price of the best cleaning product for good maintenance

Mike Garten

For decades, Good Housekeeping at been with you every step of the way, providing cleaning tips and product testing recommendations to help keep your home running smoothly and keep your family safe. And that’s why we are delighted to present our second annual award for the best cleaning product. To select these 28 top performing products, we considered all cleaning categories, then narrowed the field to things and most often cleaned our readers, and selected those that were the best in our dishwashing cleaning lab tests , remove stains, shine floors, and more. Some of these choices are proven favorites, others are new and innovative, but all of them are those that our experts cannot (and do not want to) live without.

Top Awards for Cleaning Products


sparkling kitchen and bathroom

targeted problem solvers

dynamo dirt breakers

supreme surface solutions

laundry star

earth day champions

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