Tips For Decorating With Big Lots Fall Décor

Tips For Decorating With Big Lots Fall Décor: With autumn being one of the most popular times of year for home décor, it’s no surprise that we see a lot of different big lots fall décor. Autumn leaves, and the look of brown trees has always been a favorite, but now there is a huge variety of ways to incorporate this theme into your home. When fall first comes to mind most people think of dark and rich colors but with so many fall colors and themes available, there is a wide range of choices. If you are in the market for some new fall décor then these ideas might spark an idea for you.

Big Lots Fall Décor

Big lots no longer mean just fall colors, there is a large range of Harvest Garlands and Hanging Garlands that can be used as table centerpieces, wall decorations, or just placed in the yard. This easy to make ornament is decorated in such a way that it looks like fall even if it wasn’t made specifically with fall in mind. For a Harvest Garland you’ll need to gather some basic supplies. These include:

Big Lots Fall Décor
Big Lots Fall Décor

Some fast drying and easy to use spray paint will be needed for this project. There are plenty of harvest garlands available from craft stores and online retailers and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, there are always home stores that carry them. The most important element of this big lots decor though is that it matches the rest of your furniture and decors.

Other than paint, you will also need various fabrics, thread and buttons. Some quick shopping online should provide you with plenty of ideas for coordinating pieces. You can buy big lots in solid colors and in multiple colors or you can buy various fabrics that match each other in solid colors as well as in various patterns and colors. These can be pieced together to create various designs and they can also serve as centerpieces.

Fall-themed decorating

To complete your fall-themed decorating, it would be a great idea to place some lighting effects around the room. Chandeliers and wall sconces can be found in a wide variety of sizes. You can find mini halogen versions as well as those with larger bulbs. You may even want to hang some rope lights from the ceiling, on various walls or just from the corner of the room.

To complete your fall décor, you may be interested in a few fall wall decorations. For this one, you will need at least four large pieces of fall wallpaper. The wall paper should be in the colors you selected for your big lots centerpieces. One good idea for this is to try and select a fall color that contrasts nicely with the texture of your furniture or decors. For example, if your fall centerpieces are done in red, then you can match the wallpaper in shades of red that will complement the colors in the room.

Fall décor

You can also make your own fall décor. There are a lot of fall scrapbooking patterns available in bookstores or that you can print out. Try making a collage of pictures you have taken during the fall season, put together a scrapbook and look through the pages to find suitable items that will fit in your home. Then you simply cut them to size.

The main thing to remember when choosing decorative wall decor for your home is to choose something that fits into your current theme. Fall themes tend to feature leaves and trees, so for that effect you should consider hanging some autumn colored paper leafs. In addition, you may want to place some autumn flowers in an arrangement on your mantle table. For more of a country feel, why not add a few hanging wood carvings? You’ll find that there are lots of options available for fall-themed decorating.

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