What Is the Cheapest Place to Live in Idaho?


Idaho is located in the Pacific Northwest, bordering Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon. Its northern border also touches the Canadian province of British Columbia. About 1.7 million people live in Idaho and the state occupies over 83,000 square miles of land.

Boise, the capital, is also its largest city, and the state’s most important economic industries include manufacturing, forestry, mining, and agriculture, particularly the potato. Idaho produces about a third of the country’s potato crop. Various technology and science companies have established headquarters and factories in the state.

When you move to the state on a budget, you’ll want to know the cheapest place to live in Idaho.

Median income in Idaho

Idaho is one of the most affordable states in the country, offering low prices on real estate, sales, and income taxes, along with low utility and grocery costs. Despite a lower cost of living, the state’s median income is $ 55,583 for a household, which falls slightly below the national average. Those who live in the state can earn a good income while enjoying a lower cost of living, which extends to the housing market.

Cheapest Cities in Idaho

Some cities in Idaho have experienced significant population growth in recent years, which has caused house prices to rise. When you compare cities, it’s helpful to look at the cost of living as a whole, including housing, food, utilities, and healthcare, in terms of cheap places to live in the city. Idaho.

Payette, a suburb of Boise located about an hour outside of town, is one of the cheapest places to live in Idaho. Housing prices in Payette are well below the national average and lower than most other cities in the state. The median rent is $ 761, while the city’s median household income is $ 50,655.

Preston, located in the southern part of the state near the Utah border, is one of the most affordable places in Idaho. The community is particularly affordable for renters, with a median rental price of $ 655 per month. The median household income of $ 48,113 is slightly lower than the state average. However, it is still close to the national average and relatively high for those who live in cities and pay lower housing prices. Preston also benefits from a pleasant climate, access to outdoor recreation and a low unemployment rate.

Ammon is a faster growing city, but it’s still one of the cheapest places to live in Idaho. House prices are slightly above the state average, with a median rent of $ 889, but the median household income is just over $ 65,000. Population growth may be linked to Ammon’s consistently high ranking on the best places to live in the state. This city has highly ranked schools, indoor and outdoor facilities, attractions to enjoy, and a pleasant climate.

Idaho Falls is another place that provides affordable living for Idaho residents. This community is one of the largest cities in the state with over 60,000 residents, providing a suburban feel and an affordable rental market. Idaho Falls is west of Ammon and close to the Wyoming border, approximately 100 miles from Yellowstone National Park. Many residents enjoy taking day trips to hike and explore the natural surroundings. Idaho Falls is also known for its proximity to beautiful waterfalls and its strong economy focused on energy, medicine, and agriculture.

Idaho’s Most Affordable Rent

Some of the cities with the most affordable rents for apartments in Idaho are listed above, but they are not the only places in the state to offer cheap housing in Idaho.


Burley, the county seat of Cassia County, is another place to get cheap rent. Its population is over 10,000 and it feels like a small town while still providing access to shopping, dining and entertainment.

The average rent for a studio in Burley is just over $ 500, while a four-bedroom rental costs an average of $ 1,162 per month. This figure is significantly lower than the national average of just under $ 1,800 per month for a four-bedroom apartment. Rental prices in Burley are close to the state average, making it an affordable place to live in Idaho.

Black feet

Blackfoot is another town that offers cheap rents, averaging $ 650 across town. The housing market is also quite affordable, with the median home price of $ 136,700. If you want to rent a house, you may be able to get more for your money than in other cities. The median household income in Blackfoot is $ 48,750. When you are a Blackfoot resident, you can access a variety of attractions and amenities. The city is between Idaho Falls and Pocatello.


If you want to live in a more rural part of the state, consider Jerome. This city is close to the southern part of the state and includes several dairy farms that contribute to the economy. Many residents live on larger plots of land. If you want space to breathe or have a few animals of your own, Jerome might be the place to do it.

Jérôme is also an affordable place to live, with average rental prices below the state average. The average rent for a studio is $ 528, while the average for a four-bedroom unit is $ 1,150 per month. The statewide median rent for a four-bedroom rental is $ 1,237 per month. Residents of Jérôme also have a median household income of $ 39,985 and the income-to-rent ratio is quite positive.

With many affordable places to live, Idaho is an attractive place for those who want to keep their housing costs in line with their budget. This state is also home to several national parks, ski resorts, and other outdoor attractions for those who enjoy spending time outdoors.

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