Tia Mowry Takes Us Inside Her Organized Pantry

For actress Tia Mowry, a well-organized pantry helps her manage the hustle and bustle in her everyday life. In addition to starring in Netflix comedy Family meeting, the mom of two, posts bi-monthly videos on her YouTube channel and runs Anser, her own supplement company.

This is exactly why she sought the help of a California-based organizing company to clean up her family’s pantry. While Tia is curled up at home with her family to practice social distancing, she gave Good Housekeeping an inside look at her pantry, sharing tips and tricks along the way.

Although its space is pretty to look at (uh, talking about the goals of the pantry), it is also incredibly functional. Non-perishable items like rice, beans, cereals and staple foods have been removed from their original packaging and placed in clear jars and containers so that she can see exactly how much of each item she has at one point. The snacks, soups and other essential ingredients she needs at her fingertips are stored in cute wicker baskets, complete with handwritten chalk labels.

Her genius tip for parents: Stick all of your child’s plates, bibs, utensils, lunch bags and bottles in baskets on a shelf they can reach. That way, they can help make things happen once meals arrive – and they can help you when you need it most.

Watch the video above for more pantry inspiration.

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