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Walke Moore Compass Guides - Home Decor Online Tips

Tool: Compass Guides Buy Now

Producer: Walke Moore

MSRP: $ 33- $ 90

D.Designed as solid anchor points for placing compasses and dividers on board edges and corners to mark curves, two of these compass guides from Walke Moore Tools allow you to create perfect circles or arcs anywhere on your projects without fumbling to align a compass leg . (The round center guide is useful for marking curves on a face, without leaving a deep puncture mark.)

The question is, do you need it? Honestly, you can get by without them, but in a way it’s like saying you can get by without a hammer if you have a heavy rock nearby. They’re the right tool for the job and bring functional precision to common layout tasks, far surpassing the ad-hoc solutions most of us use.

I found myself looking for edge and corner guides as answers to the problems I encounter most often in the shop. Rather than accepting the imprecision of trying to get the tip of a compass as close as possible to an edge or corner, with these two guides I can get straight to the corner or edge with accurate and repeatable results, arranging everything from the Gothic arches to the octagonal legs of the chair.

The machined alignment points are easy to see and precise, and while the guides are lighter than I expected, they’re also backed up with sandpaper which does a good job of keeping them in place during use.

They are not an essential tool, but they are an elegant solution for marking with a compass from edges and corners (and on a surface without leaving a deep pin mark), so they are nice to have on hand. Guides are available individually for $ 33 or as a set of three for $ 90.

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