The Ultimate List of Gifts for Roommates


Whether you are marking a special occasion or want a gift to show you care, finding a unique and thoughtful gift can help strengthen your roommate relationship without breaking the bank. If this gift helps you too? Even better. Here are some ideas for finding amazing gifts for roommates that you both will love.

Some cooking supplies needed

If you have a roommate who enjoys cooking, well, that’s a habit you want to encourage. After all, the more your roommate cooks, the more you can enjoy these sweet treats. Providing your roommate with an essential like flexible rubber spatulas will inspire them to continually make treats to share.

Give your roommate a set with two different colored spatulas so they can reserve each for different tasks. This helps prevent cross-contamination issues, so they can dive right into the baking brownies before you even ditch the dinner prep.

A nice set of coasters

You can easily find a set of coasters that blend in perfectly with your home decor, while also ticking the boxes for a great roommate gift. If your roommate tends to leave their drink on your favorite furniture, coasters also provide the perfect way to protect your beloved table.

Whether your roommate is a huge sports fan or a fan of cute animals, you’re sure to find a roller coaster set they’ll love. Use them for parties, use them for your nightlife, use them every time you see your roommate about to put their drink down on your elegant wooden furniture.

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A key and a courier

Looking for a gift for someone who seems to have it all? They probably don’t have a fancy, fancy place to throw their keys. Never worry about losing your keys or mail again, with a useful and attractive key fob and mail holder.

Of course, this is apparently a gift for your roommate. But if you never know where you left your keys when struggling to get out in the morning, this gift will help you too.

An immunity-boosting tea box

Whether your roommate is feeling a little sniffled or you just want to treat them to something tasty and healthy to have on hand, they’ll definitely appreciate a gift set full of immunity-boosting tea. Teas made from delicious fruits and herbs can offer a range of health benefits.

There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of tea when you curl up on the sofa for a laid-back movie night and roommate bonding time. Who knows? Maybe they’ll share a mug with you too.

A houseplant (low maintenance)

You can’t go wrong with a houseplant if you’re looking for a gift just because to show your roommate that you care – while also enhancing the vibe of your own living space. Having plants around the house can help improve your mood and even improve your focus and creativity while reducing stress.

A low-maintenance plant like a cactus gives your roommate that kindness to take care of themselves, without the stress of having a finicky plant that will likely die off, you know. You will also be able to enjoy the beauty and benefits of a plant that enhances your living situation, so it’s a win-win. Is your unit already overrun with tons of plants? Surprise your roommate with a micro-mini cactus for the ultimate adorable gift idea.

A set of wine supplies

So you have a roommate who loves a good glass of wine. If you are not ready to go for a very expensive bottle, you can always get them something perfect for wine lovers. A wine aerator unleashes the full potential of a wine, and it’s something your roommate can keep using over and over again, long after you’ve had that bottle together.

A tub wine glass holder is another fun gift for the wine lover in your life. Combine the two products to create a great gift box or choose one for an easy gift. Of course, you will appreciate having both products around your unit!


What is a TubShroom, you ask? Not only is this a great unexpected gift for your roommate, but it’s also the key to avoiding future arguments. If you both have succulent wicks, you’re probably used to pulling small mammal-sized hairballs from your drain. It’s definitely a bit gross, and it’s also a recipe for stoking grudges when it’s your turn to clean the bathroom.

Even if you have an effective roommate task board, no one likes to pull all that hair out. Enter: The TubShroom, a simple drain cover that fits perfectly into your drain. Simply wipe down the TubShroom, put it back in place and you are good to go. No more liquid drain cleaners. No more expensive plumber bills. No more fights over who needs to get their hair cut to keep the peace.

A waterproof notepad

Help your roommate keep track of all the amazing ideas he clearly has during his hour-long showers (because he’s not been around that long with his hair down the drain, thanks to your TubShroom). A waterproof notepad with suction cups for easy mounting lets you capture your thoughts even in the middle of the shower, so these useful tools are sure to delight the roommate who spends more time in the shower than anywhere else in the bathroom. apartment.

You can also use waterproof notepads to jot down shared shopping lists in the rain or to leave fun notes for you to find shower time. What if you use the pad to find the perfect angle for your research paper in the shower, hey, who can blame you? You also pay for this hot water.

Building a positive roommate relationship goes beyond just setting rules that you both can follow. These unique roommate gifts are sure to inspire good vibes.

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