We’re Sharing the Blueprint for Perfect Pantry Organization

We all would love to achieve a perfectly organized, Pinterest-worthy pantry, right? But, with constraints of space, budget, and time, this can seem like an impossible task—and we understand. The perfect pantry for you is going to look different than your neighbor or someone’s staged space on Instagram, which is why we are here to prescribe what your pantry exactly needs with a little help from experts at Ball.

You know them for their mason jars, but Ball is also a player in the pantry organization game. They boast several pantry product lines, from their new stack and store jars to containers with secure latching lids, and they’re sharing the blueprints for your perfect pantry, created in collaboration with DIY, home design, and organization expert Kim Bui.

“Pantry organization can be time-consuming and exhausting, and people often don’t know where to start,” Kate Carpenter, brand director for Newell brands, shares with The Spruce. “Pantry organization should be easy and maximize the space they have, whether their pantry is big enough to walk into or is just a few shelves above the sink.”

We connected with Ball’s product and organizational experts to get their organizational tips below to create your perfect pantry—and be warned, you might want to dive into your pantry and start decanting.

Courtesy of Ball

If you have a closet pantry, reveling in your many tiers and racks, we are here to share how to optimize this space. Though having this much space is a huge win, sometimes, it is difficult to best organize a roomy space, according to Carpenter.

“While having a closet pantry is ideal for extra space, it can be difficult to organize items most efficiently,” she notes. Using the blueprint above simplifies the process, and here’s how:

  1. Place your most-used items like dry goods, oils, condiments, and a lazy Suzan with jars of spices at eye level.
  2. Next, heavier, more general items like foils, wraps, canned goods, and water bottles should be placed in the bottom of the closet.
  3. Lastly, cleaning supplies are placed on the top shelf to keep them out of reach from little ones.

For this pantry, Carpenter most recommends their stack and store jars that nestle perfectly together—they’re beautiful and functional, perfect for an Instagram-worthy closet pantry.

Stack & Store Jars


Courtesy of Ball

Though a cabinet pantry can be a bit of a tighter squeeze, there are still great ways to optimize the space for organization. The blueprint above outlines how Ball would ideally organize this type of pantry, utilizing the many shelves and keeping frequently reached-for items right in the center.

“With multiple shelves within the cabinet pantry, we designed this blueprint to have dry goods (rice, pasta) on the top shelf with more frequently-used essentials (cereal, oatmeal, snacks, and grab-and-go favorites) at eye-level, so they are easily accessible,” Carpenter says.

Any jars that latch to close are perfect for staying fresh in a pantry. Plus, the cohesive, uniform look is just right for a streamlined, tidy pantry.

Storage Latch Jars


Courtesy of Ball

Only having a few open shelves as a pantry may seem limited, but the organizing and decorating possibilities are open and endless. “Ball containers are perfect for open pantry shelves,” Carpenter shares. “With their gorgeous, sleek design, the jars pull double duty as storage and aesthetically appealing décor.”

For this blueprint, we see that the lower shelves can hold everyday essentials like breakfast items, coffee, and snacks. On the upper shelves are less frequently used items, like dry goods: protein powder, flour, pasta, and rice—all decanted in gorgeous jars.

You can even include dressier lids, like the wooden ones below, for a more refined look to your open shelving.

Jar Wooden Storage Lids


Carpenter had a few more parting tips for us when it comes to organizing a pantry:

  • Clear, airtight containers like Ball’s make it easy to see what is inside—go for these as opposed to containers that are opaque, as you’ll likely forget what you have.
  • These containers not only elevate the space, but can also keep your products fresher longer.
  • Maximizing use of vertical space to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Editor’s note: The writer received some product samples for editorial consideration, but all opinions are her own.

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