URPOWER Portable Garment Steamer Review: Compact Yet Powerful

We purchased the URPOWER Portable Handheld Garment Steamer so our expert reviewer could put it to the test on her wrinkliest clothes. Keep reading for our full product review.

No matter how strategically a bag is packed, one or two shirts always end up wrinkled. There are several solutions, including ironing pre-trip and hoping for the best, using the steam from the shower, or trying the hotel iron. But one of the most reliable methods is to pack a portable travel steamer. The URPOWER Portable Handheld Garment Steamer is a highly rated clothes steamer, but does the device’s small, easily packable size skimp on quality? Read on to find out.

The Spruce / Stephanie Vermillion

Design: Intuitive setup with helpful accessories

This compact URPOWER steamer comes with instructions, but the setup is highly intuitive: Detach the top, fill it with water (to the max line as marked), press the handle’s “on” switch, let it heat, then steam. We liked that the ribbed handle provided extra steaming support, while the included heat-resistant glove kept our hands safe from the steam. 

The only downfall of this device is that given its design, it can’t be titled more than 45 degrees.

The appliance takes about two minutes to heat up, and the 130-milliliter water tank lasts for up to 10 minutes of continuous steaming. The URPOWER has built-in safety features: If the unit is accidentally left on, gets too hot, or the water level is too low, it automatically shuts off. 

The only downfall of this device is that given its design, it can’t be titled more than 45 degrees. We learned this the hard way while trying to get a relentless crease out of a dress; it ended up with a large water spot down the front. (It could’ve been worse, however, if the hot water dripped on our hands.)  

The Spruce / Stephanie Vermillion

Portability: Smaller than an iPad Air 2

At 4.75 x 8 x 3.5 inches and 1.2 pounds, this travel-friendly steamer—which is smaller than an iPad Air 2 and about the length of a size six women’s shoe—can easily fit in a small backpack compartment, making it great for carry-on-only travelers. The included velvet bag contributes to portability and organization, keeping the steamer and glove together in one place.

At just over one pound, you may forget you even packed this portable steamer!

With a 110V voltage, the URPOWER is safe to use in the U.S. If used abroad, travelers need to pack a transformer for problem-free use. 

The Spruce / Stephanie Vermillion

Performance: Smooths most wrinkles

From blouses and dresses to T-shirts and jeans, the URPOWER works on just about every type of clothing, and it’s safe for all fabric surfaces. The steamer smoothed some of our peskiest wrinkles within a matter of minutes, and as we discovered, it’s most effective when used against a solid wall or door.

The steamer smoothed some of our peskiest wrinkles within a matter of minutes.

That said, this steamer is not perfect. We tested it on a suit jacket and a button-down, and despite our best efforts, we still ended up with a number of wrinkles we just couldn’t smooth. 

The Spruce / Stephanie Vermillion

Price: Affordable yet functional

At just over $20, the URPOWER Portable Handheld Garment Steamer is a major steal. Does it beat the best home steamers? No. But, given that most home steamers start at $50 or above, this travel steamer is well worth the money—and much more efficient and speedy than using hotel irons. 

The Spruce / Stephanie Vermillion

Competition: Great bang for your buck, but not the highest quality

BIZOND Steamer for Clothes Mini: The URPOWER Portable Handheld Garment Steamer has some tough competition from the BIZOND Mini Clothes Steamer. In fact, the only true place the URPOWER Portable Garment Steamer comes out on top is in price; it’s about half the price of the $40 BIZOND Mini, which we also tested. But your money is well spent with the BIZOND steamer. It’s more powerful, quicker to heat (at 25 seconds versus two minutes), and it’s built with spill-proof technology so you can steam up, down, or on a flat surface. The BIZOND also comes with a brush attachment for deeper steaming and refreshing as well as a pouch for travel. 

PAX Handheld Fabric Steamer: Similar in design and style, the URPOWER steamer and the PAX Handheld Fabric Steamer have the same twist-off spouts, on-and-off button placement, and spill-when-tilted build, but each product comes with different perks. Though both steamers cost around $25, you will get more for your money with the URPOWER Portable Garment Steamer, which includes the pouch and heat-protecting glove. The PAX, on the other hand, comes with no accessories. That said, the PAX steamer is the speedier option. While the URPOWER heats up in two minutes, the PAX Handheld Fabric Steamer takes less than 60 seconds. Both have the same performance when it comes to pressing—they’re not as solid as the BIZOND steamer, but they’re also not as expensive. 

Final Verdict

A suitcase staple for jet-setters.

Given the URPOWER Portable Handheld Garment Steamer’s compact size and effectiveness, it’s a must-buy (and a must-pack) for any work or leisure traveler. In fact, at just over one pound, you may forget you even packed this portable steamer! 

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