What 1 Bitcoin Gets You in Rent in 12 U.S. Cities

Cryptocurrency has been all the rage lately, and everyone from Snoop Dogg to the premier stock trader is taking note. For newbies, cryptocurrency – or crypto – is a digital currency that uses an online ledger with strong cryptography to secure online transactions. Think of crypto like casino tokens: you have to use real money to get your tokens, but then you can turn around and use those tokens to buy the good or service you want, as long as the seller accepts crypto as a method of payment.

Among all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has been particularly on fire. By increasing by over 40% in the last month alone, Bitcoin has become the number one cryptocurrency in the world. With more and more big companies like Tesla and Twitter trying to use and accept Bitcoin as a payment option, we are moving closer and closer to a world in which Bitcoin will one day be an acceptable form of rent payment. .

That’s why we’ve put together this list of dream homes and apartments in 12 US cities that would cost you 1 Bitcoin * or less per month to rent.

If you’re going to spend your Bitcoin anywhere in the United States, it might as well be along the coveted Pacific Coast, right? This 4 bedroom oceanfront beauty is nestled right along the PCH at Pacific Palisades, which means you’re just a hop and a hop from Santa Monica. As for the house? Well the pictures speak for themselves. And it costs just under 1 Bitcoin at $ 44,000 / month.

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