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What’s under your feet (or how you get around) is as important as anything when it comes to the house. That’s why this fall, we collaborated with The Home Depot on an A-to-Z guide that will give you the confidence to make the flooring choices you’ll love. Read the manual from A to Z here.

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When you think or design a home fit for children, the tastes of playrooms, gardens and dens come to mind. But one of the most critical ways to make kids feel comfortable in their space – from when they’re babies to when a closed-door policy becomes the norm – is the look of the flooring. (Really!)

The Home Depot has decades of experience lending a helping hand to build homes that become homes. When your own brood is growing, here’s what to consider when it comes to flooring that will age well for everyone.

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Give them a soft place to land

12-ft Pure Color Butternut Rug

Proof of life

$ 39.51

The physical nature of a child’s play – from brutality with a sibling to practicing indoor cheerleading jumps – often means that young people spend extraordinary time in close contact with the ground. Since bare elbows and knees appreciate a soft landing, it’s no wonder wall-to-wall carpeting is the best choice for their areas.

As well as being a lot more attractive to crawl than, say, laminate, carpet is great for insulation and sound absorption. This means that if your budding diva enjoys listening to movie themed songs 40 times a day, you’re less likely to hear them in other parts of the house, or if your little one is jumping for joy (over and over again. ) whenever her favorite show arrives, the thumping noises will not be as noticeable.

Recent developments in carpet technology have also reduced the previous drawbacks of carpeting in a child’s room – most notably, in the category of spills and messes.

Opting for a rug that fights pills, spills and stains is one way to keep things clean when there are kids around.

Stain resistant carpet does exactly what it promises by repelling stains and discoloration. Innovations like SoilSheild technology Not only withstands juice box disasters, but also everyday grime and grime that can potentially cause allergies.

Carpet tiles are another good option for kid-friendly spaces, especially thanks to their ease of replacement. (For more information on rugs and carpet tiles, see letter C.)

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Combine hard surfaces with a soft layer

If your home has hard flooring, like luxury vinyl, hardwood, and laminate, an easy solution is to lay something soft: a zone mat (more on this under the letter A). The use of area rugs also allows for changes over time as preferences change. You can certainly replace a dusty pink shag rug with a swirling black and white rug as the whims transform – much easier than tearing up a rug very specific to the interests of a five year old. (Hello dinosaurs!)

foam tiles

Locking foam or rubber tiles, like those used for home gyms, are also a simple way to keep knees from bumping without permanent change. Adding interlocking foam tile over other flooring – like hardwood – works especially well if you plan to sell your home in the future and don’t want to replace the existing flooring approved by them. children by something new to increase the curb appeal.

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Cork is durable and makes transitions easier

13/32 ” Thick x 5-1 / 2 ” Wide x 36 ” Long Burnished Cork Cork Flooring (10.92 sq. Ft. / ​​Case)

Heritage mill

$ 43.46

If you aren’t interested in the rug, but still want a softer, full coverage option, Cork is soft and durable but still looks cool. It comes in sheet or tile form and is also ultra stain resistant when properly installed and sealed.

Cork’s antimicrobial and antistatic properties help keep a room as naturally dust-free as possible, and the material can easily ease the transition from playful kids to teens with overflowing laundry baskets – no complete overhaul of the flooring is required. necessary.

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