This LIFX smart lighting 2-pack is $20 off right now

LIFX 2-pack


Choosing the right smart lights for you is important. If you want to eventually fill your home with these lights, the investment can be considerable over time, so it’s a good idea to get it right the first time. One of the cool things about using the LIFX bulbs is not needing an expensive central hub connected to your router. Each bulb functions on its own or in a group if you set it up in the LIFX app that way. A great start to adding LIFX to any room in your house is with the starter 2-pack kits, and this one happens to be available for $45 today. 

Each LIFX Edison bulb is capable of reaching a wide range of colors. You can set them to whatever white temperature you want during the day, and if you’re feeling like having fun set them to a more entertaining shade of purple or something in the evening. The bulbs can be set up in unison, so you can bathe a whole room in one color or set them up to collectively cycle through a series of colors for entertainment. Each LIFX Edison bulb is 800 lumens, so so matter what color you choose it will be nice and bright. And for $22.50 per bulb, you’re getting a pretty great deal. 

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