What Is the Cheapest Place to Live on Long Island?

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Long Island is a heavily populated island located in the southeastern part of New York City on the east coast of the United States. It is about half a mile from Manhattan and stretches out into the Atlantic Ocean for over 100 miles.

Long Island includes four counties: Kings, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk. The boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens in New York are found on Long Island, although some people in the New York metropolitan area only include the counties of Nassau and Suffolk in the term Long Island. More than 7.6 million people live on Long Island, which is also home to two major airports. If you’re on a tight moving budget and looking for a new apartment, check out the cheapest place to live in Long Island.

Median income

Since Long Island encompasses several counties, the median income varies from community to community. Forbes reports that the median household income in 2019 was $ 103,041, significantly higher than the national average of $ 68,703. However, the cost of living on Long Island is also considerably higher than the national average, and residents must earn higher incomes to afford to live there.

The median income in Nassau County is just over $ 116,100 for a household. Poverty rates on Long Island are lower than the national average, and the unemployment rate in 2019 was 3.4%. Living on Long Island provides access to some of the most famous attractions in the world. Long Island is part of the New York metropolitan area, which has a population of over 21 million. This metropolitan area is the largest and one of the most populous of its type in the world.

This field has also played an important role in scientific engineering and research over the years. The Brookhaven National Nuclear Physics Laboratory is located on Long Island. Additionally, the US Department of Energy maintains a research facility here. Locals love to participate in the annual Long Island Pizza Festival and Bake-Off, which brings together small family-owned pizzerias and Italian restaurants for a chance to be named the best on the island.

Discover Long Island rentals

Cheapest places to live in Long Island

When looking for one of the cheapest places to live on Long Island, start your search in areas outside of the city. You’ll pay a premium for living in the city, with rental prices well above the national average. Roosevelt is one of the more affordable places on Long Island. This community ranks above the national average for health care and grocery costs. Housing prices here are also slightly more affordable than in other parts of the region. You can also enjoy easy access to the city via public transport.

Bellport is another place to consider in your search for the cheapest places to live on Long Island. The northern part of this city is more affordable, although the entire city is considered a peaceful and tranquil place to live. A train station provides an easy commute to New York, while John F. Kennedy International Airport is approximately 15 miles away. Bellport residents also have access to a range of shops and restaurants and Jones Beach Park, which hosts various events and concerts throughout the year.

Massapequa is east of Bellmore in Nassau County. It’s a family-friendly neighborhood on Long Island with six public elementary schools, as well as middle and high schools to accommodate the growing population. Many young families looking for the cheapest places to live on Long Island reside here because it is more affordable and provides access to outdoor recreation, including fishing and hiking near the Massapequa Reserve. . This suburb is 40 miles from New York City, has a commuter train station, and includes shopping areas and malls.

Stony Brook, a hamlet on the north shore of Long Island, is located in Suffolk County. The city was an agricultural enclave in its early days, although it has grown and developed into a thriving place for singles and families. National and state publications consistently recognize Stony Brook as one of the best towns on Long Island. Attractive attractions include Avalon Park and Nature Preserve and the Long Island Museum of American Art, History, and Carriages.

The most affordable rent on Long Island

As mentioned, Roosevelt is more affordable among the cheap places to live on Long Island. The average rental price for a studio is $ 1,381 per month, compared to the metropolitan area average of $ 1,439. In contrast, you’ll find that a one-bedroom apartment in Roosevelt costs an average of $ 1,711 per month. In comparison, a two-bedroom apartment grows to an average of just over $ 2,100 per month. Bellport saw a slight increase in rental prices, with the average price for a 1,000 square foot rental being just under $ 2,500 per month.

Average rental prices for Massapequa have declined slightly over the past year. The current average rental price for a 1,000 square foot apartment is $ 2,566 per month. In Stony Brook, renters pay an average of $ 2,270 for a one-bedroom apartment. Rental rates have increased slightly at Stony Brook. However, Stony Brook is still more affordable than most rentals available in the more expensive areas of Long Island or Manhattan, where the average for a 700 square foot apartment is over $ 3,600.

If you want to save money on rent, you may want to consider sharing an apartment or house with roommates. Many people in the metro area are living with roommates to lower their cost of living. Renting a studio in Roosevelt could cost almost $ 1,400 per month, while splitting up a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate will cost each of you an average of $ 1,050 per month in rent.

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