play styles. It comes with an easy and quick installation process, and the components are pre-drilled. 


  • Everyone comes pre-drilled
  • Hardware and frame are weather-resistant 
  • Powder coating 
  • Easy to switch out swings 
  • 900D Oxford fabric
  • Features a saucer swing 
  • Easy to adjust the swing height 


  • Only comes with two swings

8. BAHOM 3 in 1 Swing Set – Best For Toddlers


If you have toddlers, this swing set is a three-in-one model that puts a heavy emphasis on safety because it features double-protective swing seats and it has railings running down the side of the slide to prevent people from rolling off. You can fill the base of the setup with water to make it heavier and more stable, and kids as young as 18-months can play without a problem. The detailed parts list with the specific instructions make this product easy to set up, and it should only take between 30 and 45-minutes from start to finish. 

The swing gets connected with a thick rope to the main structure, and you can adjust it to suit different heights and weights without a problem, and it tops out at 66-pounds for the weight limit. It works well for kids up to six years old, and you get dual water injection holes to make filling the base a quick and easy process. It allows your kids to play basketball, slide, or play on the swings all in one setup. You get the basketball included in the original purchase. You can choose from two fun colors, and each setup features white and the color of your choice to help it stand out. 


  • Three-in-one model 
  • Assemble in 30-45 minutes 
  • Can add water to the base for stability 
  • Two colors available 
  • Slide, swing, or play basketball 
  • Easy to adjust to different heights 
  • Safety measures included 


  • Hard to get the water back out for storage 

9. FITNESS REALITY KIDS Swing Set – Best For Encouraging Healthy Habits


Your kids will be able to easily incorporate this fun fitness station as part of their backyard games, and it offers enough activities to keep up to nine kids busy at one time. You’ll get eight activity stations that you can cycle your kids through as they play, and they can encourage imaginative play while helping  your kids get up and get active. There is a 36-inch trampoline, slide, glider, 32-inch flying saucer, swing, monkey bars, soccer goal with a net, basketball backboard and hoop, soccer ball, and a basketball included in the original purchase. You also get an air pump to keep everything inflated and in good working order. 

The whole swing set features two-inch tubular steel construction with a durable powder coating on it to protect the set from wear and tear while making sure it lasts longer. Each station comes with an 80-pound maximum weight capacity, and the glider will hold 80-pounds per seat. It meets the ASTM safety standards, and you get a six-month warranty on any components with a two-year warranty on the frame. It comes designed for kids between the ages of three and eight-years-old, so all of your younger kids can have a blast playing for hours. 


  • Eight stations included
  • Two-inch tubular steel design 
  • Powder coating 
  • Sturdy design 
  • Meets ASTM safety standards 
  • Dual warranties included from the date of purchase 
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Has a lower weight capacity 

10. Beach Front Wooden Swing Set – Best For


The final swing set on the list comes from Beach Front, and it features a colorful canopy that is perfectly inviting for kids of all ages to play in. The upper fort will work to make your kids feel like they’re relaxing at the beach under a large umbrella, or they could be sailing the high seas using the telescope and steering wheel to search for pirates. The monkey bars and rock wall give them quick and easy options to make their way to the top of the setup, and there is a fun eight-foot slide that offers a quick way to get back down to the ground when they play. 

Your kids will be able to play in the sandbox under the structure, and there is a colorful awning with a snack bar where your kids can relax and charge up for another game. This product uses 100% cedar wood in the construction that resists mold and mildew, and it has a tight, small knot structure that makes the frame less likely to crack. It can accommodate up to nine children at one time, and there are two belt swings. Kids up to 150 pounds can play on this swing set combo.


  • Larger slide 
  • Accommodates kids up to 150-pounds
  • Colorful awning 
  • Shaded snack area 
  • 100% cedar wood 
  • Several play areas
  • Encourages imagination 


Swing Sets for Small Yards – Buying Guide

Now that we’ve reviewed nine of the best swing sets for small yards, we’ll outline what you want to consider when you start to shop. Since we know that space is an issue, we’ll also go over how you decide when a swing set is too big for your yard. Ideally, you’ll find one that offers everything your kids need while giving you space to maneuver around it.

Sizing Your Swing Set for Small Yards

Since every yard is different, the swing set that works for your neighbor may not work well for you. This is why it’s essential that you take the time to figure out how much space you actually have available. You can get chalk to measure around the area if it’s concrete or a hard surface like a patio. For grass, you can get spray paint and mark off your area. When you measure, include the farthest point your kid will be able to swing out without having them hit something.

You want to consider your kid’s height with the average length of their legs. If it extends out past your chalk or paint lines, you run the risk of them hitting something and injuring themselves. You should add a few extra feet to your measurements to ensure your kids have enough room to swing and play, up to six feet. Once you have this space marked off, measure the width and length. If you have overhanging trees, measure the height. These are the measurements you’ll use to narrow down your choices.

Swing Set 1

Be very careful when you make your measurements. The last thing you want is to not have enough room for your kids to fully enjoy their new swing set when you get it installed. 

Next, compare the dimensions of each swing set for small yards you look at. If the maximum width and length of your chosen space is six feet by ten feet, your swing set’s dimensions shouldn’t go beyond that. You can find the measurements on the product description. Also, keep the swing set’s height in mind because this will tell you how far your child can swing out. The higher the swing set, the higher the swing goes. You don’t want them to hit the fence or guest house by accident and injure themselves.

It’s important that you review the swing set for small yard’s weight as well. Lighter sets can and will break down faster than more heavy-duty sets. Make note of the maximum weight your kids can be to play on the set. If the weight limit cuts off at 100 pounds, bigger kids will miss out playing on it.

Important Buying Considerations

When you start to shop for your swing sets for small yards, there are buying considerations that will help you compare the various models and narrow down your choices. You can hold each set to the same standards and see which one is going to be the safest and most fun choice for your kid.


What do your kids like to play on? Some kids love to play on slides for hours at a time while others like swings. Imaginative play is very fun for kids too, and some accessories can help encourage this. For example, some of the swing sets for small yards we reviewed came with accessories like a pirate telescope, tic-tac-toe board, climbing wall, and steering wheels. Others were more basic and featured a slide or two, a few swings, and a small platform. Remember that the accessories are usually more fragile than the main setup, so you could spend more to replace them if they were to break or wear out.


Your budget will play a role in the swing set for small yards you pick out because they can have a huge price range. Some more basic models will have less bells and whistles attached to them, and this can drop the price to a few hundred dollars. More high-dollar sets will come packed with features, but you’ll pay upwards of $1,000 to over $2,000 for them. The price doesn’t include assembly either.

Swing Set 2 Budget

Breaking your budget to buy your kid a new swing set isn’t a good idea, and setting one early will help you get rid of models out of your price range. 


Since your swing set for small yards is going to get a lot of use while being exposed to different elements like rain, heat, and snow, durability is extremely important. Metal can outlast wood, but pure cedar with a sealant on it is very resistant to rot or breakage. Take a look at the connection points on each swing set you look at. Some offer caps that help seal moisture out, and others let the nuts, screws, and bolts stay exposed to water and the environment. Ideally, you’ll end up with a swing set that can last for years without breaking down. Plastic is the least durable material, but it’s popular for swing sets for small kids.

Ease of Assembly 

One of the biggest complaints we noticed from reviewers when they talked about their new swing set for small yards was the ease of assembly. Many said that the directions were very unclear and difficult to follow. The pieces could be mislabeled or missing altogether. Some were so heavy that they required two people to put them together and set it up. Take a look and see if any pieces come pre-assembled and ready to go straight away. The more accessories and parts you have, the more difficult it’ll be to get the set put together.


As a general rule, the best swing set comes made out of metal, plastic, or wood. The metal swing set usually has a powder coating on it to help it resist rust or wear and tear. The wood can have a sealant or a pre-treatment that seals out water and helps it resist rot and wood scuffs. These are both heavier materials that can be more difficult to assemble. Plastic is another popular option because it is relatively durable and can withstand different weather conditions, but you want to get thicker plastic so it doesn’t wear out.

Safety Features

Keeping your kids safe can be a full-time job, especially when they’re running around outside and playing on their new swing set. So, the swing set itself should have several safety features built into the design. Good ones to look for include things like larger handholds, safety bars, and several ways to climb in and out of the towers if there are any. Double-check the connection points and the weight requirements because these are areas that can cause problems.

Swing Set 3 Safety
Keeping your kids safe while allowing them the freedom to play and have fun is a delicate balancing act. However, choosing a safe swing set is a great start.

Safety Standards

Whatever swing set for small yards you pick out, it should meet or exceed safety standards. One popular one you’ll see is that a set meets the ASTM standards. This stands for the American Society for Testing and Materials. This is the organization that sets the standards for play equipment all over the world. If you don’t see it, the set may not be safe enough for your kid to play on. It may not use the best materials, or it can cut corners with the connection points.

Swing Set 4 Outside
Swing sets are an excellent way to get your kids outside and enjoy the nice weather. Our buying guide and reviews make it easy to find the perfect set up for your yard.

Bottom Line

Picking out the best swing sets for small yards can be a challenging process, but our best swing set review roundup has something for everyone. Whether you want to go all out and buy a high-end one or if your kid wants something simple, we have it here for you. You can compare products, take a look at our buying guide, and find the perfect swing set for your little ones to enjoy all summer long.

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