This Is the One Reason Plant Lovers Need to Join Clubhouse

New social media platforms are always popping up. One of the newest ones generating buzz is invite-only Clubhouse. We spoke with two moderators/hosts about Clubhouse and why plant lovers and gardeners are loving it—even more than other platforms.

What Is Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse app is entirely different from other social media platforms in that it is audio only, and content is only available in real time. Users can enter existing virtual rooms or start rooms themselves. Once in, users can choose others to co-host, while the rest of the people in the room can listen to the conversation. If they would like to speak too, they can virtually raise their hand to join in the chat. Conversations are not recorded, and everything is in the moment, which is pretty rare on social media these days. 

Why Is Clubhouse Great for Plant Parents and Gardeners?

Clubhouse has rooms dedicated to plants. That’s right—chats about plants by plant parents for plant people. Clubhouse is the perfect spot to discuss all your plant problems and wins with like- minded people. Simply put, it’s genius. 

We spoke with a co-host and moderator of Clubhouse rooms about the reasons they love the app.

Deep and Meaningful Conversations and Connections

Tiffany Mah, an interior plant stylist based in Toronto, joined Clubhouse in January 2021. “As soon as I got an invitation to the app, I was hooked,” she said. “The first room I was a part of was, of course, a houseplant room.

“My favourite thing about using Clubhouse is having deep and meaningful conversations with people from diverse backgrounds. Everyone brings a unique perspective to the stage. Even if someone on stage doesn’t know the answer to a plant or gardening problem, there seems to always be someone in the audience who can “raise their hand” and jump on stage to provide their insight and share their story,” Mah said.


She often co-moderates the clubs, Ya Grandma’s Garden & Houseplants, Houseplant Plant Parents, and Food Growers United. She said, “I have Clubhouse to thank for connecting me with plant parents and garden enthusiasts from around the world. The plant community has always been a welcoming community, and the audio-only and live-podcast style of Clubhouse makes it even more engaging to talk with plant parents. ”

Shii Kaina shared similar sentiments. She’s an Anchorage-basked botanist and host of Among the Jungle Podcast who also joined Clubhouse in January. “Our ability to show up authentically and create meaningful connections through the simplicity of our voices and life experiences… that’s the magic of Clubhouse,” she said.

The Ability to Honor Matriarchs Authentically

Kaina is the founder of the Among the Jungle group, which focuses on “expanding our curiosity and deepening our understanding of what is possible with plants, and how our care for them better serve ourselves and our precious planet.” She also speaks in and facilities other rooms about houseplants, including Ya Grandma’s Garden & Houseplants and Food Growers United.


“Ya Grandma’s Garden & Houseplants was created by Brooklyn Hill in honor of her grandmother instilling in her a desire to grow things and connect more deeply with nature,” Kaina said. “It’s incredible how many of us share a similar story with a matriarch in our family introducing us to the botanical world… and so that is why we are all there. To honor them, and share the magic and wisdom they instilled in us, with others.”

The Focus Is on You—Not How Beautiful Your Pictures Are

Kaina’s love for Clubhouse is evident. “What I love about it is that it’s not about all of the fluff—like aesthetics and content creation and mirages of our lives,” she said. “It’s real time, it’s authentic, it’s vulnerable, it’s YOU.

“People fall in love with who you are while you are sharing with them what you have come to know from your life experiences. Then they can actually ask you questions and get real time feedback from you in a way that helps everyone listening, learn. The power of Clubhouse is on the stage. Show up on all the stages you can—as yourself, shining your light of authenticity, with the intention to deliver value in your heart and you will thrive on ClubHouse.”

If you’re a plant parent, try to land a Clubhouse invite and then join the plant groups. It will change your way of thinking about plants.

Disclaimer: Curated and re-published here. We do not claim anything as we translated and re-published using google translator. All images and Tattoo Design ideas shared only for information purpose.

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