The budget alternative to Philips Hue light strips are even cheaper today



I love smart lighting, especially being able to control all of the lights in my house with my voice, but I absolutely do not love paying for them. As convenient and clever as Philips Hue bulbs are, they’re crazy expensive. Recently there’s been a compelling alternative popping up all over Amazon, called Govee. This company has been producing a ton of new smart LED products which compete directly with many of the more expensive Philips products, and today this popular 32-foot light strip is now only $31.

The 32-foot Govee LED strip offers 300 individual LEDS with a smart controller packed with features. The Govee app will allow you to control the color of multiple sections at once, and the light strip itself has a microphone built in so you can enable a music mode and have your lights dance with the music. The app connects to Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can quickly and easily add both voice control and presets for different times of the day with ease. And for $50 cheaper than the comparable Philips Hue strips, it’s much easier to cover your house in these great lights.