The Cheapskate’s favorite Prime Day 2021 deals: Top picks starting at $6

I tend to get jaded when it comes to Prime Day (and Black Friday as well), because I track smokin’ deals all year round. It’s my thing. That said, there are some standouts this year, some great products slashed to some of the lowest prices on record.

All of them are available as of this morning, June 21. I’ll be updating this list throughout today and tomorrow, watching for worthwhile newcomers or sold-out items — which is always a possibility.

One quick tip: Be sure to pay for any Amazon purchases with your Amazon’s Prime Rewards Visa card, which nets you 5% cash back even on sale items.


This is a kitchen essential, a quick and easy way to make great popcorn that’s way cheaper and way healthier than that boxed microwave stuff.

It normally sells for $14; promo code 23HDOTPRIME knocks the price down to $10.77, just about the lowest on record. I own of these; they’re awesome. And at this price, a no-brainer buy.


The Wyze Cam Outdoor is the battery-powered, weatherproof version of the immensely popular Wyze Cam. I’ve got one parked on my front porch; it’s been a champ.

Given that a single one of them normally runs $60, a two-pack for $95 is a true bargain — let alone the free Echo Show 5 that comes with it. This won’t last long; grab it while you can.

Read our Wyze Cam Outdoor review.

Chris Monroe/HDOT

If you haven’t yet experienced the joy of saying, “Alexa, turn off the lamp,” or even just setting simple on/off timers via an app, you need a smart plug. Pop into an AC outlet, connect your appliance and presto: magic awaits.

The Wyze Plug is a top pick in this category, and $6 is a steal for this or any other smart plug. Note, however, that the link below will take you to the Amazon product listing, but to get the discounted price, you’ll have to ask for it: “Alexa, order a Wyze Plug.”


Only a handful of times has this kit been priced this low — and the last time was last year. This is an insanely popular item, as it’s great not only for checking your ancestry, but also for identifying potentially serious health issues.


The all-around great MyQ (I’ve used one for years) hasn’t been priced this low since last year, and it’s even more amazing when you consider it originally cost over $100.

But here’s the best part: If you decide to use it for Amazon In-Garage Delivery, you can get a $40 credit after your first order by applying promo code KEY40 when placing that order. That more than covers the cost of the MyQ itself.

David Carnoy/HDOT

Amazon seller: EarFun Direct

Price: $55.67 with promo code EAIRPRO5

HDOT’s David Carnoy and I have found a lot to like in EarFun’s earbuds. The Air Pros mimic the AirPods’ pipe design and include ANC and in-ear detection. The latter means when you take an earbud out, your music auto-pauses. Great feature.

Carnoy’s take: “The EarFun Air Pro distinguishes itself with a comfortable fit, decent (though not great) noise canceling and nicely balanced sound, with good clarity and well-defined bass. They’re smooth-sounding earbuds.” He also found call quality to be above average.

My take? Pretty amazing value for the money.

Chris Monroe/HDOT

This is actually kind of disappointing, because the original Echo Show 8 was priced at $65 during the holidays last year. Still, $70 for an 8-inch smart display? It’s hard to quibble with that.

On the other hand, the new second-gen model is on sale as well: $95, down from $130. My advice: Hold tight on that one; Amazon will almost certainly offer better deals in the months to come.

If you don’t mind a smaller screen, the adorable Echo Show 5 for $45 is a tremendous deal. Decisions, decisions.

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David Carnoy/HDOT

Last year’s Prime Day brought the Fire HD 10 down to $80 for the first time; now Amazon is matching that on the just-released 2021 model, which includes modest but welcome improvements to the screen, RAM and front camera. Its predecessor was already a steal at this price; this feels even steal-ier.

Indeed, this ranks as one of the best tablet deals ever. Big high-def screen, fast processor, expandable storage, stereo speakers, USB-C charging… shall I go on? Kind of makes you scratch your head at the thought of paying $329 for a 10-inch iPad.

Yes, you need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to really make the most of it. But even if you’re not, this is a very capable tablet at a ridiculously low price.

Also available: the Fire HD 10 Plus for $110 (save $70). Why spend the extra $30? To get a bit more RAM and — drum roll — wireless charging.

Also available No. 2: the Fire HD 8 for $45, an all-time low.

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The Cheapskate's favorite Prime Day 2021 deals: Top picks starting at $6

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