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We're moving: part one

Heh friends! I finally have this home and life update for you today with more details following my article on a big dream come true for us (catch up here if you missed this article). This will be the first part of the story (it’s almost a book, ha!), So grab a cup of coffee or tea and make yourself comfortable!

If you just want to be up to date with the news right away, it’s here! We are moving! We are selling our house and are in the process of buying a new house. I can’t believe it, but it’s such a whirlwind but fun story! Read on for the backstory (and be aware that I will continue to share updates as things unfold!).

We're moving: part one

I can’t believe I’ve been sharing our family, life, and home stories on the blog since 2007, longer than most home influencers on the internet, ha! Fourteen years ago, a month ago. It has not always been easy to know how to live your private life but also to share your life on the internet with grace, integrity and consistency.

Sharing the blessings, the twists and turns, the unknowns, and even the hard times in front of hundreds of thousands of people you don’t really know can feel very vulnerable at times. But my blog readers have followed from the start. I loved sharing our story with you! We are heading into a new season of life and with it will come a new and exciting change for our family!

The past year has been a roller coaster of emotions, not just because of 2020, but simply knowing that our kids were going to be back. Our empty nest life would begin in earnest this year (my husband and I were empty nests just two months ago before the pandemic changed that!).

After years of praying for the clarity of our future “empty nest life” and finding the right next path, many pieces of this puzzle have started to fall into place just over the past year and many only in the past year. the last two months. Some of the final pieces fell into place just this week! Honestly, it looks like a series of miracles and dreams coming true. We are so thrilled that we can now see our destination and we are almost there.

We're moving: part one

We’re more family oriented, as you’ve probably understood. We have been quite used to living near our children and all and their pets in and out over the past year or so. We loved every minute of the unexpected and extended time with our family. We would have kept them all here forever if it had been best for them! 🙂

A few pieces of our own puzzle had to do with the decisions our kids would make this year: Courtney moved into an apartment in Bellingham this year (an hour and a half north of Seattle). Kylee and her husband just bought a house in Portland (3 hours south of Seattle). Our son Luke made the decision to move to a house with friends as he finishes his last two years of college (he just moved last week!).

All of our children have chosen to move in slightly different directions on the map. This might not have been our “ideal” scenario, if a perfect scenario had ever existed, as if we were all living side by side, ha! But our children are building their own lives as they should! We are so proud of them! And we are all in the Pacific Northwest! I know the kids often end up in other parts of the country or the world, so we’re happy to be close enough to drive to each of them.

Waiting and watching each of them settle into their decisions and homes has helped us feel free to begin to visualize our own direction.

We're moving: part one

We wanted to clarify several things over the past few years. One was about whether or how long we wanted to stay in our current home. We moved here six years ago so our son could attend high school near his siblings who lived in Seattle. We never made a commitment to stay beyond those four years of high school, but we were open to whatever the future might hold.

Over the years, I have been certain that I did not want to move. Several times I said we were staying here and I meant it. HA! We loved living in this house and I don’t like to move :). We had so many plans for this place that we also wanted to continue working there! But even though we love living here, I started to feel in my heart that more change was to come.

In the beginning, when our children made their decisions about where they would live, it made sense for us to stay here. We didn’t really have another place we wanted or needed to go. But just as we were starting to settle into this idea of ​​a few more years here, things started to change. We quickly realized that there would be a change for us too!

Life is full of surprises, isn’t it?

We're moving: part one

One weekend several weeks ago our kids, parents, niece and nephew walked along a lovely promenade in Bellingham (near where my daughter Courtney lives). My parents started to say how wonderful it would be for them to move here closer to us and the water and whatever adventures they would have.

We're moving: part one

As we walked home (and after a few conversations over the next few days) I started to feel a movement in my soul that maybe there was something more for us than just staying where we were. . After our day on this walk, I spoke to my dad more on the phone. I heard her heart and some of her dreams. I knew my mother had dreams. My husband and I had dreams for our next home and our empty nest life too.

Our dreams all seemed to come together in a way that made sense to us right now. For the first time in a long time, my husband and I were free to make new decisions and dream new dreams.

We're moving: part one

You don’t always know which experiences in your life shape the next part of your story, or which moments will become a turning point. Once you are able to start thinking about these times, you can see where you need to go or find that you are on the right track.

This is how I started to feel. It became clear that so many parts of our story and the dreams we had were preparing us for this very season.

When I was a kid we had a sailboat and spent a lot of time traveling around the San Juan Islands. Being here in Washington at the water’s edge brought those memories back to us. After we had our own kids, my parents bought a beach house on the Oregon coast near Cannon Beach. It was where our family met every summer and vacation. You might remember I showed it on the blog! You can take a tour of it here.

We're moving: part one
We're moving: part one

We loved this house and Cannon Beach, but they sold it after our family moved to DC years ago. When my dad shared a dream he had to recreate something like the experience we had with our beach house, but here near the San Juan Islands, that’s when the bulb went out. is lit in my head.

When my husband and I started to think about this vision, as well as our own dreams and what we wanted to do next, we achieved we could live like we were on vacation everyday :). Why not? Every day is so precious, life should be an adventure with the people you love!

But tempted as I am sometimes to rush decisions, I find the most peace when I learn to let go and trust. So that’s what I did. I let go and let the story unfold. Through these experiences on the boardwalk that day and in the conversations and circumstances that followed, it made sense to us for many reasons that we could better create a life of adventure for all of us by getting closer to the San Juan. .

I had no idea what it would look like exactly, but even without knowing all the answers or even the timeline, I felt so much at peace!

This move wouldn’t be about finding the perfect dream home, it was all about capturing the adventure of life by the sea. But as a homebody, it had always been difficult for me to imagine a way forward without the house. With the market as wild as it was, everything seemed a little crazy. Would we just want to sell our house with nowhere to go? I prayed like crazy that we would make the right decision about selling our home, find the right place at the right time, and not get in the way of what was meant to be.

We're moving: part one

There is a beautiful area not too north of where we live now that I feel like going to explore, for years I couldn’t get by. I felt inspired that it was finally time to take a look! In fact, we had been to the area several times before, but never considered it a potential place to live. It seemed like this might be the perfect destination for us to start this new season of life, but we wanted to see it for ourselves.

So my husband and I hopped in the car the following weekend and took a little road trip! We did not know that on that day we would not only find the perfect place for the life we ​​dreamed of, but the house of our dreams was waiting for us there too.

Stay tuned for PART II of our new house story!

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