Top Tips to Create a Boho Chic Home

Create a Boho Chic Home: “Bohemian” has become a popular term for unconventional and artistic things today; however, in order to successfully execute the look in your house, it is necessary to understand the origins of the Bohemian style.

What exactly does the phrase “boho” imply, and why is it so popular? To begin with, it’s a shortened version of the French term bohémien, which refers to gypsies and was derived from a specific group of people who migrated from Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Later, the term came to refer to any artist, writer, actor, or musician who was frequently poor and traveled extensively through major European cities. Greenwich Village in New York City became a hotbed for bohemian culture during the 1950s, also known as the beat generation, which gradually gave way on.

Today, bohemian is more of an adjective than a noun, denoting an aesthetic that draws inspiration from previous generations’ free spirits. The contemporary boho-chic style is eclectic and embraces elements from across the world. Here are the top five ways to incorporate boho-chic design in your home.

Create a Boho Chic Home
Create a Boho Chic Home

1. Use lots of texture

Bohemian-influenced boho homes include a lot of textural variety because boho style is all about incorporating elements from across the world; boho design gives visual interest to the home without making it feel cluttered. This means layering everything from woven rugs and grass mats to stone and wood carvings, and even antler chandeliers and taxidermy (stuff that’s been hunted by hand).

2. Mix trends with vintage pieces

Rather than going for an entirely traditional or modern look, boho-chic homes embrace a trendy, eclectic format in which different periods are mixed together for both visual interest and affordability – such as pairing midcentury modern furniture with art deco accessories and a boho braid rug.

3. Think about the details

Boho homes feature a lot of little things that all come together, from intricate mosaic tiles to boho braid rugs in myriad bright colors. Even something as small as custom boho lettering over the bed is an attention-grabber that helps to transform a bedroom into an artistic master suite.

4. Blend styles within rooms

The best way for boho chic home designs to avoid feeling contrived or eclectic is for each room to blend multiple design styles while still maintaining its own personality; this lets each room stand out without creating visual clutter (which is great if you’re working around children who might accidentally break something). This means pairing boho braid rugs with paintings, lamps, and even wallpapers.

5. Incorporate boho design in unexpected places

To successfully incorporate boho-chic boho designs into your house in a natural way that doesn’t seem forced is to look at the arrangement of objects and accessories from different angles; this means not just putting them on display but also using boho print shower curtains for your bathroom or boho baby bedding sets for kids’ bedrooms.

The boho trend has been around for almost half a century now, which gives you plenty of time to get it right. So why not go out there and find boho chic decorating ideas?

Create a Boho Chic Home
Create a Boho Chic Home

More Boho Chick Styles

The boho chic style has a very free and loose vibe. It’s all about mixing patterns and colors with abandon. The boho-chic look also blends different styles together to create a one-of-a-kind look, so if you’re not sure what boho style is, it could be multiple things sewn together.

Some boho decorating ideas could include making furniture out of reclaimed wood or repurposing vintage furniture, choosing accessories that are handcrafted or have tribal prints, vintage textiles to use as curtains or tablecloths, candles made from soy wax or beeswax, or anything else that has natural textures or colors. Boho chic living spaces often have lots of light wood because the boho look is all about balancing dark with light. boho decorating ideas are often displayed in an eclectic mix within the same space, so try standing boho elements against more clean-lined pieces to create a boho-chic home.

Here are some boho decorating ideas to help you get started with creating your own boho-inspired area!

1. Use Wall Decals as Artwork

Wall decals can be used to replace traditional art, or they can even work alongside paintings and prints. There are dozens of boho wall quotes available online that would look great on any painted wall or behind a couch or bed! Check out my article on boho wall quotes for more info on this trend.

2. Hang Wood Paneling or Burlap

If you would like boho decorating ideas that feature natural and organic materials, try hanging boho-inspired wall hangings made out of wood panels or burlap. Wood paneling has a great texture and can be used to create interesting boho wall art that’s still easy to put up! You can also use boho wall decor like boho tapestries or boho flags made out of burlap. Both are easy to find online at sites like Etsy.

3. Use Pieces With Lots of Texture

Meshed wire baskets make great vases, candle holders, or even storage for other boho decor items (like stones, shells, yarn balls, etc.). Other boho home decor items with lots of texture that will give your boho decorating ideas a bohemian style include crates, woven baskets, and other wicker boho home decor items.

4. Use Handmade Decor Items

Other boho decorating ides you can try are pieces made by hand or from recycled materials. A boho-chic coffee table is a great example of boho decoration because it can be as unique as you want it to be! Paint an old dresser a fun color, make a DIY mirror frame out of sticks, or paint driftwood for a beautiful boho-inspired wall hanging. There are many boho furniture pieces you can create on your own at home without too much hassle! Just check out my article on boho tables to get started.

5. Add Vintage Textiles for Boho Decorating Ideas

Vintage boho textiles like boho throws, boho pillows, boho blankets, boho tapestries, and boho curtains are all great boho decor items you can use to create your own boho-inspired home with bohemian style! You can even make your own boho decorating ideas by sewing together vintage fabric scraps or repurposing old scarves into new boho tapestries. Again, check out my article on boho chic throws for more inspiration when creating your own boho space!

6. Incorporate Metal into Your Bohoorating Ideas

Any kind of boho decorating ideas you can think of is usually paired with metal elements in boho-style rooms, so if you would like to create boho decorating ideas that have a bohemian vibe, then metal pieces are the way to go! Metal boho home decor items include boho wall hangings made out of founding objects or boho furniture pieces. If you’re really brave, try incorporating rusty metal pieces into your boho space for an even more vintage look.

To help get your creative juices flowing when designing your boho chic home, I’ve compiled some boho-chic pictures below so you can see how other people have incorporated boho style into their homes! Whether it’s rustic and vintage or colorful and boho-chic, boho decorating ideas are usually a great way to express your individual style and creativity.