TV maker Konka launches smart home lineup at CES 2021



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Chinese TV manufacturer Konka introduced affordable OLED TVs at last year’s CES. Now the team is back with 10 smart home products, hoping to stake a claim in the growing industry. Here’s an overview of what Konka introduced at the show:

  • Video Doorbell — a hardwired smart doorbell
  • Anywhere Video Doorbell — a battery-powered smart doorbell
  • Anywhere Cam — a battery-powered outdoor security camera
  • LED Floodlight Cam – an outdoor security camera with integrated siren and floodlights
  • Smart Plug — a one-outlet plug
  • Smart Plug Duo — a two-outlet plug
  • Smart Power Strip — a four-outlet power strip
  • Smart Light Bulb — a 750-lumen bulb (equivalent to a 60W), sold as a two-pack
  • Directional Smart Light Bulb — a 1,300-lumen bulb (90W equivalent)
  • Smart Light Strip — Konka says you can select from among “16 million colors.” 

All of the devices are designed to work in Konka’s OneApp. Instead of having assorted apps for various types of products, Konka houses everything under OneApp. The products are supposed to work with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Konka hasn’t released pricing information for these devices yet, but if their TVs are any indication, we can expect them to be budget-friendly and continue the trend of more affordable smart home options. We’ll just have to wait for Konka to release pricing to be sure, but smart home manufacturers like Blink and Wyze might have a new competitor to contend with. 

All 10 products are expected to hit stores this spring. 

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