What Is on My Rental History?


Applying for an apartment, house or other rental property often involves providing information about your past, including your rental history and financial history. When you find the perfect apartment in the neighborhood you want to live in, you need to make sure that what the landlord is looking at about you reflects your exact story. Have you ever wondered what appears in this story or how the rental history works? Find out what owners are looking for when fetching your history.

Key details about a rental history

A rental history report is basically a detailed description of who you are as a tenant. The report will include a list of all previous properties you have rented, information about the property manager or owner at each rental, how long you have lived at each location, how much you paid in rent, and any issues that arose during the rental. duration of your rental contract. Examples of rental problems include evictions, late rent payments, and broken leases. Finally, the owner or property manager will provide you with a recommendation about you as a tenant and if they will rent you again.

What are apartments looking for in the rental history?

In most cases, apartment managers and landlords look for several key items in rental history reports. These items include your previous residences, if you have been evicted in the past, previous rental rates, and details about your income and credit history. Where you have lived before and whether you have ever been evicted are important details for a potential landlord because they want to know your reliability as a tenant. Your income and credit history are important because they indicate whether you can afford the rent and whether you are financially stable.

How do owners verify rental history?

When you complete an application for a house, apartment, or other rental property, you usually give the owner or property management company permission to perform a background check, which may include the details they need to make a decision on. the opportunity to rent to you. You may need to provide your own written rental history, although most owners will ask for their own history to make sure they are getting the most accurate information.

If you are asking yourself “how do owners research rental history?” It helps to understand the process that will follow most often. Some owners will request a rental history report from a private consumer reporting agency. A report from this provider will often compile information from multiple sources, including credit bureaus and background check providers. Although many agencies offer rental history reports, only a few companies are approved by the Consumer Finance Protection Board.

Some owners request the information from the applicant as part of the application process. If you are providing the details yourself, be sure to include all requested information to avoid your application being rejected due to inaccurate details. Many homeowners will follow up with your previous owners or property management companies to get a feel for what you would be like as a tenant on their property.

Can I view my rental history?

One of the best ways to find out what’s in your rental history is to retrieve and review it yourself. A number of companies will prepare reports for owners, so the exact report extracted may differ from what you find, but most reports contain similar data. You can also ask a potential owner what business they use to report and request one on yourself before you apply.

Once you have access to the information your potential owner sees, take the time to carefully review it and look for any discrepancies. If you spot any inaccuracies, such as incorrect addresses, dates, or owner names, you can file a dispute with the company that provided the report. You usually need to request a correction in writing and provide documents, such as copies of your rental agreement or other details, to have the report corrected.

How to know your rental history helps you

When you know what information landlords can see in your rental history, you can anticipate potential red flags and clarify areas that may raise questions. For example, if you have an eviction in your history, you can speak to the potential owner to explain the situation before submitting your request. If you’ve had trouble with your credit in the past, you may be able to take steps to rebuild and improve the number before you apply.

The most important thing when looking at your own rental history is to make sure the information is correct. You can’t get ahead of issues that you aren’t aware of, and what landlords review about you should accurately reflect what you would be like as a tenant in their unit.

Do apartments verify rental history?

In most cases, owners, apartment complex managers and others responsible for renting apartments will check the rental backgrounds of people who apply to live in their units. The way they request information may vary between resorts, units and owners.

Typically, property management companies or owners who manage multiple units will use a tracing company to get the information they need, presented in a clear and precise manner. Since these companies and individuals are likely to process a larger number of applicants, they will rely on a selection firm to provide the reports after receiving applications for a particular unit.

A private landlord, or someone renting out their own property, may not have the volume of applicants that requires the use of a scouting company. They may ask you to provide your own rental history with your request or include a form in which you can fill in your previous rentals and owners.

Rental history reports are important to landlords, and information about them can impact your ability to qualify to rent an apartment or house. Knowing what your rental history report says about you can help you troubleshoot any potential issues and remove any inaccuracies to ensure that all of the data pulled by your potential landlord will show you are the right tenant for the property. unit.

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