Updating a Doorbell Cover for a More Stylish Look

Doorbell Cover for a More Stylish Look – One of the projects we have on our “one day list” is to hire an electrician as we plan to add wall sconces throughout the house (see our immediate solution for a wall sconce with a battery operated bulb in CE POST). We were also thinking of having an electrician move our doorbell.

Updated doorbell cover for a sleeker look

In the meantime (or until I can find the right creative cover-up for it!) We wanted to elevate the look of our plain doorbell cover. I thought about painting the one we have the color of the wall, but then thought it probably wouldn’t deliver the effect I wanted.

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on anything but was trying to find one maybe brass, or something a little more fancy. I really didn’t see anything that I liked. But when I found this decorative doorbell cover, I thought it was worth a try! To my surprise, I think it’s pretty cute! It’s just decorative enough to look intentional. I would always prefer to ring the doorbell, but now it doesn’t seem so urgent.

So if you have a boring or just plain ugly plastic doorbell cover that bothers you as well, you might be able to find a good way to hide it. A decorative basket or a piece of art could cover it, or you can try one of these covers! It’s the little details like this that just seem to finish off a space.

Updated doorbell cover for a sleeker look

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