Wedding DIY: Mini Message in a Bottle for Bridesmaids, Gifts + Place Settings

Mini Message in a Bottle for Bridesmaids is a fun and unique way to show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate them. Each bottle comes with a handcrafted message that is sure to put a smile on their face. The bottles are also perfect for holding keepsakes and other mementos from your wedding day. Mini Message in a Bottle for Bridesmaids is an affordable and thoughtful gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Mini Message in a Bottle for Bridesmaids

DIY wedding: Mini message in a bottle for bridesmaids, gifts + cutlery

Hi friends! Courtney here today. If you have been following me for several months, you know that I am getting married this summer! We have planned a storm around. I can’t believe the big day is coming so soon!

Many of you let me know on Instagram that you’d like to see some of our wedding ideas, planning tips, and more. There are so many things I can’t wait to share with you. Of course, I will also have photos to share later!

One of my big goals throughout the wedding planning has been to focus on simplicity, while incorporating lots of really personal, special and memorable details. (I shared some of our wedding vision and mood board in this blog post).

Today I wanted to share the easy and sweet way I asked my bridesmaids to be a part of our special day!

DIY wedding: Mini message in a bottle for bridesmaids, gifts + cutlery

bridesmaid proposal gift

You will find so many creative ideas online for “bridesmaid proposal boxes”. If you read my marriage proposal story, you might remember that in October, my fiancé proposed to me with a message in a bottle on the beach. You can read the story here if you missed it. The “message in a bottle” theme inspired me to ask my daughters to be my bridesmaids in the same way. It’s an adorable and simple idea for any gift, wedding favors or even cutlery for any occasion.

DIY wedding: Mini message in a bottle for bridesmaids, gifts + cutlery

DIY message in a bottle

I had ordered this set of bottles from Amazon that came with the scrolls – unfortunately it appears to be out of stock at the moment, but I have gathered many similar sources for you HERE in our Amazon storefront. This set of bottles is really similar, just with colored rollers. You’ll find more suggested sources later in this article!

The scrolls were super small, but just enough room for me to write on each ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ and ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ for my sister Kylee.

DIY wedding: Mini message in a bottle for bridesmaids, gifts + cutlery

We use a lot of pressed flower and wildflower elements in our wedding decor, so I wanted to incorporate a similar theme into the bottles. I ordered this dried flower pack from Amazon. It came with a ton of different varieties! I placed two types of flowers in each bottle to give each a unique look (I cut the flowers to fit). They almost look like little terrariums, so cute!

DIY wedding: Mini message in a bottle for bridesmaids, gifts + cutlery

I cut out a small piece of paper to write the girls’ names on and tied a little baker’s twine around each one to secure to the bottle. Unfortunately I didn’t have a mini puncher on hand so I made a hole with scissors haha ​​(but a mini puncher would have been best!).

DIY wedding: Mini message in a bottle for bridesmaids, gifts + cutlery

Each bottle was placed in a small gift box with shredded kraft paper. Inside the box, I’ve included a card with a note for each bridesmaid letting them know how much each of their friendships means to me!

The girls were so thrilled when they opened them! I love that I can keep them as a little decoration piece too.

Supplies and Sources for Message in a Bottle

If you want to make something similar, I’ve collected some supplies for you!

There are similar supplies HERE in our Amazon storefront, or you can click on the individual links below for some recommendations.

Glass bottles with cork:

The exact set of bottles I got with the scrolls, sadly out of stock but link here in case it ever comes back!)

This is a similar bottle set that comes with colored rollers.

These mini cork bottles are the same size as mine (no scrolls included).

These are larger cork bottles if you want more space for a longer note (no rollers included).

This is a parchment bottle that you can have personalized with a printed message.

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These tiny scrolls are similar and colorful!

Here is a lot of 100 blank scrolls with rings (7cm x 6cm, several nice color options, see photo below)

PS. Here’s another message in a bottle idea for you! It would be fun for any occasion or celebration. At our wedding, we are going to have a “message in a bottle station” where guests can write us advice or good wishes on scrolls and place them in a large glass bottle with a cork stopper. We will read them on our first anniversary! Since I had seen this idea all over Pinterest and it was part of the proposal, I couldn’t pass it up. I will be sure to share pictures of this after the wedding!

I’ve shared more behind-the-scenes wedding planning on my Instagram (feel free to follow me there and watch my story highlights!). I also shared our wedding mood board here on the blog with more details. More soon! 🙂

Backyard wedding decor ideas

Backyard weddings are a beautiful and intimate way to celebrate your big day. Here are some backyard wedding decor ideas to help make your special day even more memorable:

-String lights across the yard for a romantic ambiance. -Hang an ornate mirror on a fence or tree for a unique photo opportunity. -Set up a photobooth with props and backdrops for guests to snap selfies. -Scatter rose petals around the tables for a pop of color. -Use Mason jars as vases for wildflowers. -Create a makeshift dance floor by laying down Paladin plywood over the grass. -Hang Sheer curtains from trees or poles to create an enchanting setting. With these backyard wedding decor ideas, your wedding will be one for the books!

Place setting wedding ideas

When planning a wedding, it’s important to choose a theme that reflects the personalities of the bride and groom. One way to do this is to personalize the place settings. For example, instead of using plain white plates, consider adding a touch of color with patterned chargers. Or, for a more rustic feel, use mason jars or burlap runners as part of the place setting. Place cards are another great way to add a personal touch. Consider using photos of the bride and groom in place of traditional names cards, or opt for calligraphy for a elegant look. Whatever style you choose, make sure your place setting wedding ideas reflect the overall tone of your big day.

Sister will you be my bridesmaid

Sister, will you be my bridesmaid? I would be honored if you could stand by my side on my wedding day. As you know, planning a wedding can be a lot of work and I would really appreciate your help. From picking out the perfect dress to dealing with family drama, I know that having you by my side will make the whole process a lot easier. Plus, it would just mean so much to me to have you as a part of my special day. So what do you say, sister? Will you be my bridesmaid?

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