The Secret to Plants You Can’t Kill

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The secret of the plants you can't kill

Are you a plant killer? I admit it, I was a plant killer. Although I’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way to keep them alive, sometimes you just can’t do it. And there’s a secret to the plants you can’t kill! Artificial plants are more realistic than ever and they can be a beautiful addition to your space!

Plants are an essential in every room (if you ask me). They always make a house more “welcoming” and lively! Real plants are healthy for us and many of them improve the air in your home.

While I definitely prefer real plants for their health benefits whenever possible, there are definitely times and spaces where fake might be the way to go (even temporarily). Artificial plants are definitely the secret to a plant you can’t kill! If you have a low-light space, or a place where you can’t reach water, or you’re not home enough to care for plants, or you don’t have a green thumb and you just want a simpler option.

I use a few maidenhair fern plants in a hidden pot where I know I would forget to water them. I wanted the lush greenery there, so instead of dealing with the disorderly falling leaves of a sensitive plant, or risking the likelihood of another episode of plant destruction, I found that I loved having a fake plant there. It looks so pretty and fresh and I don’t need to cherish it at all.

Since we’re still settling here and planning the renovation, I don’t want to bother with buying new plants yet until we’re more into a routine and know where I’m going to put them. put and what light and what care they will need. For these reasons and more, you might decide to use a fake plant. Or two. Or three. 🙂 Artificial plants will give you the visual benefits of plants in a room without the fuss!

There are so many great options for faux plants these days – I thought I’d share some that I personally have and love. See them all linked below with pictures of them in my house!

The secret of the plants you can't kill

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The secret of the plants you can't kill

  1. Potted Artificial Jade Plant
  2. Artificial potted Maidenhair fern plant (there is also a smaller version here). This one is my favourite… I’ve had such a hard time keeping this strain of plant alive in the past and this one never dies, ha!
  3. Small potted plant with variegated leaves
  4. Large Maidenhair Fern Plant
  5. Fake mini Hoya potted plant
  6. Fake mini azalea in pot
  7. Artificial/artificial potted moss
  8. Large asparagus fern in a wooden pot
  9. Potted Artificial Eucalyptus Plant

I also had a few artificial plants in my last home, I’ll share those below too. You can find out more in my article: Designer Decorating Secret: Realistic Fake Plants.

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