This Stunning Los Angeles Pad Is a Breath of Fresh Air

With an eye for design that’s both accessible and elegant, multi-hyphenate design pro Breegan Jane’s home is a stunning breath of fresh air. And, as a brand ambassador for the electrical company, Legrand, even the smallest details have been taken care of.

Jane invited us into her L.A. abode, showing us what she loves and what she can’t live without.

  • Owner: Breegan Jane, a designer, entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, and philanthropist
  • Location: Venice Beach, CA

Breegan Jane

A True Love for Coastal Vibes

Breegan Jane

Located in Venice Beach, California, Jane’s home embraces all things coastal. She shares that her family has always lived and loved a coastal lifestyle.

“My family has lived here for quite a long time, and my kids have grown up here since they were babies,” Jane says. “We love everything about beach life—I’m convinced my home will always be somewhere on a coast.”

Luxury, But Make It Modern

Breegan Jane

Jane describes her aesthetic as “modern, approachable luxury,” pointing toward an elegant mix of elements to achieve her ideal vision. “I use a neutral color palette and layer it with rich textures and a signature touch of brass,” she explains.

The Perfect Home in Her Dream Community  

Breegan Jane

“I was specifically looking for a house in this community, and I loved that this property was a corner lot,” Jane says of her nearly 3,000-square-foot home. “I was also drawn to all the natural light that came through the windows. In my bedroom, I have a beautiful skylight and lots of open windows.”

Breegan Jane

Jane notes that the kids’ room actually gets the best light of the entire house. “The way the sun rises and shines in the mornings is stunning, and I think it subconsciously helps wake the kids up,” Jane notes. “They’re both happy, early risers, and that may be because of that ambient light.”

Along with natural light, the home also maintains some of the original floorings. “Some of the floors in my home came with the house,” Jane explains. “I installed parquet flooring on the bottom level, which I love! I wanted something non-directional. The house is long and skinny, and I didn’t want it to appear even longer. Going vertical in the pattern would have been bad, so l created my own.”

Making the Most of Minimal Outdoor Space

Breegan Jane

“My home has what I call an L.A. front yard, as well as a rooftop patio,” Jane says of the home’s outdoor space. “We recently added farm stands so the kids can garden.”

But even if the outdoor space is small, Jane makes the most of it. “I love sitting in the front yard and gazing up at the sky,” she notes. “The trees block out everything around us, and it feels cozy and secluded. I like to lay out on the grass there. You can truly focus on the beauty of the clouds above.”

A “Perfectly Positioned” Tub

Breegan Jane

 “I adore the tub under the window,” Jane says of her bathroom. “A lot of my self-care time takes place in my bathroom each day, and a gorgeous tub that happens to be perfectly positioned is ideal.”

 Functional Beauty in the Kitchen

Breegan Jane

Jane’s favorite parts of her kitchen? “My range, hood, and touches of brass,” she says. “I custom-wrapped my range hood in a metallic gold. It matches my range and catches my eye with its ornate detailing in black and gold.”

Because Jane believes that functional items in the home can also be things of beauty, she installed designer switches and outlets from Legrand throughout my kitchen. “They not only make my life easier, but they’re nice metallic touches to look at,” she notes.

Along with designer electrical accents, Jane explains that she worked with the brand to incorporate other elements of functional luxury. “I spent a lot of time designing a kitchen that I love, and I wanted it to feel seamless,” Jane tells us. “I used their brass wallplates to complement the other brass pieces in the space. I love that I was able to incorporate wireless chargers and ultra-fast plus USB type C outlets from Legrand’s radiant collection. It ensures I never have to go to another room to make sure all my devices are charged.”

“Artful Motivation” in the Bedroom

Breegan Jane

“I love my bed!” Jane says. “It’s an excellent representation of my signature design style. I also thoughtfully selected the wallpaper over my bed, which I affectionately refer to as ‘my ladies.’ I wake up to it each morning, and the women who are perched to get a running headstart remind me to go passionately into whatever my goal is that day. It’s artful motivation.” 

Breegan Jane

 Careful Planning with Kids in Mind

Breegan Jane

Jane’s home is concrete proof that luxury and children can peacefully co-exist.

“We flip-flopped the kids’ bedrooms and transformed them into a schoolroom and playroom, and we use it for crafting and all sorts of activities,” she says. “It’s a space dedicated to their learning. I did that instead of putting them each in their own rooms so they would have one place to sleep and one place to learn, grow, and play.”

An Insta-Worthy Welcoming

Breegan Jane

When asked about one special element that truly stands out in her home, Jane says, “That would definitely be my front gate, as well as the bench that matches. People always tell me they spot it because it stands out as unique. I’d definitely say it qualifies as ‘Instagram worthy.'”

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