What Is Cottagecore? – The Cottagecore Aesthetic Explained

Our homes should be our personal sanctuaries – and last year made it clear. As a result, some of us turned closets into office hiding places (aptly named “cloffices”), turned garages into home gyms, and ultimately checked out major renovations on our bucket lists. At the heart of these transformations – from small DIYs to big reconstructions – is the very idea that our homes should be a safe, comfortable and welcoming space that offers respite from the outside world.

There’s no better example of this feeling – rather aesthetic – than cottagecore, where the ease of rural living comes to life with fresh flowers, botanical accents, and vintage-inspired decor.

Social media has given this flourishing movement a major platform: to date 1.6 million posts have been tagged with #cottagecore on Instagram and videos with the same tag have racked up 5.8 billion views on TikTok. . Together these photos and videos provide a space to breathe – TikTok user Lillies Apothecary shares cinnamon coffee cake and lavender lemonade recipes, TikTok user Jesca Her shows the life she sees “Through pink glasses” and thousands more reveal how they feel about their rooms with green ivy and twinkling lights.

What exactly is cottagecore?

Aesthetically speaking, vsottagecore embraces the charm of the English countryside (hence the name), creating an idealized representation of farm life – wherever you are in the world. The cottagecore style extends far beyond interior decoration; it inspired a global state of being, often expressed through flowing clothing (we present to you The Nap Dress) and whimsical housewares.

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Truly, it’s a way to escape our modern lives and romanticize timeless simplicities: tending the garden, sipping a hot cup of tea, perfecting a sourdough starter, looking for mushrooms in the forest, and other seemingly activities. mundane things that force people to take a break. Sometimes referred to as farmcore or countrycore, this popular aesthetic also taps into the natural beauty of pastoral life, from freshly laid eggs to expansive vegetable gardens.

Although cottagecore took off last year in part due to the pandemic and the popularity of video games like Minecraft and Animal Crossing, this is by no means a new trend. For Noemie Sérieux, founder of the Instagram account CottagecoreBlackFolks, he recalls her education in Saint Lucia. “Drying clothes in the breeze, chasing chickens and climbing coconut palms were all part of my childhood. When the trend came to life, it looked more like nostalgia than a shiny new trend.,” she said Good Housekeeping. The same can be said for other aesthetic movements that have emerged in recent years: Grandmacore and fairycore, also made popular on TikTok, have created their own nostalgia-induced worlds, providing a place to escape technology and the need. constant connectivity.

As a result, there is now a massive online community made up of people who rely on this perfect pastoral fantasy, which Seriously describes as “bright and vibrant.”

How can I bring the cottagecore aesthetic into my home?

Styles may vary from person to person (or house to house), but the aesthetic of the cottagecore has several constants: with a neutral color palette (whites, creams and warm tones), Key decor pieces include bouquets of dried flowers, houseplants, mushroom trinkets and fairy lights. Everything – both fashion and home decor – has a vintage look and feel, from ruffled peasant dresses to floral ceramic tableware sets.

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To really nail the local aesthetic, you may need to put your crafting, gardening, and baking skills to good use, as discussed in Emily Kent. Cottagecore’s little book. So if you’re looking to stop and smell the roses, pull out your embroidery kits, knitting needles, pie weights, and herb garden kits, stat.

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